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  1. Ageing Decks

    Hi O.C. - what I did on my current build was I soaked the planks in household bleach for about 40 minutes,then rinsed them,then laid them out to dry. They turned a light grey when dry. The planks I used were kit supplied 1mm thick walnut,so I don`t know how that would come out using other types of wood - haven`t tried it on anything other than walnut. It didn`t seem to hurt the wood,either. Mark
  2. VASA01

    Beautiful work Mark
  3. 008

    Thank you very much cristikc & Nils.
  4. Vasa by marktiedens - Corel

    This is my build of the Corel Vasa with numerous modifications.
  5. 005

    Thank you very much Nils. /Mark
  6. Constitution by marktiedens

    Built "out of the box" from a Mamoli kit about 10 years ago. The only modification from the kit was real copper plates purchased from Model Expo.
  7. HMS Victory 001

    It is the Caldercraft kit
  8. 006

    Thank you very much Edwin. /Mark
  9. 002

    Thank you very much Joe! /Mark
  10. 006

    Thank you very much! /Mark
  11. 002

    Thanks Ron - as far as the finishing goes I used the photos from the museum web sight mostly.The high resolution photos are very clear.Some of it was just what looked good. /Mark
  12. Wappen Von Hamburg 002

    Thanks Junichi.The ship was built from the Corel kit about 15 years ago - my skills were not that good then.It is an excellent kit - wood & decorations are all excellent.The second gun deck is finished also.The hull is single planked so it takes a bit of time to make sure the bulkheads are all faired well.It was a very enjoyable build.
  13. CIMG8451

    Super job! Great detailing.
  14. San Felipe 002

    Thanks Nils for your nice comment. Mark