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  1. I am planning my next build and I am leaning to the Amerigo Vespucci - can anyone give me info on the Mantua ans Mamoli Kits Thank you Don
  2. I think im leaning to the Mantua kit
  3. What knot can I use to get my Standing Rigging tite ???
  4. Merry Christmas Rick Welcome - you will really enjoy MSW
  5. I want to make a display plaque for my completed model - is there any particular layout I should use.
  6. I am being lazy and am looking for ready made sail sets for a Bounty that I am working on - anyone know if these sail sets are available Thank you
  7. Just to change the subject from brass to wood - I am just about finished my Bounty and am now trying to figure out how to make a nice display case - this is my first build so I am very green at everything - any help would be very much appreciated.
  8. This is what I like to do when i'm not modeling - I really enjoy cooking of all kinds and like to experiment with different styles of cooking from around the world one of my favourite flavours is East Indian dishes - Recently, I have taken up Bread Baking and especially Sour Dough - I just love the tang of the Sour Dough !!!
  9. I was talking to a group of model railroaders and they are doing a model mock up of a coal shipping dock from around 1900 - I am wondering if anyone knows the type and name of tall ships of that era ?? Thank you Don Jane