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  1. Good solution - I`m not too sure that flag would be in place on a real ship out at sea. It might interfere with the adjustment of the lateen yard,so being close to the lantern would not be an issue. Really like the wood color of the hull! Mark
  2. Thanks Katsumoto - there are a couple that are off a little - I just didn`t photograph them. Mark
  3. Hi everyone - a little more progress. All the shrouds are now done. The hooks on the futtock shrouds were leftovers from a previous build. Now on to the ratlines. Mark
  4. marktiedens

    Wood quality on Occre Kits

    That`s true for some strip wood to be warped,but the plywood was in sealed plastic wrap which was air tight. Maybe I just got a bad section of plywood - Murphy`s Law always seems to find me!!! Mark
  5. marktiedens

    Wood quality on Occre Kits

    I hate to discourage anyone from building a ship they like,but my experience with OcCre has not been good. Many of the wood strips in my kit were warped into an S shape,the plywood was also warped - the keel former especially,& the plywood falls apart if sanded or filed in the wrong direction. It may just be a fluke - other people seem to like their kits. If you like the ship,then go for it - most of the wood issues I overcame with some creative clamping & glueing. Mark
  6. Love your current rope - don`t really want something that will unravel with the slightest mistake in cutting! Mark
  7. Not sure if I`m the Mark you are asking,but I added spacers between the bulkheads to keep them from flexing while planking - I had a small problem with flexing bulkheads a few builds ago. As long as the keel is straight & the bulkheads square,the spacers shouldn`t change anything as far as bulkhead alignment goes. They just need to be fitted well enough to not push things out of shape. Mark
  8. marktiedens

    US Based Hobby Shops

    I am lucky enough to have 2 hobby shops near me. One is about 90% RC stuff,so I rarely go there. The other one mostly trains,RC,& plastic. They have a really good selection of supplies like paint,adhesives, & all that train stuff - like miniature scale lumber. They also have a good selection of miniature tools & basswood & balsa strips & blocks. Mark
  9. marktiedens

    US Based Hobby Shops

    Both Michaels & Hobby Lobby have a pretty good selection of basswood & balsa strips & blocks - you might want to check them out if they are in your area. Mark
  10. Yes,my transom is a bit flat - it was built long before there was a forum like this & I had a little trouble interpreting the plans,so many errors were made. Painting everything gold is probably incorrect also,but I didn`t know any better back then. Mark
  11. Hi everyone - just thought I would get the lower stays done before continuing with the shrouds(while I can still get my hands in close to the mast tops). Thanks for looking in. Mark
  12. Hi Max - maybe a little late now,but what I did was I used the notches in the decks to line up the frames before glueing the frames in place. I set all the decks in place,then added glue to the frames at the keel former. After the glue had set,the decks were removed. The deck notches needed very little adjustment that way & the frames were good & square also. Mark
  13. Here you go - hope the link works.... http://warshipvasa.freeforums.net/ By the way,the research director`s name is Fred Hocker. Mark
  14. Thanks Frank! Yes, I need to be careful now. I have snapped off the jib on my Victory twice just moving it around the house. Gotta be more careful around doorways. Mark

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