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  1. Hi Popeye - the Cutty is 1/78 & the B24 is 1/48. Mark
  2. Here`s mine. The white box is Model Shipways Vanguard & the brown boxes are the Occre Nuestra Senora. Thinking about selling some of them - I`ll never get them all built. Mark
  3. Born & raised here in Iowa. My Dad`s parents came from the Friesland area of Germany.My Dad was an interpreter during WW2 as he could speak German. He would translate German messages intercepted by the allies. He was also at the Battle of the Bulge.My Mom`s family moved here from Indiana & are of Dutch,English,Irish,& French descent. Mark
  4. Can`t speak for holly or maple,but I bleached my walnut deck planks & they came out a nice light gray & didn`t seem to hurt the wood any. Mark
  5. My current watch is a digital Timex bought back in the early 70`s. I have replaced the battery only one or two times - can`t remember for sure. It still keeps perfect time. I have 3 other watches,but the batteries go dead in about 6 months,so I just keep on using the old Timex. Mark
  6. I don`t think it`s THAT big - I think you should have a go at it. Mark
  7. Anything but rigging. Mark
  8. I`m driving along at or maybe even a little above the posted speed limit & the driver behind me pulls out,zooms around me & cuts me off,then brakes hard only to turn at the next corner. Some day I`m gonna get an old vehicle & weld some steel girders around it like the bumper cars at amusement parks........ Mark
  9. Sorry for your loss,Ulises. My mother is 95 & still going strong,but I know that day will come for me also. Mark
  10. I would think that the lateen yard would be semi-permanently mounted since the topsail yard braces run through blocks attached to the upper end. Also,which side of the mast would it normally be attached to - port or starboard side? Mark
  11. I am having the same issue - I can go to account settings,click on "signature",& my signature screen will come up,but there is no edit button to be found,as on Carl`s screen shot. Mark
  12. I have one of those & it is great for plank bending. It was made by Aeropiccola,which is no longer in business. I wouldn`t give mine up for anything. As far as getting one,keep searching ebay or maybe a site called Craigslist. It`s a great tool - I sometimes wonder why no one has continued to make one like it. Maybe the patent for the design is still in effect. Mark
  13. Rich - how ironic that your Ford was made in Japan. My Toyota was built in Georgetown,Kentucky using as many U.S.made parts as possible! Mark
  14. I am also building this kit,so I will add my two cents. As far as the laser cut parts go,mine fit perfectly - nice & snug. Is it difficult - yes,but it has been an absolute joy to build. My only real disappointment has been those gun port hinges - I would still have used them,but they are just way too short. They are all 9mm long,while many of the lids are 13 or 14mm long. Comparing it to other large kits I have built is like comparing a fine oil painting to a paint-by-number painting - with a little extra work you can make it as nice as you want to. I would not hesitate to recommend it to an experienced modeler with some scratch building experience. The best part is all the help & information from Pete - he is a joy to work with. Mark