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  1. I'd like to know where you can even find Holly hobby wood now? Anyone have suggestions?
  2. The puzzle project continues - I think this is year 5...lol As I considered how to finish framing the puzzle - the ideas flowed. Now it's going to be an entire display wall, in what is now destined to be my daughter's play room! HA! This display is now going to have layers! But if i'm going to do all that, I should paint this room. Walls were done in Pilgrim Haze from Benjamin Moore's Aura Satin. Then background paneling you see is made from band saw cut wood from the Home Depot. I tried to optimize the stock sizes to so I could avoid ripping my own sizes. It doesn't need to be butt up against the puzzle because the end frame will hang beyond the current one by about 2.5 inches. I started giving the boards a quick sand with the orbital sander at 80 grit to knock off the big loose burrs. Then applied Minwax Pre-Stain, Then one coat of Minwax GunStock Stain and allowed to dry overnight. Then applied one coat of Minwax low VOC poly. Gunstock is the same color stain in other parts of the house, i.e. floors, stairs and one of my doors. I ran out of material, I need to stain more to finish the bottom. More to come which will include shelving, shelving lights, ceiling lights, finalizing the puzzle frame and more......
  3. Ship paintings

    I really like the ship model with the bottle of booze!
  4. Membership total....

    but do we have 30,000 projects??
  5. Hello, I'm a fan of BlueJacket, I like that it's a USA company, I like the subject matter of the kits that they sell, and I like the quality of their kits. As much as I enjoy ship modeling, I feel there's always of ton of research that goes into how I want it to look and how do I get there in the most efficient way. Sometime I really just want to glue things together. This kit is an answer to that desire. Just a straight build that I'm going to try to do as cleanly as possible. The other thing that drew me to this kit (other than I'm about as crazy about light houses as I am about ships) is that has an electronics package to have the beacon do a slow blink. After that, I thought it'd be a nice, interesting addition to my ship model display case. Per the instructions, a novice should be able to complete this project in 10 hours and upon further review, this will appears to be a fun and easy build. There are 4 or 5 major components that you can work on while the other components are drying so that when complete, you just rock into an ultimate gratifying assembly session as the project finale. As far as the paint scheme of the tower, the kit offers you a choice of just painting it white and wrapping read tape around it, or it suggests you mask off the white and paint the red strips. Masking is the approach I'm going to attempt. The brass is a little tarnished but all of it except the name plate will just be painted. I'll have to clean up and buff the name plate. This kit portrays the lighthouse as it was built in 1858. Originally built in 1808, by order of President Thomas Jefferson, the original wooden tower was replaced by the current tower which became operational in 1858. The red and white tower is the only "candy striped" tower in the United States. The Tower is 49 feet tall, with a 16 foot diameter base. The center of the lantern stands 83 feet above sea level. The 1000 watt bulb is filtered through a 5.5 foot tall fresnel lens from France, which along with the 50 step circular iron staircase to the top of the tower was installed in 1857.The light was fully automated in 1988, previously the lamp was illuminated with sperm whale oil, lard oil and finally kerosene and electricity in 1932. The light flashes in a pattern 24 hours a day. 2 seconds on, 2 off, 2 on, 9 seconds off.Although there are brutal storms that rage along this rustic coastline, the lighthouse has withstood them all for over a century and a half. In 2004 the copper dome was replaced due to hail pocking. 8 red stripes alternate with 7 white stripes on the tower. The strips are about 25 inches wide each. Thanks for stopping in. Joshua
  6. What have you received today?

    John, Not to worry, because it isn't! They've declared it a National Historic Landmark. See this link. http://www.nantucketlightshiplv-112.org/
  7. I'm a CPA working at a consulting firm in the Philadelphia area
  8. What have you received today?

    A few days ago, I picked this up - Light ship duty is really interesting for me. There is an excellent presentation on lightship duty on youtube.
  9. Chuck, I appreciate the sentiment, I wish I could. My life has had some dramatic changes that has made it close to impossible to reach Roseland during the week (i.e. new job that keeps me in around philly and a new baby). I would do my best to make a weekend event if I could be made aware it. I did join the Philly Ship Model Society, some good guys there as well. Joshua
  10. I'm not surprised that AL is so high, the entry price to purchase one of their kits is extremely attractive to newbies, and not only that, there's tons of them on the resale market. I'm a little surprised the BlueJacket doesn't have a higher stake. I'll be changing those metrics in the near future. My next couple of builds will include BlueJacket kits I currently have on the shelf (Nantucket, 310 Destroyer, Olympia, Kearsarge). Midwest didn't even make into the metric... Joshua
  11. List your miseries here

    Ha, my misery is my job right now.... seeking another but in the mean time, have a family to consider - otherwise I'd be out. Doesn't mean that sometimes it makes me want to jump out of our 9th floor window!
  12. R.I.P. Captain Bob

    I'm going to miss that guy - died while ship modeling..... RIP buddy...
  13. I like this idea - I'll have to keep this in mind!
  14. As an update, puzzle is glued and mounted and hung - now I'm working on acquiring a piece of poly carbonate to cover it and then build out the frame. Thinking about illuminating it with some museum style lighting.
  15. Please take a survey

    I'm not a big cross section fan - but the Charles Morgan would intrigue me I think...