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  1. Thanks Mr Pucko & also for the likes. My work has slowed also - been dealing with some issues with my 95 year old mother Mark
  2. Update - the chainplates,channels & brackets,cannons,& gunport lids are now done on the starboard side. Still need to finish up the port side. Thanks for looking in & for all the "likes". Mark
  3. Hi Michael - excellent work as always. I like the brass barrels! Mark
  4. Thanks Michael - appreciate your thoughts. Mark
  5. Works now - thank you very much! Mark
  6. Thanks guys! Mr Pucko - the chain was about 10$(US). Mark
  7. I have been trying to post a reply in my build log,but I keep getting a message that says access denied - anyone else having an issue with this? Mark
  8. Thanks Frank1 Most of their chain is either too large or too shiny - what I found looks like dull steel & is about the right size. There is 11 yards(10 meters) on the spool - more than I`ll ever use. Yes,this build has been a little frustrating at times - more than once I have thought about giving it a Viking funeral,but I`m too far along to do that now. Mark
  9. Thanks Mr.Pucko. Yes,those strips provided for hull planking are pretty stiff. The few I used had to be shaped while wet & with a lot of heat - after drying they are near impossible to bend without snapping. More than half of mine were warped - they make good kindling,though. Mark
  10. Hi everyone - took a little break while trying to figure out how to make the deadeye strops(not included in the kit). After trying numerous ways,I ended up bending some 20 gauge black copper wire around a drill bit that closely matched the size of the groove in the deadeyes,then inserted the deadeyes,soldered the legs together,& drilled a hole for the chain. The links for the chainplates are not provided either,so rather than try to make all the links I used actual chain - found the chain at the local Michaels store which came on a large spool. The deadeyes are only provided in 4 & 5mm sizes which are a bit small for this scale. I didn`t want to buy a whole new set of larger deadeyes,so I just used what was in the kit. Then I cut the lower mast sections to the correct length so I could get the angles of the chainplates - another problem - the overall length of the main lower mast including below deck level where it seats in the keel is 490mm according to the plans but all the supplied dowels are only 450mm. Looks like they just cut the dowels to fit in the box,ignoring the plans. I had one long enough in my stash,so I used it. Only about 60 more strops to make. Also,I managed to make all the gunport lids - another issue - the inner parts of the lids are 14mm & the outer parts are 16mm. the gunports are 14mm .so I used the inner parts for the outside & cut the outside parts down to 12mm & used them for the inside of the lids. Lid hinges are not provided,either,so I salvaged some leftovers I had - a little short,but they are difficult to see after the lids are in place( also didn`t want to spend more for a whole set of hinges). Mark
  11. marktiedens

    Using "veneer" wood

    Forgot to say - I did use CA to glue my planking,BUT,the CA I`m using is odorless & seems to be fumeless - no more bad reactions. The only drawback is that it`s a bit more expensive than the usual stuff. Mark
  12. marktiedens

    Using "veneer" wood

    Hi Mike - I used cherry veneer to plank the lower hull on my present build & it came out great. My only issue was cutting strips off the veneer sheet without a wavy edge. I got a strip cutter from Micro-Mark that worked pretty good after changing the blade from a pointed one to a rounded one - the pointed blade wanted to follow the grain while the rounded one didn`t. A metal straight edge clamped down on the veneer would probably work also. I did have to cut spiled planks for the bow area - as flexible as this stuff is,It still doesn`t like to edge bend. Obviously, the underlayment needs to be very smooth - any little bumps or dips will show. The best part is - a package of 4 sheets from my local wood store is only about 15$ US. Mark
  13. I would say do it whichever way is most comfortable for you - there is really no right or wrong way to do it as long as the end result is satisfactory to you! The only real problem I have when planking my way is fitting the last garboard plank at the keel - a lot of fiddly shaping to do. However,your hull is not shaped anything like what I have done,so the plank first method might be just as easy. I am no expert by any means,so it`s just my opinion. Mark

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