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  1. Hallo Ed, I've been following your build log with much interest and like the detail photographs that go with it. I remember you once mentioned you sometimes had trouble changing your photos to have the correct colour balance. Instead of post processing them you might check if your camera has the possibility to set the colour balance beforehand. This setting is mostly called white balance. If you set the colour balance on a white surface, like the backdrop (if that's the correct word) on your display box, every other colour comes out correctly. As you can see yourself, on the photos your backdrop often has a slight colour tinge, it is not purely white. Lou
  2. Hi Lou -


    Hope you don't mind the PM.

    I am re-reading Nenad's log around the end of 2013 and learning to be more casual about exact details.  She changed so much over the years.  Generally I'm trying to follow the Campbell plans (and I have Longridge book as well).  You provided Nenad with several links that don't seem to work anymore.  I wonder if you can point me to them?

    One was Dec. 4, 2013: " This document summarises the known history of the fabric of Cutty Sark, culled principally from the ship’s logs and survey reports. It draws substantially on research undertaken by the former master of the ship, Captain Simon Waite, with additional research by the Trust’s Research Assistant, Simon Schofield"


    The other is Dec. 9, 2013: "Nenad,  I'm not sure what you are looking for but I once made some pictures during repair work on the bow that might be helpfull. You can see them on (and download from) Skydrive, they are among the bottom ones."


    No worries if you can't, just need all the help I can get!


    - Tim


    1. Lou van Wijhe

      Lou van Wijhe

      Hi Tim,

      I only just saw your PM. If you give me your e-mail address, I'll be glad to mail you the document as well as the pictures I mentioned. I don't know if dragging large files into this PM works.



    2. mojofilter


      Thanks Lou, It's t-p-w@comcast.net

  3. Lou van Wijhe

    Rat line tension tool

    Great! I store valuable tips like this using http://www.web2pdfconvert.com/. Free and handy. Lou
  4. Lou van Wijhe

    Mills...Spindle Speed

    Bill, A mill's feeds and speeds are to a large extent governed by the material you are working on. Maybe this calculator can give you some insight. Lou
  5. Lou van Wijhe

    plans for a 1/48th scale HMS Victory

    Hobbie, Do you know The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships by Longridge? It's authoritative and doesn't cost the earth. Lou
  6. Lou van Wijhe

    I gave my model ships to my Son

    When starting an ambitious model building project, just make sure you have a son, especially when you have many other hobbies. Some time ago my son looked at me with a pensive look in his eye and said "Dad, do you think I should finish the Cutty Sark?" Luckily, he now has a son himself so we can go on, and on... Lou
  7. Lou van Wijhe

    How Dutch is this??

    This wooden shoe is NOT photoshopped! Lou
  8. Lou van Wijhe

    Cutty Sark by rfolsom - Billing Boats

    I'm 75 now and I decided to only move finally when I'm in a wooden box. And I just realised I must update my avatar; up to now I accumulated a lot of years and a lot of weight. Lou
  9. I'm having the same problem for some time now. First wondered why it was so quite... Lou
  10. I recently read that there are plans to build a sea-going Cutty Sark replica. The small Dutch harbour town of Den Helder is envisaged as a place where she could be built. Very interesting! Lou
  11. Lou van Wijhe

    Cutty Sark by Nenad

    Nenad, It is the light, indeed. The panel is definitely black. Lou
  12. Hello Ed, George F. Campbell in China Tea Clippers (ISBN 0-679-20207-2) wrote on page 96: This might be the reference you were looking for. Lou
  13. Lou van Wijhe

    The universal laws of Ship modeling

    When handling a knife, always cut away from you. After 40 years the scar on the ball of my left thumb is still visible. Lou
  14. Lou van Wijhe

    Cutty Sark by Nenad

    Nenad, Part of your brush problem may be caused by the fast drying time of acrylic paints. You might try using an acrylic drying retarder, ask your art-shop (or mix it yourself...). I admire your work! Happy New Year, Lou
  15. Lou van Wijhe

    Cutty Sark by Nenad

    Nenad, She is looking more and more like the real thing! I especially like your choice of brass for the sheathing; it looks much more like Muntz Metal than the usual copper. Lou

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