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  1. Imagine a Diorama with this and a 1/32 Luxury Ocean Schooner/Yacht both together
  2. no worries, just read the stickies in this section:
  3. Nice start, however i think you should rename your build log
  4. yes, i believe so, i got the 2mm blocks today, will see what i can come up with (hopefully i'll be able to use same thread)
  5. Jasseji

    Ship paintings

    near enough do you keep a web-gallery of all your paintings perhaps or only here ? Beautiful work
  6. They are 3 or 4mm dont remember now but Daniel is sending me 2mm to try
  7. hm, did you browse through the MSW ship kit Database ? http://mswshipkits.ampitcher.com/
  8. Thank you, unfortunately this is only a kit, next Cross-Section will be scratch-build i hope (if i dont fail at the Triton scratch). I am actually thinking about a partial transverse - at least a cutout of the lower deck of the full Triton but we shall see.
  9. I'd be cautious here, the Patent for the blocks themselves has expired and any blocks made on this design are completely legal
  10. yes, please do, i'd be intesrested in a build log especially of that Lighthouse
  11. Measure her and calculate There is a rope diameter sheet somewhere on the forums (in the rigging section i think) usually when you rig a ship, you start with the Bowsprit, then the mast shrouds, next the Stays - the bowsprit needs to be rigged properly first, because the stays are attached to it and it holds the fore-and-aft position of the masts in your case, you have like 90% of the standing rigging done (shrouds and ratlines) so propably only minor adjustments are needed on the stays and maybe lanyards If you dont like the color of the ratlines, you can always dye them a bit Ambitious projects are best
  12. indeed, the wheels themselves were never supposed to touch the bulwark, it was either the carriage cheeks or a bumper as seen in the picture, although some naval carriages which are presented in fort museums dont always have them (and they look like preserved carriages, maybe it was ommited on the carriage because it is in a fort but otherwise it looks like any other naval carriage)

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