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  1. Just beautiful...what scale is this?
  2. Hi Erik: I believe that they are called Jacobs Ladders and were often used on a variety of wooden ships.
  3. Love this model and all the after market items
  4. Hi Daniel Congratulations on your new endeavors with the Mamoli line. Do you have any plans in the future to bring back the Puritan kit? Such a beautiful craft.
  5. A very beautiful version of this Panart kit. Very well done.
  6. Beautiful version of this fine model. I never tire of viewing your pictures. Bob
  7. 20

    These revenue cutters are beautiful and so is your craftsmanship. Execellent work.
  8. Does anyone yet know what the scale will be for the re-designed Kate Cory and the Harriet Lane kits? I think that the Kate Cory at 1/48 would be unique. Thanks. Bob
  9. Hi Bob Also, you will find the seine boat plans in the Benjamin Latham to be at 1/48 scale which should suit your Lettie G Howard very nicely. Hope this helps. Bob
  10. I believe that you will find your seine boat plans with the Benjamin Latham model offered by Model Expo.