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  1. Based on the discussion on this site I decided to put eyebolts for the in-haul tackle on the centerline so they could serve the guns on both sides. I did three of them. Clearly these would not be rigged until needed as they would be very much in way for any kind of sail handling evolution. I am considering just putting in the eyebolts and hang the tackle over the gun, or in the fore and main pin rails. I am closing up the shipyard until January to take some time off for the holidays (HQ has a very, very long "to do" list). I think I am at a good place to stop with the hull essentially complete. So I cleaned up the mess and stray pieces of wood, wire, line etc. and will cover the hull to keep the dust collection to a minimum. I will be thinking of how to tackle the masts, yards and bowsprit but taking no action until next year. Happy Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all those following the build. I really appreciate the "Likes" and comments, assistance.
  2. This time I really do have all the hatches installed. I noticed after the last post that the two small hatches (galley and lazaret) were missing. I had to do a bit of paint touch-up on them and forgot when I was taking the pictures. So here is the deck (including the boarding ladders (although they are hard to see) and ALL the hatches this time.
  3. Thanks Jim 😉 Worked to get the deck furniture mounted (except the galley smokestack - too inviting a target for subsequent damage; will install later). Also built the fore pin rack and boarding ladders. Pin rack is installed, boarding ladders are being painted. As I mentioned way back when, I did not build the Captains skylight or salon skylight because of the interference with operating the capstan. So, the grates fore and aft of the capstan are the salon and Captain's skylights (gratings) while the companionway has been moved aft to where the Captain's skylight is on the plans. Will install the boarding ladders and touch up the paint and then it is "mast and yard time".
  4. The Guns are DONE! (Except for the in-haul tackle which I have made up but will not install the eyebolts until the deck furniture etc. is installed.) Based on discussion on this forum I probably will only have an in-haul tackle and eyebolt for each pair of guns. I have some clean up and a few small items yet to fabricate (ladders and sea steps come to mind immediately but I am sure there are others) and I have to get the deck furniture installed so I can get started on the masts, yards and bowsprit.
  5. Got the port side cannons mounted, tackles installed, rope coils down and tackle ends connected to the coils. It took much longer than I had estimated. It takes a good deal of concentration and dexterity to get those small hooks onto the even smaller eyebolts. I am glad I mounted the eyebolts while installing the bulwarks. I am not sure I would have had the dexterity to mount them at this point. I noticed more than a few places where the paint on the carronades has been chipped off but think I will wait a bit more before trying to touch them up. I fear there will be more opportunities for this kind of damage. I got the yellow lettering from Woodland Scenics and got the name on the stern. I may have to try and redo the "N" - bottom part of left leg is missing. I think I will leave the bow lettering until after the armament is finished. Those are going to be pretty small letters following the plans. May have to think about how to meet the intent if not the letter of the plans. On to the starboard side!
  6. Working to install and rig the carronades on the port side (still need to make up some 1/8" singles w/beckets for the stbd side - waiting for Monday Night Football). Here is the first one completed. The rope coils are all up against the bulwark based on how I rigged the tackles. The plans show the double blocks on the bulwarks so they are hauled from inboard. While the coils can be placed pretty much anywhere (and in real life they were probably not routinely stored in coils on deck - too wet) I wanted them out of the way as much as possible so keeping them close to the bulwark seemed easiest and makes for more direct lead from the blocks to the coils. Still working to get the tackles to "lie correctly" that is with the sheaves more or less vertical but sometimes they will just not cooperate. I need to pay more attention to how the hooks and eyebolts are orientated before hanging the tackles.
  7. Turn the carrier over and using an Xacto flat blade, slide it under the coil. (I generally did this from two or three sides). Then lift the coil off the carrier. Here are the 40 or so that will be used for the train tackles. I tried to keep the size consistent but even using a constant number of loops (not that easy to do by the way, at least for me) keeping a consistent pressure and avoiding small gaps between coils causes some variation is size.
  8. I did the 50/50 glue/water treatment twice, letting the carrier/coil dry overnight after each application. To remove the coil, turn it over and using a new or very sharp blade cut the line as close to the hole as possible.
  9. Using a pointed object form a small loop at or near the hole and press the line in the sticky tape. Work your way around this initial loop, pressing the line into the sticky tape and against the existing line. I did 8-9 times around, cut the line as near the carrier as possible and then pressed the end up against the existing coil. Sometimes it would stick, other times not. Using 50/50 white glue/water, I put a drop on the center of the coil and worked the glue/water mix into the coil with an old paint brush, let it sit for a minute or two, blotted up the excess glue/water, put the carrier in a clamp and set it on workbench to dry. Having both sides of the carrier exposed to the air helps it dry on both sides which will be important later.
  10. Speaking of rope coils - here is how I made mine. I started with a piece of file folder as a carrier with double sided tape (I used 3/4" wide tape) and a hole in the center. I used the same 0.012" Light Brown Syren line as the gun tackles so hopefully there will be no big color mismatch a piece about 3" long. Pass the line through the hole and tape down to the back side of the carrier. I taped this down to my work pad.
  11. Rope coil making is a good past time for "watching" football. You can catch the replays when something impactful happens. During the early game today I made 28 coils. Picture shows them drying after the first application of 50/50 white glue/H2O. At this rate I should have the 80 or so needed by the time Sunday Night Football is over. And I though stropping blocks was a pain.
  12. I got the port side long gun mounted, the breech and in-haul tackles attached and the rope coils glued on deck. Except for some paint touch up, I think this one is "Done". Trying to make the rope coils was a challenge. I reviewed the topic on the site and finally was able to make the "double-sided tape" method work, at least so far. It is pretty slow, it takes about 5 minutes from start to 50-50 glue for each coil.
  13. All seventeen of the carronades have been mounted to their skids and the associated hardware installed. I need to make up the gun tackles (40 more sets of 1/8" single with becket and 1/8" double blocks) so I can get these secured to their platforms. Here is the port side long gun next to the already mounted carronade. Have to make up the tackles along with those of the carronades. Still working on assembly of the stbd side long gun. (I know the gun looks somewhat "out of square" but that is caused by the camera. The gun is pretty well square.
  14. Six of the seventeen (the "test case" is already competed and mounted) remaining carronades are ready and waiting. Hopefully I can get the other eleven done tomorrow and hopefully get the carronades done over the weekend. Still have not started on the second long gun but have done the touch up on the one that is finished. Pictures tomorrow (hopefully).
  15. Completed installation of all the carronade platforms and their associated train tackles. Also secured one side of the breech tackle while there was no gun in the way. Working to assemble the guns onto their sliding bases and install the various eyebolts and backing plates. I got one of the long guns assembled but the paint job took a beating and it needs some touch-up before it is installed. Working on a better assemby method for the other one.

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