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  1. Hello Slog and Mark, I don't have any problems using the 'like' button. I am using the Uniform 4.2 The only thing is, you have to push the like button twice. Once to color it purple and the second time to also show the little x and the text 'you like this'. Then your like is registered. Regards, Anja
  2. Returning to shipbuilding..

    Hello Michael and welcome aboard, Enjoy your stay here. I wish you smooth sailing with our gallant crew. Regards, Anja
  3. Hello Slideways and welcome aboard, Can you please tell us your real name? Nice work. You've made a good start on your longboats. This is a great place to learn and share tips and techniques. Feel free to start a buildlog. If needed, you'll find plenty of advise, help and encouragement from everyone. There are a lot people here who are willing to help and advise, so I will pass the advise for a more difficult and detailed build on to the more experienced builders. I wish you smooth sailing with our gallant crew. Regards, Anja
  4. DSC_0041.JPG

    E.J., she looks great, congratulations on finishing a beautiful model.
  5. Dordreght 1 VOC retour ship

    Very nice Hans, a beautiful model. Regard, Anja
  6. IMG_2256.jpg

    Congratulations, Hubert, this is a beautiful model of the Jacht Mary. Regards, Anja
  7. 20170515_174525.jpg

    Beautiful model Leif. Very nice and clean build. Regards, Anja
  8. IMG_3218.JPG

    A beautiful model Leif, It is nice to see a model of a lightship. Regards, Anja
  9. a28.jpg

    Beautiful work, congratulations. Regards, Anja
  10. cathead_usrc_final_a.jpg

    Congratulations, well done. She looks great Eric. Regards, Anja
  11. 67.jpg

    Very nice work, Igor. Regards, Anja
  12. 5.jpg

    Beautiful build Dali, Is she finished? Will she stay like this with no masts and rigging? Regards, Anja
  13. 004.jpg

    Outstandig work Vlad. Regards, Anja
  14. DSCF0578.jpg

    What a nice model Carlos, beautiful work. Regards, Anja
  15. IMG_3515.JPG

    She looks great. Beautiful work Len. Regards, Anja