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  1. IMG 5585 (Medium)

    Thank you! It was a lot of fun.
  2. IMG 2387

    Hi Frank, I'm sorry but I'm not really sure what you are refering to. I you could PM me a picture of what you 're refering to and maybe I can help. Rusty
  3. IMG 2382

    Thank you sir. I'm glad you liked it.
  4. IMG 2382

    Thank you. It was a lot of fun to build.
  5. IMG 2386

    Thanks kpnuts. This is the first I have done and had a ball doing it. Hopefully I'll do another one. Thanks again.
  6. IMG 3075

    Thank you! The kit is a Dumas Boats and Airplanes1949 Chris-Craft Racing Runabout Kit #1249. It was a fun kit and if so desired it can be built as a RC.
  7. IMG 5579 (Medium)

    Hi Thomas, The bulwarks and wales are boxwood, the deck is holly, the deck furniture is swiss pear and cherry to the best I can remember. Thanks Rusty
  8. Brig Syren

    This is a scratch built 3/16 scale version of the Model Shipways Syren prototype. Boxwood, Holly, Ebony, Swiss Pear and Cherry are the primary woods used for this build.
  9. The 1949 Chris-Craft 19 ft. Racing Runabout is a sleek looking Chris-Craft. It is a 1/8th scale version and is 28 inches long with a 9 inch beam. The wood framed hull is covered with expanded pvc and then planked with mahogany veneer.
  10. Serga/Mantua Mississippi 1870 Riverboat. The scale is 1:50. The completed model is 44” (1117.6 mm) long from boarding ramps to the paddle wheel, 9 ½ “ (241 mm) wide and 20” (508 mm) high.