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  1. Hello Hal, and a warm welcome from 'Down Under'. John
  2. Nice to see some more detail completed, Bob. John
  3. O.C. - the keel blocks are placed exactly down the centre of the dock. When the ship is floated in she's centred in the dock (easy by judicious use of mooring ropes) and when the water is pumped out she settles on the keel blocks. John
  4. I agree with you that dragons are really beautiful boats, Gil. I'll be following along. John
  5. Hello Paul, and another warm welcome to the forum from 'Down Under'. John
  6. She's really coming on, John - great stuff John
  7. That mast is looking pretty good, Adrian. John
  8. So, when are you taking her out for a test trawl? John
  9. Hello, and a warm welcome to the forum from 'Down Under'. John
  10. Looking good, Popeye, but I think the copper should come up a little higher. John