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  1. I used 1/4 inch I believe. As for the length, I think that I used 1 1/2 inch. I had purchased 12 feet of it and had them cut it to four foot lengths. 12 feet was the minimum length. I got 16 cannons for every 2 feet. I used the extra length to chuck it in the lath and mill. I'm in Europe or I would send you photos.
  2. Larry Van Es


    You already have more demonstrated skills than I had when I started. I chose MSW Syren because of the great manual that came with the kit. She was built specifically to accompany the Constitution to the siege of Tripoli and played a pivotal role in the battle. You can download the chapters of the manual at: http://modelexpo-online.com/model-shipways-us-brig-syren-1-64-scale Under the Instructions & Parts List tab Even if you decide on another ship model this will allow you to study in general the methods used to build wooden ship models. Good luck
  3. Larry Van Es

    New to this wonderful forum

    Welcome from another Larry.
  4. Larry Van Es


    I've never had a problem with insecurity. When I was in grade school I was given a pocket watch that didn't work. I told everyone that I was going to repair it and they told me that I was crazy. I've always thought that if I worked hard enough and long enough I could do anything. Well I took everything apart, found out why it didn't work, fixed the problem, and put it back together. It ran but ran very fast and backwards. That's when I discovered that I had built a time machine and I stuck to that story. So relax. The point is to have fun and if you're doing that it must be right.
  5. Larry Van Es

    New Member from Sunny Southern California.

    Thanks for all the plugs for our club guys. You would really benefit from attending a few meetings. We meet on the third Wednesday of every month. at the Red Cross Building near Fullerton College. In addition to the up close personal help we have a table at the back that sells books and things that have been donated by other members for pennies on the dollar. We also have an auction once a year where you can pick up models, books, tools and equipment. If you go on line to http://www.shipmodelersassociation.org/index.html You can see the latest newsletter and get a feel of what the meetings are like. We usually have 30 or 40 people at each meeting. My contact information is on the first page of the newsletter if you have any questions. I'm in Rome right now but will be back in a week.
  6. Larry Van Es

    Hello from a rookie

    Welcome to the hobby from southern California. In picking your model pick one that you really like. If you don't love the model you won't stick with it when the going gets rough.
  7. I've read all of the O'Brian books and am just finishing Julian Stockwin's Inferno. I started from the beginning with both series. Although both series are similar in that both heroes have a learned friend as a foil, I frankly I found the Stockwin series more enjoyable. Like you said I enjoyed how both start with a young man who knows nothing about the sea who has to learn everything. You learn all facets of life as a seaman from the bottom to the top. You also learn a great deal of the history of the British Navy during this era. I was lucky. Being a member of a club I was able to purchase the entire O'Brian series in paperback along with the companion book Sea of Words ( a dictionary of nautical terms ) for ten dollars from the back table. I also was able to purchase the Stockwin series in used hardcover, most for less than ten dollars with shipping. It's amazing how both heroes took part in just about every part of British naval history.
  8. You can remove most of the solder with the wire brush tool for the dremel. Then re-blacken. But I don't really see anything in the photo though. Remember that you won't be able see it as closely once the ship is rigged as you can holding it in your hand. The galley stack and tree pumps came out nice.
  9. I think that this would tend to leave a rather ragged hole. Most would rather have the nice round hole that drilling leaves. A lot more work but then again who does trenailing if you have a life.
  10. Hi. I selected the Syren as my first wooden ship model because of it's great instruction manual. If you go to Model Expo and click on the Syren model, you can actually download the manual in PDF format. It's under the tab marked "Documents" under the pictures. Chuck did a marvelous job designing the model and documenting every step of construction.This is the model that I always recommend to people such as yourself.
  11. I also enjoyed Ken's presentation on Modeling with Brass. During the presentation, among the photos, all of a sudden I saw a 1913 Model T oil pan and I couldn't believe it.. I have one of a later year in my back yard. It was so realistic I couldn't believe it. Actually Ken said it was a 1911 but they were the same for those years. If you get a chance check out his book Model Building with Brass. I bought it as soon as I got upstairs and love it. Sorry Ken, I had to give the book a plug I'm loving it.
  12. I to was happy to meet you at the conference. I thought that I had everything that I needed for my Sherline lathe and mill for ship modeling, but now I see that I was wrong. What we need is you involved in ship modeling so that we can ask your advise on what tool to use or buy. I've always thought that if you needed it Sherline always could provide it and I'm happy to see that Sherline is once again fulfilling our needs. Happy to see you come on board.
  13. Larry Van Es


    Welcome to MSW from Southern California.
  14. Larry Van Es

    New here and first boat

    Welcome from Southern California. You don't want to see globs of glue on your model. Painting over them doesn't doesn't look much better. You'll want to practice your gluing technique before you start. Excess regular wood glue can be scraped off the surface just before it's completely dry. It comes off like rubber. I couldn't see how anyone could work with CA until someone in the club showed me how he uses it. He buys the small tubes of super glue by the dozen at Home Depot. He never squeezes the tube. He just tips the tube and applies a small drop to the joint and then places the tube into a small bottle facing up. Then takes a tissue and touches it to the opposite side of the joint if possible or an adjoining area if not. This wicks the glue under the joint and it seems to disappear. He can use the glue for hours without replacing the cap. Less glue is usually better. Excess glue doesn't make a joint stronger.
  15. I've identified this as the tag based on the wood at the base of the cabinet. Maybe someone who can read french can tell us more.
  16. Adam is right. It's the Louis 15th. Part of the problem I had in posting my photos is that I can't read french. From what I can tell this is not a model of an actual ship but a model of a proposed class of ships. Anyway if you'd like to see this model and a lot more go to the the Contemporary Models section. Since most start with "La" or "Le" or "L' " most are on page 3.
  17. Larry Van Es

    PoB v. Solid Hull for first build

    That's good advise. It's a lot of work and if your not in love with it, you won't finish it. I started a solid hull bounty years ago and didn't get very far ( bulky not sleek, no guns etc.). I ended up with a POB model that I love. After I put all that carving into that solid hull I didn't like it. Ended up planking it anyway. Still didn't like it and put it aside. Should have just started with a POB.
  18. Larry Van Es

    Sailing on the Desktop

    Welcome aboard. My first advise is to fill out you member's information. Just click on your member icon in this post and give us some information. Age, gender, area you live in, etc. Whatever your comfortable with. you can also upload a picture of yourself which will get you started on how to set up a build log when your ready. For members to help with your questions it helps to have a basis for the answers. Good luck. You'll have fun.
  19. I'm going to be posting a lot of my photos in the Photos of Contemporary Models section. I forgot to take a photo of the tag for this one. Does anyone recognize it.
  20. Larry Van Es


    I was able to purchase most in the series in like new hard cover by searching the internet for less than $5.00 including shipping. Some were as cheap as $3.00. I think there's 16 in all. I'm half way through the last one now. I liked them better than the Patrick O'Brian. series.
  21. I like it. It looks very American.
  22. Sorry but she was carrying a Louis Vitton purse and wearing a 6 ct. diamond at the time.
  23. We really miss you at the SMA Bob. Coming along nicely.

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