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  1. Building a kit for a profit

    Hi John this is very good advice. Thanks, much appreciated..
  2. Building a kit for a profit

    Thanks Dan Vadas, i dont think you are cheap, i think it turns out to be like that when you spent too many hours into something you like to do. Just hard to find correct price.. Appreciate your response.
  3. Building a kit for a profit

    Thanks Tom, all makes perfect sense; Yeah, once you start charging for a hobby it becomes work, work you like to do but it is still a work.. Appreciate prompt response.
  4. Building a kit for a profit

    Thanks Kurt, appreciate your advice.
  5. Building a kit for a profit

    Thanks John Allen, it appears that like in any other contract job you have to cover your self very good in case something goes southwards. Occasionally i get lucky and pick up some good wood for shipyard but far away from being able to make millions. I think better chances are with Lottery tickets :-) Thanks again, appreciate your response.
  6. Building a kit for a profit

    Absolutely right; i do enjoy building models and have a real job so cannot spend full day in shipyard.. The threat i started is what bothered me in the past and just wanted other fellow builders opinion in case something cones along. Appreciate your response.
  7. Hello, hope this is correct forum for this type of question; if not pls direct me and i will repost the question. Wondering if any of you, experienced or less experienced builders, had opportunity to build or did a kit building for a small profit? Model building process takes time, resources, investment and would like to hear how did you present the final bill to your customer? What could be an average cost to build, lets say 1:72 scale size wooden ship model? If for example, kit cost is $700.00, some material (glue, wood, tools) is $300.00, the amount of time to build it is 900 hrs, what would be a decent, cannot say fair price, for final product? If you charge 3 dollars per hr, this gets to $2700.00 to the total of $3700.00. I understand this is a hobby but sometimes it is nice to blend hobby with some extra cash which can be used to buy more kits, tools., etc. Appreciate your comments.

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