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  1. Chuck Very sorry to hear about your mom. Family comes first so don't worry about the will still be there whenever you decide to return to it. You're in my prayers my friend. Take care of yourself too. Bob
  2. Just beautiful...what scale is this?
  3. Hi Erik: I believe that they are called Jacobs Ladders and were often used on a variety of wooden ships.
  4. Love this model and all the after market items
  5. Hi Daniel Congratulations on your new endeavors with the Mamoli line. Do you have any plans in the future to bring back the Puritan kit? Such a beautiful craft.
  6. A very beautiful version of this Panart kit. Very well done.
  7. Beautiful version of this fine model. I never tire of viewing your pictures. Bob
  8. 20

    These revenue cutters are beautiful and so is your craftsmanship. Execellent work.
  9. If Chuck were to consider offering a figurehead for the Latina Surprise, I'd also be interested in a full compliment of 32lb and 18lb carronades and carriages. This could become an interesting project for him if time permitted. Reilly
  10. Hi Guys: Maybe we can persuade Chuck Passaro of the Syren Ship Model Company fame to consider fabricating a Goddess Athena figurehead for the Latina Surprise in 1/48 scale and add it to his product line? His craftsmanship is well known and his website is packed with interesting subjects. I know he is very busy with his new business but I wonder if he would be interested in coming to our rescue here. Just some thoughts... Reilly
  11. John: Your craftsmanship and creativity are first rate. Also, this is a wonderful model subject. Do you have any recommendations for dealing with the poor quality figurehead that was supplied with this kit? Are there any aftermarket possibilities to replace this piece? Thanks.
  12. Hi Chuck...I've been checking your website daily for news of this project. A cutter at 1/48 scale...perfect...can't wait. Bob
  13. I love these small 1/48 scale boat projects. I wish Admiralty Models still made the 18' cutter plug. Just makes things easier. I'm pulling up a chair.
  14. Hi Richard: I noticed that you mentioned the possibility of "hull work" on you AL Dallas. I have this same unbuilt model packed away in storage, moving into my new house soon, and the hull aways looked too shallow to me. I have looked at some reference material over the years, including Howard Chapelle and others and I have always believed that the hull should be more "v" shaped or deeper for a revenue cutter of this time frame. I'll look into this further for you once I get settled. Bob