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  1. Looking good - I am building this exact same kit - im enjoying it a lot. Very good product - I had too do quite a bit of alteration to the false deck in order to get it to fit.'Looking forward too following your build. Take care and happy modeling Don
  2. I think im leaning to the Mantua kit
  3. I am planning my next build and I am leaning to the Amerigo Vespucci - can anyone give me info on the Mantua ans Mamoli Kits Thank you Don
  4. What ship is this and were do you get the downloads Thanks Don
  5. Im having trouble getting my pics the rite size ti upload them, now i will try again
  6. Hi Mike Thanks for commenting on my new Build Log - Thanks for the pics of your build - It is almost a shame to cover up all the detail on the inside of the cabins - I am putting Lighting in all the inside cabins - I got miniture LEDS from a hobby lighting shop and they are going to work out great ! I now have all the decks installed so am starting to put on the exterior Columns. This is my second Occre kit - my first was the Gorch Fock - I am very happy with it - The kit was well prepared and very detailed. Take care Don
  7. I have been working on this model for several months - Sorry, I just never took the time to start a build log ! I will post pics in the next few days . This is my second Occre kit, and I find the kits pretty good - lots of detail !
  8. Very nice build - a very classy older warship I will be staring to build my Amati Xebec in the next few months - I still have a lot left too do on my Occre Riverboat, but ,I am wondering if there are any English construction plans available and also, templates for the sail planfor the Xebec Thank you Don
  9. My email addy is - **deleted by moderator** (Please see site rules. Posting your email address publicly is an invitation for spammers.)
  10. Glad I found your post - I am getting ready to start construction on my Amati Xebec. Of course, there are very few English instructions - does anyone one know if there are English instructions available ! Also, there are no templates for the sail layouts. Can anyone help me ? Thank you Don
  11. I quess I should post some pics of the finished project - I received my glass case yesterday so now I have to build the base and get it on display
  12. You mite not believe this but I am now working on the Occre Jupiter locomotive - It has been a fun project and I am nearly finished - im in a bit of a hurry to finish it as, I have the Occre Mississippi River boat on my shelf
  13. Got a few pics today - I have all the rigging lines ready to connect to the dead eyes !
  14. Got some of the standing rigging done yesterday, so it is coming along nicely - Sorry no pics but I will post some next week !
  15. Thanks for all the compllments on my build - I had a lot of fun and many many hours on this build - I got my glass for my display case yesterday, so next week I will build the base and have it on display !!!!