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  1. Good catch and recovery! I don't envy you having to redo the frame marks though!
  2. Thanks Joe and Capt Morgan. Sorry for the delay as I was out of town for a couple of days. Ok the planking has been completed. Here is the hull prior to adding the wales and a preliminary sanding with 220 grit. and then after the wales were added. The wales was just a second layer of 1/32" layed over the last two strakes. The last five strakes were the most challenging requiring slow minor changes and constant checking. I had about 20 hours invested in those five strakes. As I said before the pre-spiled planks were awesome. Now it's time to set her free from the building board.
  3. I don't know if it is right or wrong but I did them one at a time.
  4. Thank Joe! Also all the likes. Much appreciated.
  5. Ok a bit of warning here. If you are anything like me you WILL either break a plank or over sand/adjust one or more. I have 3 racked up so far. Here is what I did to get a nice new plank almost as good as the original. First off be careful removing the planks from the sheet and set it aside not breaking it just in case you need to make a copy. I took the sheet that the broken plank came from, clamped it on an area of another planking sheet that it would fit on. I then traced the plank, cut it out carefully sanded it and test fit it. Hopefully you won't need to do this but just to be safe save those sheets the planks came out of.
  6. Thanks Jeff and Grant and all the likes too! I'm also looking forward to watching both of you builds.
  7. I agree. Chucks end points were more accurate to the actual run of the planks. Nice start
  8. Here are the first four starkes in place. The pre-spiled planks are real nice and save a lot of work but still require work on our part. A lot of time was taken with each piece. Heat, bend, very lightly sand any portion that needs it and repeat over and over until a nice fit is obtained. As the AYC is a bit softer than boxwood I used fine sanding sticks and files as anything course would take too much wood off.Slow and steady really applies to the planking here. Though not as nice as Chucks I'm happy with it.
  9. It'll be great to see you build this. Looking forward to your return to the shipyard.
  10. Go for it Ben. You know you want to! Thanks for the kind words and all the likes too!
  11. The fairing completed with no frame damage. That's a first! The garboard strake was interesting. Chucks pre-spiled planks are real nice but they do require some work on our part. Below you see the aft most pieces and how much they need to be twisted and bent to the correct form for a nice tight fit. They were heat bent with a hair dryer I commandeered from the Admiral sometime ago. Ok I asked nicely and she gave it to me. It took about and hour per side to get a nice fit. One down 8 to go!

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