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  1. Captain Kydd

    Please take a survey

    I'm not a big cross section fan - but the Charles Morgan would intrigue me I think...
  2. Ken, This build log in of itself could be a book - if you build it, they will come... Joshua
  3. Ken, your work continues to awe and inspire me. When I get to rigging my PdN, I'll be definitely using this build log as a reference. Amazing detail, question, are you seizing any of this with CA glue? Thanks! Joshua
  4. It happens buddy, trust me, we all can't be Ed Tosti This is a free zone for all, free to contribute or not as you can or want. If you're not getting a response to your question, you'll have to seek it else where through other people's logs or other sources. A lot of my guidance comes from the library of SIS magazines I have as well as other modeler reference materials. Or.. you have to be your own resource and do the best you can, learn from your mistakes.
  5. Interesting topic - i utilize the "like" button pretty much as others describe it, when I really don't have anything useful to say but that I either agree or enjoyed their contribution. That said, my faith fades that others use it this way when I see some "blind" "liking" across every contribution in a particular thread. C'mon, you couldn't have liked them all!?. I have had some better luck with problems that I've experienced in my build of posting questions to a particular forum area. For example, I was having an issue with planking in the dead zone of the stern section, I posted outside of my build log and got some very useful advice. Where as I've asked similar questions on my build log, and the PdN gets no love :). Oh well, I'll build her in secret in plain sight then! :). Joshua
  6. yeah, that helps.. thanks! I'm actually plank lining the insides of my gun ports for a smoother finish. I was curious if you were doing the same. I'll post some pics this weekend to show you what I'm talking about. Joshua
  7. The Hornblower series was enjoyable but a fast read, the entire narrative is from the perspective of the main character where the Aubrey series focused more on Maturin yet at times you'd be brought into discussions happening in other areas of the ship. If I'm not mistaken, they're geared towards young readers, I don't know if your dad would find them too simplistic after Aubrey series. Joshua
  8. Just stopping in, love the work, love the subject matter... Joshua
  9. Captain Kydd

    Word Recognition game

  10. Captain Kydd

    How many model ships working on at the same time?

    Just the PdN right now - however coming into the winter, I want to start on the Olympia.
  11. Captain Kydd

    Where do you come from

    Born & raised & live in Southern NJ, USA
  12. I've been looking at kits from De Agostini for the Akagi and the Yamato although I'll likely end up paying full price. You got a stellar deal on this one! One thing I have an issue with is that so much of the these WWII models are almost completely colored one uniform grey unless you opt for the camouflage style and I feel like some of the intricate detail gets lost. I'm curious if you have any thoughts around this with your model? Joshua
  13. Len, I'm stepping in a little late but so far. Definitely a unique perspective. I'll be watching the progress going forward. Joshua

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