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  1. A nice touch to add to a very nice ship - great job! Mark
  2. I`m driving along at or maybe even a little above the posted speed limit & the driver behind me pulls out,zooms around me & cuts me off,then brakes hard only to turn at the next corner. Some day I`m gonna get an old vehicle & weld some steel girders around it like the bumper cars at amusement parks........ Mark
  3. Greg - no problem with the language differences. I have more problems with some of my fellow Americans who can`t write a coherent sentence. Thanks Keith. Mark
  4. Thanks for your hard work Pete. I am still finishing up the yard assemblies,so it won`t be too much longer before I start the actual rigging. Mark
  5. Thanks Greg - although the pictures don`t show it well,there is quite a difference (cheap camera,artificial lighting,poor camera skills,etc.,etc. Mark
  6. Well,after spending the better part of the day applying a wash to all those gold decorations,I think there is a real improvement to them. The first picture is before & the next three are after applying the wash. They actually look better in person than my cheapo camera shows. Mark
  7. Thanks everyone for your opinions & suggestions - I will be heading out to the local hobby shop shortly to get some of the Vallejo washes & see how it goes. I agree that the decorations are a bit too "fresh" looking & hard to see the details. Mark
  8. Keith - I am still tweaking things,so a black wash is not out of the question - it can be applied at any time. Pete - my reason for using gloss black is that glass is very reflective. I may tone it down with a coat of clear semi-gloss to see how that looks. Mark
  9. Well,I decided I didn`t like them either,so I pulled them off & painted the panes black. A ship in port with no sails set would probably not have the lanterns lit anyway. The liquid glass I used never did dry right & looked a bit foggy. Mark
  10. Hi Michael - the lantern glass is not painted. I painted the interior of the lanterns yellow with a touch of red to try & simulate a flame & filled the panes with liquid glass. what you see through the "glass" is the painted center of the lantern. Unfortunately,it did not turn out as I hoped it would. I may still try & do something with them,though. Mark
  11. Don & Greg - thanks very much! Also thanks to everyone looking in & hitting the like button. Mark
  12. Thanks Frank! It was a lot of work to fit all those castings,but I think it came out pretty good. It also helped that the castings are very nicely detailed. I must say,though,that it would not have turned out half as good without Pete`s (piratepete007) guidance. Mark
  13. A small update - decided I might as well mount the stern lanterns,so I made some side braces from some .8mm brass rod & glued them all in place. Next ,I cut & shaped all the stunsail yards. The stunsail irons were made from some brass & copper tubing & they were fitted on the stunsail yard with .8mm brass rod. I made caps for the end of the yard out of thin copper strip. They were attached at a 45 degree angle from the center of the yard I only have the fore topsail yard completed,so 3 more to go. The irons around the yard was made from black card stock. Mark
  14. Congratulations - & well deserved! Mark
  15. Thanks Greg - the yards will be painted all black. Still have a little fine tuning to do on the sling cleats. The stunsail booms will be stained walnut & not be painted. Mark