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  1. Why do we use the term "Practicum"?
  2. Welcome. I'll be visiting Brussels and Antwerp this July.
  3. You're going to love Captain Jack Aubrey in all the O'Brian series.
  4. I probably could build a whole new ship if I could find all those dropped pieces and parts. I wonder where they go? they never fall straight down so you can find them.
  5. Balsa seemed to work for me in past models.
  6. You look at it once in a while.
  7. Use a mask when sanding. Some of that wood is dangerous to your health.
  8. A nice number two pencil can do caulking and nails.
  9. I spent most of my life buying American until I bought a Ford in 1995 and found out it was built in Japan. Sometimes you can't win
  10. Thanks for bringing this up. I did not want to paint my wales bright red. Red ocre is more like what I envision. Thanks!
  11. Try printable flags. there are several websites
  12. Try "Starfighter Decals). I ordered $15 worth My problem is how do I transfer those tiny tiny decals without destroying them? They are so small I need a magnifier to read them .
  13. I love your mini tools. I just got this mini caliper from a surgeon who does micro surgery. It'll come in handy measuring in tight places where my giant caliper won't go.
  14. I did something similar with paperclips. You are right...it works.