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  1. When I go into my profile and click on settings - Signature is not in the box - I use an imac - could that be an issue Thanks Don
  2. Sails

    Another way to make wind filled sails is when you get the sails mounted on the arms and on the masts - take an electriv fan and blow it on the sails to make them billow out, and then spray a mixture of white glue and water on the sails while the fan is blowing, when the glue mixteur drys, it will leave the sails billowed out. Another way is to insert bendable wire in the edges of the sails when you sew them together - when they are mounted on the ship, you can bend the wire ti make the sails look billowed - Good Luck !!!!
  3. Amerigi Vespucci

    I recently started to build my Mantua Amerigo Vesuppi Scale 1:100 - Does anyone have any info on the colour scheme for this model - anything will help Thank you Don Jane
  4. I am planning my next build and I am leaning to the Amerigo Vespucci - can anyone give me info on the Mantua ans Mamoli Kits Thank you Don
  5. Amerigo Vespucci kits comparison

    I think im leaning to the Mantua kit
  6. Rigging Tension-how do you do it?

    What knot can I use to get my Standing Rigging tite ???
  7. New to Model Ship World

    Merry Christmas Rick Welcome - you will really enjoy MSW
  8. I want to make a display plaque for my completed model - is there any particular layout I should use.
  9. Sail sets

    I am being lazy and am looking for ready made sail sets for a Bounty that I am working on - anyone know if these sail sets are available Thank you
  10. Just to change the subject from brass to wood - I am just about finished my Bounty and am now trying to figure out how to make a nice display case - this is my first build so I am very green at everything - any help would be very much appreciated.
  11. This is what I like to do when i'm not modeling - I really enjoy cooking of all kinds and like to experiment with different styles of cooking from around the world one of my favourite flavours is East Indian dishes - Recently, I have taken up Bread Baking and especially Sour Dough - I just love the tang of the Sour Dough !!!
  12. I was talking to a group of model railroaders and they are doing a model mock up of a coal shipping dock from around 1900 - I am wondering if anyone knows the type and name of tall ships of that era ?? Thank you Don Jane dpjane@shaw.ca