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    modeling sailing ships, from 1500 to 1850, trains, armor, WW1 airplanes and wooden toys, president CT Marine Model Club, member Mystic Seaport, member Mystic Seaport Ship Modelers club, member NRG

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  1. Richard Griffith

    Hello all and already looking for help

    welcome aboard, Iliya~! Good advice above. Yes buy tools only as you REALLY need them. Of course all of my wants are all of my needs............Duff
  2. Richard Griffith


    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy''''''''One hour on the ratlines, one hour on the bottle''''''just keep those lines straight and yop're good to go. Duff
  3. Richard Griffith

    Getting Back Into The Hobby After 45+ Years

    Welcome back Tom! And your Portland is beautiful....
  4. Richard Griffith


    beautiful work
  5. love the pun Zack.... Your question covers the waterfront, but here's my 2 centazos. Start small and cheap. If you were to get everything listed in your post, you would need a second mortgage. Carbide burrs are adequate for our work, even used ones from your dentist. Dentists must always use new in order have adequate defenses in law suits. So he/she may donate a few to you if you ask. If you have Harbor Freight or similar in your area, get their $10 packages of diamond and carbide burrs, which have various shapes and start making some dust. You will start to get a feel. Don't rush, you are in learning mode. Buy your next set or type of burrs based on your feel=your new found knowledge. Comments on the types: When you need to remove A LOT wood, use a round head tungsten carbide, they have real teeth but will set you back $20 each. Buy only when in need. Diamond burrs are good for smoothing as they remove only small amounts of wood. Your new feel will tell you which shapes you like the best. Same for the carbide burrs. Your homework is to search this forum for other comments, especially Chuck's intro on relief carving. Best wishes on you quest and please keep us postsed
  6. BTW. planking doers take lots of time, but when done correctly, the results are ooh so sweat...Duff
  7. F if you have a plane, then just rough out your diagonal, then plane it straight. piece of cake........Duff
  8. very nice photos  of a very nice model! 

  9. Hey Marcus, interesting project! Suggest you dye the cloth and avoid the tea, as the tea has mild acids. Keep up the great work.
  10. Hey Jim, you're off to a great start~! Duff
  11. Richard Griffith


    Wow, love it, very nice....
  12. Richard Griffith

    What Wood Is Best For What

    I too favor cherry (Prunus serotine) aka wild cherry and rum cherry. It grows in the eastern half of the USA and up to Nova Scotia. Tight grain, warm color, holds an edge, beautiful wood...….. Depending on your scale, avoid using open pored wood, or wood with a strong figure. Other favorites of mine include: costella, box (any variety), maple (both hard and soft), birch, apple and pear. Keep building and above all, have fun. Duff
  13. Richard Griffith

    Ship model terms in German. Where to find?

    I agree with Wefalck. Mr. Harland understood several languages and his 'Seamanship' is one of my most valuable books. Zu Mondfeld put out an attractive book because it is full of illustrations which are useful and inspiring to beginners. However, his accuracy is spotty and in some cases inaccurate, so everything taken from his book MUST be cross checked. I sold the book. Duff
  14. Mike, beautiful clamps. Can you ship a few to me? The cork idea is good for full sized clamps as noted above, but for yours, you might consider gluing 220 wet dry sand paper to the jaws. That will greatly reduce the potential for the clamp to slip out of position. Duff
  15. Hey Lawrence, have you seen the books The Fully Framed Model - Swan Class by David Antsecherl, VOL1, chapter 5? Also, Dan Vadis in this forum did a superb job of his Vulture using Mr. Antscherl's books (see his work in the scratch build section of this forum). Have fun! Duff

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