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  1. Born in Amsterdam and live there till i was 6. Moved to Schiedam ( next to Rotterdam) Lived in Vlaardingen, Rotterdam, Lelystad and at the moment in Bleiswijk. Grandmother born in Italia , Grandfather in Germany It was a forbidden love story so they run away to Amsterdam. Sjors
  2. So there is still hope for me 😄😁 Sjors
  3. Now I can hit the like button but I'm not doing that. I don't need a smaller one. This one is just my size 😀😀😀 But if your heart is with ships,follow that. Still admire your skills about the guitar. Sjors
  4. Hi Al, That looks so great that I almost want to order one 😄 Sjors
  5. Hi Al, I follow you with interest. I have a dreadnought T70 of my own. It was a gift from Anja. I have lessons from last December till now. And I have to say, it is not that easy! But I just love it! I can play slowly a few numbers like, Blowin' in the wind: Bob Dylan Mull of Kintyre: Paul McCartny Achy breaky heart: Billy Ray Cyrus. And now I'm learning Knockin on heavens door: Guns N' Roses Sjors
  6. I only saying.........great job! Sjors
  7. Our King is celebrating his 50th birthday today. In Belgium and the Netherlands we call someone who reaches the age of 50, Abraham or Sarah. Tradition in the Netherlands is that the children have their own flee market. They are selling things what they don't need anymore. But not only children.....also adults ! Inside a church in Bleiswijk there was also a little fancy fair and we found this......... We don't know where it came from. There is a signature on it stated that is was from Portugal. They are 6 tiles with Delfts Blue.... I don't think it is original but we like it! We will put it in a frame and hang it somewhere in the house. Anja & Sjors
  8. Hi John, I don't know who the Smother brothers are but.... I like the music from the brothers four. Greenleaves of summer is also a beautiful song. Peter van Elswijk is not that intimidated as it may look. When Anja and myself, needed new glasses, we were talking with the owner of the shop. Because I never played guitar and I want to learn it and because we don't live in Bleiswijk that long, I asked him if he knew a guitar teacher in the neighborhood. He recommended Peter van Elswijk. I phoned him up and I got an introductory lesson for free to see if we can get along.. The first time I saw him I thought.......what kind of guy is that! After talking and trying to play for one hour, he was not that strange. His passion is guitar playing and you can hear and feel that when he plays. I have lessons from him for about 4 months now. One hour every two weeks and I know how to play a few songs. Not as smooth as I want, but........ I play! And I really like that man! I don't know if you know Tommy Emmanuel, but he has played with him. Peter is playing fingerpicking style and one number that is written by Tommy Emannuel is Lewis & Clark. Peter plays that incredibly good. When he is playing that song (and he is playing that for me when I ask), you can feel the wild west! If you don't know that number please, look it up and listen to that. Tommy Emmanuel - Lewis& Clark! Sjors
  9. Today I had my guitar lesson again and the teacher gave me home work..... I' m a believer from the Monkees 😁 I also told him that I love the song Greenfields from the Brothers Four. He never heard of that song and looked it up. He listened and played it! Amazing.....a long way to go for me before I can do that. This is my 🎸 teacher, Peter van Elswijk Enjoy, or maybe not. Sjors
  10. Thank you...... Sjors
  11. I try to find a bean machine and smores translation don't know what it is and because I'm walking on wooden shoes, sorry, nope ! Please explain to me what it is ! Sjors P.S. Still waiting for my Glen Talloch !
  12. Sean, I have another stage then what you have. Mine was not that bad laser cut. Sjors
  13. Sorry Sam, I was on the way with the machine when there was a hold up. They take my popcorn machine with them, so maybe it's now in a saloon. I picked up another one and will put it in the corner. Sjors
  14. The cowboy's are sitting around the playing an The are around us in the hills. So you can start Sean Sjors
  15. I have not worked on the Aggy or the SotS but...... My 5th guitar lesson I'm on the right side and if you want to see how my teacher plays, take a look at youtube. His name is Peter van Elswijk. For the rest for everyone....a Happy New Year. Anja & Sjors