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  1. I've clamped (not glued) the first two planks after sitting in my jig overnight. Both sides seem to fit very snugly. I guess all my fairing and sanding has paid off. Since the planks have a small downward arch as well as a curve, I will leave them clamped for a while so they keep the arch. I'll assist with some hot air from a hair dryer.
  2. I like your shipyard! Good use of a closet. Good luck with Syren.
  3. I'm pre-bending the first 14 planks. These are the planks about the wales and encompass the gunports. They are 1/8" Basswood and after a short soak, they bent without breaking! The pictures show my jig and soaking tube made of capped PVC pipe.
  4. The instructions say to paint the inside of the gunports and sweep ports before planking, so I did. I am now getting all my planking equipment in order. Soaking tubes and jigs, etc.
  5. I finally got all the gunwales to 5/32" like the instructions said. That's a lot of sanding. Now I can concentrate on planking.
  6. We just had a meeting of The Arizona Shipwrights at my garage shipyard. We welcome all model ship builders who live in Arizona to join our group. We get together once a month at one of our homes. It's educational and fun.
  7. AAHHH! Cold air! Now I have to clean up the construction mess then get back to ship building.
  8. Time out from ship building while I install air conditioning in my Arizona garage. I insulated the garage doors, also. There's no working here without it in the summer.
  9. Don I don't know yet. Where the black goes some dark wood and where the whitish planks go some nice blond wood. One thing I do know is the dark wood I pick as pretty as it is will not be Sapele. I had a terrible time planking my Connie with that stuff.
  10. Very slow progress while sanding and fairing in preparation for planking. I've made an array of sanding blocks trying to get into all the cracks and crevices. Char still is there? I'm planning my own planking plan since I do not want to paint my ship and I do not want to copper it. I like looking at all the woodwork.
  11. More sanding and shaping. I'm trying to get the shape of the whole stern correct. It's not easy.
  12. I glued on more filler blocks to the base of the stern. I still haven't figured out how I'm going to skin this cat. Also more sanding! I think some of this char goes all the way through!