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  1. Finally, I have another post - I have the hull completed and a lot of the deck fittings and I have the small fleet of rescue boats all done except for the finish painting - the masts are complete and are ready to rig !!
  2. My postings are not working - I am sure there is some simple thing that I am not doing - can someone help me
  3. Hi Dimitri Thanks for the great build - In one of your postings, you mentioned the length of the masts - by chance do you have the measurements of the masts from the deck to the top - I am finding the plans very confusing - any help would be appreciated Thanks Again Don
  4. Hi - I build this very same ship a couple of years ago - you mentioned lights - I got some mini LED lights and I installed them as I was building - It does add a nice touch to the model, being able to see all the interior decoration . Keep up the great work Don
  5. Fabulous build - I will be following this one ! Thank you Don
  6. Hi fellow builder You are going to like the Oocre version - it is very high quality and lots and lots of detail. I put some mini led lights on the interior of mine, so you can see the detail on the inside of the cabins - wall paper, casino etc . Have fun - i will be following your build Don
  7. I now have a start on the first planking - here are a couple of pics !
  8. Don Jane


    Another way to make wind filled sails is when you get the sails mounted on the arms and on the masts - take an electriv fan and blow it on the sails to make them billow out, and then spray a mixture of white glue and water on the sails while the fan is blowing, when the glue mixteur drys, it will leave the sails billowed out. Another way is to insert bendable wire in the edges of the sails when you sew them together - when they are mounted on the ship, you can bend the wire ti make the sails look billowed - Good Luck !!!!
  9. Here is another little goody that I built about a year ago - It is a Occre kit of the Jupiter locomotive - sorry, this is totally not related to ship models !!!
  10. I left the engine room cover off, as you can see, just so we can see the steam engine detail !!!!
  11. There is a lot of detail in all the rooms on this model - wall paper on the walls - gambling tables in the casino etc. so I got some mini LED's and put them in the dark rooms just to add a bit more to the model and if you look close you can see into these rooms !
  12. This is another build that I have finished, but was just too lazy too start a build log( or too busy building another ship )
  13. Here are a few more pics - these are when the ship is totally completed !
  14. I didn't paint below the water line because when I finished planking, I liked the look so much that I thought it a shame to cover it with paint ! I'm not totally happy with my sails, but they look just OK , so that is likely the way they will stay, unless, Someday I don't have a model on my bench, they might get changed.

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