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  1. High Brixham Trawler Fan maybe you can find "The Chatham Directory of Inshore Craft" ISBN 1-86176-029-9 it contains good plans with frames marked or fomTops'l books "Provident and the story of the Brixham Smacks" ISBN 0-906397-04-9 and also "Sailing Fishermen in old photographs" ISBN 0-906397-11-1 these books helped for my Valerian. sorry for my english greetings from Berlin Jürgen
  2. high look under for Marchs Saliling Trawlers 110€ greetings from Berlin Jürgen
  3. Ok i try it in english, You are right Underhill has no frames, but the plans are good. Underhill have also plans for a Smacks Dinghy. MacGregor has plans for Ibex BM27 also PoB. He also have plans for Master Hand but it is a Lowestoft Trawler. They are realy good and with Frames. In the book The Chatham Directory of Inshore Craft are plans from BM241with Frames they are from the NMM Oke Costal Craft Collection. The Book Sailing Trawlers from Edgar J March have a good plan section and i think its the bible. Greetings from Berlin Jürgen
  4. Please try it here. Greetings Jürgen
  5. try Greetings from Berlin Jürgen