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  1. So nice to hear from you again Chris. That's a very interesting selection of ship types that you are planning. Wouldn't that cutter or that 5th rate look magnificent in 1/48th scale? Just a thought.

  2. Hi Chris.


    Amati Gun Carriage question:

    I think we've 'spoken' in the past when I've been building either HMS Diana or Fly. I'm currently building Vanguard (I'm actually building her ar the 'Billy-Ruffin'). With Fly I discarded the carriages supplied and used Caldercraft ones, which I'd previously used in my HMS Diana. Unfortunately those models are 1/72 scale and so the Caldercraft ones will be too big for the Vanguard kit. Moreover there are 24 and 12lb cannons on the 74s and therefore two sizes of carriage.

    I've searched around for carriages from elsewhere without any luck, so I was going to 'put up with' the Amati ones but they do bother me. The cast metal carriages have simulated vertical bands down the carriage sides. They don't appear to be English or French naval pattern.

    I visited l'Hermione last year in Rochefort and her carriages were identical to the English pattern – although there's no guarantee that these were acurate to the French pattern of the time.

    Are the kit carriages historically accurate for any navy of the time?


    Also I'm aware of the two colour schemes (red or yellow) for this era, but I've seen models where the trucks, axletrees and stool bed were unpainted (simulating bare wood) and the side walls only were painted red or yellow, then those vertical straps painted black. I doubt they'd go to that length on a real warship of the time. Have you experience of any carriages painted in other ways than just overall red ochre or yellow, with the metalwork picked out in black and maybe the trucks left bare wood?


    Any input you can provide would be welcome.


  3. That's right, Torbogdan. The key is moderation, more so as we get older.
  4. LOL. Still eat plenty of steak, eggs and on occasion, fries. Never really had a love for ice-cream, though. I usually burn around 3000 calories on training days (more when it's hot, which is not often here in the UK), and 2200 on rest days. The trick is to make every calorie count. With that in mind, I buy these pizzas:
  5. Cheers! But I have seen your models, and I think they're great, and certainly as good as what I can do. . I can't do anything about the hairline (or lack of, though... Thank you - but I won't be entering any competitions. I am doing this for myself. My aim was/is to just be a better version of myself. Strangely, my wife doesn't like it so much, she seems to hate the new 'lumps and bumps'! This is my 'gym' now, luckily, we have a huge garage that can house two cars and this. It is in desperate need of renovation, but I would have to stop training until it's done, so I keep putting it off...
  6. Thank you, guys! Yes, diet and eating/drinking the right stuff is more important (more so as we get older, when metabolism slows). It is quite amazing just how little I need (around 2200 calories per day). I cut out all bread and sugar from the beginning, which made a big difference quite quickly....
  7. I would not think of criticising someone else's work, more so when you consider the many hours the modeller has put into his work. Modelling is a learning curve, and for many, a enjoyable one at that. I think the best policy is to give advice, rather than criticise, and only if they ask for it. Part of the fun (for me at least), was learning from my mistakes and implementing what I learnt in my next model, and so on.
  8. For a first wooden ship build, you are doing a stunning job. Very well done, it looks great!
  9. chris watton

    Your models at home

    I would love to have a permanent model on display at home. I think I will eventually build myself a model of Prince, but with stump masts and in a glass display case.
  10. I started weight training and permanent change in diet in May 2014, when I was 47. My wife showed me a picture of myself sitting down, and I was shocked that I looked so fat (what you think you look like and what you actually look like can be two completely different things..). For while, I had begun to get out of breath just going up the stairs, and concentrating for 8+ hour per day also was a struggle. But I still figured I wasn't in such bad shape, until my wife showed me a recent picture. This is that picture: I figured that if I don't do something about this now, I never will. With that in mind, I bought my self a workbench and weights, and for the first 6 months I did a 5x5 program. I loved it! I realised I would have to buy more weights and a proper cage with spotter bars if I wanted to progress. In that 6 months, I went from well over 90kg to just over 70kg. In fact, my wife and step-children said I looked ill that Christmas because of the weight loss. They said I look too skinny (Not what I wanted to hear after over 6 months lifting weights)! After this, I upped my protein intake and did 2 day, twice weekly split routines for 4-5 months at a time, with a 5x5 power routine after this period for 5-6 weeks afterwards. At the start of this year, I followed an Arnold routine, a 3 day, twice weekly split for 5 months (from January to May). This is when I made the most progress, both in size and 1RM's One rep maxes). Unfortunately, I tried 1RM's one too many times and ended up hurting both my lumbar region and left rotator cuff. Before this happened, I managed a 135kg Bench Press, 85kg Clean and Press and 160kg Squat (at 73kg BW), and was ready to try for a Deadlift max. It was my fault entirely, I couldn't help myself and tried new maxes when I was supposed to have a week off. The result was a trip to the physio and it has taken until now to recover, and even now, my RC is still sore and overhead press numbers are down, but I a taking it slowly for these. Anyway, lesson learned, and now I try 1RM's not as often and work mainly in the 8-12 rep range. I couldn't do a lot of pushing exercises for the past 5 months, so I concentrated on legs, back and chest (back especially with pull up variations and rows). I am almost ready to try a Deadlift max in the next month or so - I haven't tried since last year, when it was 170kg. Before I hurt myself, I thought I was invincible, but after, it really does affect you, psychologically, realising that one wrong move and it's over! Last week I did manage two ne PB with Squat at 170kg and Bench Press at 137.5kg, and feel almost ready to try a 185kg deadlift (but I admit this still scares me..) Mentally, the change is astounding. I can concentrate on my work longer and harder, having to buy a whole new wardrobe (as my old clothes looked like tents when I put them on), and no longer feel so self-conscious when walking down the street. I took these earlier this month, I am now just over 74kg at 5'7", and am 50 next month. Weight training and proper diet is now a way of life. Even my (previously) skinny 20 year old step-son has started and is making decent progress. I have always included the major compound lifts, as I believe these should be the cornerstone of every routine. You are never too old to try and change - that photo above was the metaphorical kick up the backside I needed to stop myself heading in a downward spiral towards any number of weight-related problems. I really do not feel like I am almost 50.. Cheers, Chris
  11. chris watton

    What have you received today?

    Today, by the will of Crom, I recieved this: And these!
  12. Excellent work, very neat! I have always liked this kit, and from a period rarely covered.
  13. chris watton

    Amati Vanguard Cap Rails? Help!

    Hi Glenn, Ah, that little area. I am sure I did the same as you. With hindsight I should have added them as pre-cut parts, but the trouble with small curved parts like that, when pre-cut from thick natural wood is that they have a tendancy to break very easily. With that in mind, using a small length of scrap wood strip may be less of a headache. I usually pre-soak the strip and then manipulate the curve using my finger or pair of pliers. If it's stubbern I use heat (holding the bend over a gas hob) I think Revenge is out, and I am sure Victory will not be too long now - although that is a monster of a model... Nice work on your vanguard, by the way, very neat and very clean.
  14. chris watton

    Amati Vanguard Cap Rails? Help!

    Hi Glenn, What curved rails do you mean? I know there is a curved capping for the end of the poop upper rail on the 5mm walnut sheet, but I am not sure where you mean for the others. Chris

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