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  1. We only have 2 seasons here - winter & road construction. Mark
  2. I must correct my earlier post of getting 10 inches of rain Saturday night - that`s what the TVnews reported. I checked with my neighbor across the street from me & his rain gauge read 11.5 inches!! I feel very fortunate that my basement stayed dry - many others in my area were not so lucky. Mark
  3. Lots of flooded streets & basements,but I am high & dry. Mark
  4. 10 inches of rain here last night in about two & a half hours!!!!!!! Mark
  5. I drill the holes & make sure the pins will go in,but the yards are not attached until after the masts are stepped & the standing rigging is done. Other people may do it differently,but that works for me. Mark
  6. My pinning doesn`t go all the way through the yard or mast - I drill the holes only half way through each one.That way it`s invisible. Mark
  7. Definitely pin. I use 1mm brass wire - hard enough to hold the yard,but soft enough to straighten out if you bump the yard out of alignment. Mark
  8. I have had one of those Aeropiccola plank benders for many years - it works wonderful. With Aeropiccola long out of business, I don`t know why someone hasn`t copied it. Mark
  9. OcCre kits

    I`m currently working on the Nuestra Senora - the instructions are brief,but adequate to go along with the many color pictures. My biggest issue is the wood - the plywood tends to de-laminate if sanded or filed the wrong direction & most of the plywood is warped to some degree - the deck planking is so bad it is unusable. In spite of that it`s still not a bad kit,just needs a bit of extra work. Don`t know why the plywood is warped - most of the plywood sheets were sealed in shrink wrap,so weather or humidity should not have affected it. Mark
  10. A balmy 15F here this morning. Temps may hit -20F by Sunday & Monday night with highs of -5F.Brrrrrrrrrrr! Mark
  11. 008.JPG

    Thank you very much!
  12. 007.JPG

    Thanks very much Vince! Mark
  13. 007.JPG

    Thanks Mike!
  14. 010.JPG

    Thanks Ken!

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