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  1. Find you !!!!!! That Sots of your is higher then mine SotS....... And your car looks faster then my car...... Also a little more orange Welcome home sailor. Did the hurricane doing his work for you ? I have ask if he wants to show up for you Then a last thing.... Everywhere I'm coming to watch a build ,there should be popcorn ! the corner with it ! Sjors
  2. Thanks John & Anton, @ John, The builds that are finished are no longer in our house. 2 of them are by the neighbors when we are moving to another city. 2 of the ships are at a kindergarten. They just want to show the children how a sailing ship a long time ago looks. Aggy is still in the house but maybe she goes to my company. They want to put her at the office in the garage. We have to otherwise we have to move a much bigger house. @ Anton, Always good to see you around. I know that life can be in the way. Don't tell me about it...... And still at sea. I'm still on the road I have to take a look if I can find your Sots. I don't see her in your signature..... Sjors
  3. Thanks Sam, Sometimes it is looking if I have to damage something to see if I can repair it...... Strange! Sjors
  4. Here you are..... Nice papership you've got there I will also follow this journey ! And I see that Anja is also here so you can see at her signature that she is also building again. It goes slow but it is going ...... And I will place the popcorn machine ! Sjors
  5. Just now finding your building log for the Agamemnon. Since I hope be building this ship soon, your log is extremely interesting. Thank you for taking the time to post the pictures and are a craftsman and a gentleman!


    1. Sjors


      Thank you Donn,


      When you started your Aggy, make a build log and when there are quistions, just ask!



  6. I'm sorry E.J that I'm late for this build. The give me the wrong direction.... And the popcorn machine is heavy! If you don't mind I wil put him down.... There is a nice seat in de back, I will sit there and watching.... You are on the right track, that's what I can see. The only thing is that curve at the stern. Looks like a swan ??? Sjors
  7. I want a air brush !!!!! Looks perfect Popeye ! Sjors
  8. After the nice word that I received after the fix it's time for an update. I places all the gratings ,railings, paintwork that has to be done. Cleaning a little bit . So we are on track again. And I have put 12 eyebolts with rings on the hull. I don't know the purpose of that but it looks nice Sjors
  9. Thanks all ..... It was not so difficult to fix it. I'm happy that I have still some wood left that I can use...... But it is done and i can keep going on. @ Rick. Old sailor ! How are you then. That's a long time ago papership And you are more then welcome to follow. And do you have a build at the moment ? I remever that you had a lot of kits on the shelf..... Or is the shelf falling down Sjors
  10. Thanks Hartmut. I just try to follow you what you have done with your Aggy. i came close ( I think ) so i' m happy what i have done. Sjors
  11. Thank you...... Sjors
  12. Wow, I'm blushing right now......... Thank you very much for your kind words. I watch her and I have a little mixed feeling. She is finished looks if one of the children is moving out. Sjors