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  1. My first wood build - Sharpie Schooner.
  2. Impressive finishing work, love the weathering.
  3. Just catching up on your build - i can't wait to see the cabin's lit up in the finished product. Josh
  4. T. Kydd

    New (but loving every second!)

    You want to see something stunning.. Look at Piet's scratch build - his metal work blows me away. http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/1254-hr-ms-o-19-by-piet-1939-1945-scale-150-submarine-royal-navy-netherlands/
  5. T. Kydd

    New (but loving every second!)

    Thanks. That's what happens on this site. Hopeful did another sharpie which really inspired my additions. And really, you watch some of the other more experienced modelers on here, kits are just the beginning. I found it to be a huge motivator to go beyond the kit and challenge my skills to accomplish goals I hadn't previously considered attempting.
  6. T. Kydd

    New (but loving every second!)

    Finny... looks good. I chose the sharpie as my first build also, and also nearing completion. If you're curious, here's a link. Welcome aboard! http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/6034-sharpie-schooner-by-azzoun-132-midwest-small/ Josh
  7. T. Kydd

    Hellooo MSW

    Welcome Sian from New Orleans..!
  8. The needle of glue also works on a bottle of zap, see? If the glue dries in the needle, hit it with a lighter but don't breath in the fumes On a side note, i don't know how you can work with this medium, i think i would find it rather frustrating...
  9. Another good resource may be this build log of a Flattie another member did, I thought he did a nice job and it's always helpful to see another's interpretation for some inspiration and/or understanding. http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/988-chesapeake-bay-flattie-by-teleman-intarsia-124-completed/?hl=flattie Good luck, I'll be keeping an eye on your progress. Just remember to have fun along the way, I'm working through my first wood kit build and things can get frustrating sometimes while you're learning. Josh
  10. Todd, If you're going to dive into buying any resource materials on ship history or modeling, you should check out abebooks.com. I got three of chappell's books for under $20 with shipping. They're donated library books and in awesome shape. Highly recommend checking out that site for book purchases. Josh
  11. Piet, You're lucky you don't live closer to me in New Orleans or I'd be knocking on your door for metal work lessons! Would be worth a week's vacation if you offered them. Josh
  12. T. Kydd

    Therapy for Shipaholics

    So you wanted an update on my condition. While I was working the Canav kit, I had worked another deal that kind of came together on it's own. An Illinois woman was going to travel my way in Kenner, La to see her daughter in New Orleans. She bought this kit for her son some years a go but they never got around to it. She posted on Craigslist as a last ditch effort because she didn't want to trash it. TRASH IT!?!?.... $50, to my door. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet but it was as close to free as one could ask for. Even if I just mine it for materials and fittings.
  13. T. Kydd

    Where ya from?

    Kenner, La - 10 Miles west of New Orleans - moved here 2 months ago from where I was born and raised, Medford, New Jersey. Leaving in 10 months to who knows where.. can't wait!

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