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  1. She looks excellent. Congratulations. Wait for the new log Cristi
  2. Sorry to say again. When you are an old user, and also a computer guy, you don't lose time every time to read how to do to post. You have just some time for your hobby (modeling) and try to put som pictures and idea to other hobby users. Is my opinion not to give a lot of "usefull" parts for the site, beacuse we like to make ships and also to work to our jobs. In the future, i will try to put just some pictures and idea, and also i will try to read what you have new. On the first MSW i tried to save some posts, when it was broken, and done this to help our gusy Regards, Cristian
  3. Many thank's to Dirk, it soved the problem, but for everyone, take care, because you can delete the whole post. Normaly it has to be not present this option, for "whole thread". Regards to all
  4. Hi Dirk, thank you for the solved problem. I made a lot o sites, but NEVER give the oportunity to the user to Delete the whole post. It has to be Delete just "this post". I said it is hard, because you don't have an easy way to arange pictures (what i was trieng), and if if it is not ok, to delete just that post, not everithing. I will try to see how to work with this, because the old site, was very good for a normal user. Regards, Cristian
  5. Hi, i have a big problem with the new site. I tried to enter some new pictures a make a reply to my Sovereign of the Sea by Cristikc. I wanted to change the order, and said to "dele", and i thought i delete just the new pictures. Now, i see i lost the whole thread about Sovereign. What is the problem? Please send me the answer. The new sistem is very hard, and has a lot of problems. I know how to work with "web sites" beacuse i am network administrator, but this is a strange problem. Cristian
  6. 2017_10_03_05.jpg

    Nice work. Congratulations. Cristi
  7. DSCF3409

    All are EXCELLENT. I have no words for such a work...
  8. angle illuminated

    Excellent. I like all cross sections, and this one is one of the best from here
  9. DSC 2698

    Thank you very much for the time you spent with me. It is not very important that the plan will be not exactly. I try to teach my granddaughter to work to this, and to make her love modelship, it seams that she already love this. Cristi (you can find my yahoo adress in my profile
  10. DSC 2698

    Hi Kedes, i like it, and also i plan to make a small project like this, with my nice, when she stay with me, else i go back to my Sovereign. How large it is? Do you have some plans? Can you sand some plans to me? All the best, and see you soon Cristi
  11. 008

    Excelent job. Wait for new ships from you
  12. pict0399

    Excelent Vince. I look a lot to your log, and final job, because i work to the same ship, and you, Danis and some other very good guys give me a lot of help and ideas. Wait for your next log and build. All the best from me Cristi
  13. 010

    Just INCREDIBLE. You have "eyes" and hands of gold...
  14. San John the Baptist

    The full San John the Baptist kit by Deagostini, in100 magazines