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  1. Welcome back! Yes,you are correct - this is a lousy kit!! Plans don`t match the pictures,parts don`t match the plans or pictures in many places,wood is terrible also. Mark
  2. marktiedens

    odd lateen yard rigging

    Roger - Thanks very much for the info. I must admit I am not very good at doing lots of research. This is a Manila galleon supposedly built in the Philippines. My half-hearted search did come up with general info like tonnage ,number of guns & the like,plus one small blurry picture of a painting supposedly of this ship. I am well too far along for any more re-do`s ( already did a bunch of modifications),so I will just continue on. This kit is more or less crap,so I`m just trying to get it done & move on to something better. Bob - your post is spot on - thank you! this kit was purchased before I knew there was a forum like this. Had I known which were the "bad"kits & which were the"good" kits I would never have wasted my money on this one! Mark
  3. marktiedens

    odd lateen yard rigging

    Hey guys,thanks for your response! This is an OcCre kit of the Nuestra Senora - scale 1/46(supposedly). I couldn`t see how that netting would work on a real ship either. As many of you know,OcCre is not known for historical accuracy. I will continue on with a" normal" crowsfeet arrangement similar to what Allan posted. There are a number of other inaccuracies,but if I wanted to correct all of them it would turn into a total scratch build (the plans are not even good enough for that). Info on Spanish ships seems to be somewhat sparse,so I am trying to just fix the obvious errors. Mark
  4. Hi everyone - I am to the rigging stage of a Spanish Galleon of 1750. While going over the rigging diagrams I came across this picture in the instructions of the lateen yard lift at the aft end. It looks a little odd to me,and I am having a hard time figuring out how to do this without some of the lines distorting or sagging & looking terrible. Every other lateen yard I have seen use a crowsfeet arrangement. Has anyone ever seen this before??? As you can see from the picture,their example looks pretty sloppy. Mark
  5. Nice! I remember doing those - a real pain. Mark
  6. Although the book is very specific about the timeline of the battle,it doesn`t actually say Prinz Eugen took the lead because of the disabled radar. One would just assume that`s why. Other sources may be more specific about that. I`m no expert on the battle,but it does make for some fascinating reading. Mark
  7. From the book Anatomy of the ship,Bismarck - "Friday 23 May 1941 - at 20:30 Hrs Bismarck sights Norfolk in the fog and fires five heavy artillery gun salvos.No hits scored.The forward radar set on Bismarck is disabled.Prinz Eugen takes over position in the lead." Mark
  8. Is it possible that there are some glue spots on the railing? I know the oil won`t penetrate glue spots & will leave an uneven finish(don`t ask me how I know)!. Mark
  9. Hi Jason - in my humble opinion I would lean toward the heavier rope,but it`s your ship so do what looks good to you! I am no expert,but most of the pictures I`ve seen of real guns seem to use really heavy rope for the breech. A fantastic build you have going there! Mark
  10. Nice,neat work - love the lighting! Mark
  11. Thanks very much - I appreciate your comments! Hopefully the kit issues are behind me now except for one - trying to read the tiny rigging diagrams. Seems so odd that the hull plans are full size,the mast plans are full size - and very well done, then turn to the rigging plans & - what were they thinking! Mark
  12. Amazing - I just can`t stop looking at your beautiful work!. Thank you for sharing. Mark
  13. Thanks zappto. Also thanks to everyone looking in. There`s actually a fine layer of dust on the ship which I need to clean off before I go much further. Mark
  14. Hi all - a small update . The masts are now permanently in place with all the appropriate blocks(I hope). The bowsprit will not be installed until the shrouds are done due to having to turn the ship around numerous times. The masts are so tall it`s hard to get them all in the picture. The foremast leans back very slightly - actually less than what it looks like in the picture due to the camera angle. Should be able to correct it with the stays. Mark
  15. marktiedens

    Black Pearl by Old Collingwood - 1/72 Scale

    Hi O.C. - love those windows - looks just like old glass! Mark

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