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  1. The “Shore Leave” section of the forum. Its for non-build Chat....
  2. Hi Stergios Having checked my Snake (currently in attic...), the cleat is as per Jason’s. For your problem I would just use the adjacent belaying pin as it is a “spare”. As for the backstays, I think i did each one as an individual stay with a false splice, but don’t quote me as it was three years ago (wow!)
  3. On catch up and worked through your log again. Fantastic work Jason.
  4. Hi stergios, For current events please see my post in Shore Leave!
  5. jim_smits

    Build diary - Garden!

    Thanks cog. Got a couple images to take of more recent progress. Now that the munchkin is home safe from hospital I should be able to sneak in a couple of hours at weekends to make more progress (uk winter weather permitting!).
  6. Hi Stergios I can double check my build tonight when I get home from work. Jim
  7. jim_smits

    Build diary - Garden!

    As mentioned in my other topic the garden has got some serious delays! However, before I was waylaid by the new crew member I did manage to largely complete the new sets of steps going down into the bottom section of the garden. Also managed to make a good start in constructing the new retaining wall. My new goal will be to finished the wall install before the worst of the cold and wet weather hits. Four layers in and another five to go!
  8. jim_smits

    New Crew Member!

    Hello everyone, I haven’t posted in a few months. It’s been a very hectic calendar year since March. Firstly having a new kitchen fitted in April/May and having to muck in with plastering and painting once the fitters had installed the kitchen. Also spent a huge amount of time and energy at work over spring and summer ensuring a major project got over the line after the project manager was made redundant. And finally this little guy made an appearance on August 23rd in an emergency C-section, just under 7 weeks early versus his due date of October 8th and weighing 4 lbs. Being early meant he had to spend a few days in intensive care on respiratory support whilst his lungs finished developing. Then spent a further three weeks in the hospital NICU ward feeding through a tube whilst he gained strength and learned to feed from Mum. Happy to say say we are now all at home and doing well. Edward is now 7 lbs and growing rapidly! My goal of finishing the garden project in time for an end of summer BBQ has gone seriously wrong....!
  9. jim_smits

    Build diary - Garden!

    Now on a race to have it ready for this summers bbq season!
  10. jim_smits

    Build diary - Garden!

    Hello all! A little bit of a gap from the last post. Combination of really poor weather and life getting very hectic; at work inheriting the project lead of an important but badly scoped capital project from a redundant colleague and also, but much better, finding out that we are expecting our first in October! Still chipping away and just managed a really good weekend with return of the sun and warmth! Rear fence is really coming together, with new boards, trellis and sleepers edging of the ground. Still plenty of hardcore to lay though. Pond is getting there with breeze block placed to line the hole properly and now getting the liner supported by sand. Need to test by adding some water but looking the part a bit more. Must get sleeper wall started as well!
  11. Not a huge amount to report as I was away in Belgium last weekend and have been busy at work during the week. Still working on smoothing the hull and now trying to remove the join between the plastic bow and wooden hull planking.
  12. Already ordered! Means I have a proper version of the instructions now....
  13. Well that’s ironic! A copy of Issue 119 has surfaced on eBay only a month after I source the parts from Amati!
  14. jim_smits

    Build diary - Garden!

    Let’s just say I’ll never hire the builder I bought the house from, if his own house is an indication of his ability and/or level of effort. Once the hardcore is all down, it will all get levelled and compacted to provide a nice level base and the add a couple layers of weed control fabric. Plan is to build a pergola with a decked footprint. The rest of the area will then be laid to gravel of some sort with honeycomb gravel base plates. Finally the pond will will be added with a small waterfall and a surround and cladding of slate rocks.
  15. jim_smits

    Build diary - Garden!

    Digging up excess clay, still! And a bit more hardcore has been laid. Getting there gradually. Interesting to see the contrast of colours of the hardcore before it gets washed by the rain.

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