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    My family (Hothead and Princes, Admiral passed away June 8th 2015), my job, Cutty Sark modelling and research, my home animals, good books (history, epic fantasy, SF) every good music, painting, philosophy, sociology, psychology , computers and phones, playing guitar, travel (not to much long), visiting historical places, etc etc

    Oh yes, not to forget: friendship, really good movies, working in and about my house, swimming, fishing, good food, glass of red wine in the evening, Ness-coffee, napping after good lunch ... ( to much to count)

    And this little white attachment attached to my fingers with smoke more than 40 years ... ;)

    Don`t like cheap fun of every kind, don`t like reality show of any kind and stupid entertainment for the masses. Don`t like politic demagogy lies and stealing, criminal of any kind ...

    Just usual man dropped from moon to earth

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  1. Maybe, just maybe to train Shelob to help you with ropes ?
  2. MSW Sick Bay.

    Sorry to hear that, Mark. Keep on, both of you, and be well!
  3. Happy Birthday! Do you believe another year has gone by. Stay well and have fun my friend.

  4. Cutty Sark kit. Sergal 789 circa 1976

    Wellcome to CS fleet! Wellcome to MSW! Waiting for your progress!
  5. Song Title Game

    "River Deep – Mountain High" Tina Turner
  6. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    And when time comes for Her to have puppies ...
  7. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Actualy, photo is from group Viber chat with my kids, My daughter's name is Milena, nick name Mica This ... puffy candy ... Her name is Rhea, by the name of Old Greek mithogy - Rea was Titan, mother of supreme God Zeus
  8. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Smart dog, Brian. In reverse order Obviously, today is - dog's day I played whole morning with this eyes ... Nine weeks old Bobtail
  9. Do you have animals to 'help' you build?

    As i wrote earlier ... And this hairy monster to get a little help in my building, from today ... Bobtail, month and half old I am kidding, of course, I love pets ... In owen Kidding again Pets are part of mi life last 20 years
  10. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    What I have done today? First day with new family member, Rhea, Bobtail one and half month old Poops and peeps everywhere So young, real baby
  11. I think - prior, with no doubt
  12. My son, who knows all Cad and cad-like software, shows me how to, but I was not satisfied, so I put raster as first layer in Adobe Illustrator, and in next layers draw my own vector drawings over. Slow, but results are fine for me
  13. Self-adhesive paper Also for simulating cooper sheating And after march of 4000 pieces, playing with thin acrylic and mat lacquer looking for color of Muntz metal
  14. What have you cooked today?

    You are wellcome, Carl, as everybody here!