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  1. To keep it simple I would recommend cutting the sprue into small pieces and dilute in liquid cement. You can adjust the consistency and get it to whatever thickness you want. Keep it in a small glass jar and it will last forever.
  2. Good stuff, thanks for the help Antony!!
  3. Hello, Does anyone have a basic diagram they could share on how lines were threaded through the cathead to the anchor hook block? I have seen a number of pictures online showing a rigged cathead, but I can't quite make out the sequence of the line through the cathead, down to the anchor hook and back up to tie-off. I am restoring an old Sergal/Mantua 1/78 HMS Victory so something specific to this ship would be ideal. Thanks, Mark
  4. Hi Theo, Rookie question for you.................what does a block tumbler do? Thanks, Mark
  5. Thanks everyone for the great ideas! I am working on a cleaning and restoration of the Model Shipways Kate Cory. The ship was built in the late 70's or early 80's so the rigging is pretty fragile. Given the variety of techniques suggested, I should be able to use one or all in getting her cleaned up! My main concern was not to make matters worse. The rigging seems to be in pretty good shape overall, just a bit dusty. Thanks again, Mark
  6. Hello, Does anyone have a good technique for cleaning rigging that has sat collecting dust for many years? I am working on a restoration of the Model Shipways Kate Cory and need to clean her up a bit. Looking for advice on how to clean without destroying the rigging. Any advice or direction to an existing post would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  7. Sarge, I too am rebuilding this same kit. Look through this site and don't be afraid to ask questions. This is a very supportive and encouraging group! I also found the high quality pictures from Gil Middleton to be very helpful with general arrangements and detail. Good luck and start a build log so we can follow your progress! Mark
  8. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of knowledge on this site! Thank you all for sharing. Excellent information!
  9. Hi John, LoL! I was not sure if canvas was a generic description for many different materials. For the larger warships it must have taken forever to make a sail set. Thanks for the information! Mark
  10. Fantastic thread. Yet another reason to love this site!! Thank you all for sharing. This has been particuarly helpful to me as I am doing restorations! Please keep the ideas coming!! Thanks, Mark
  11. Hello, Can someone tell me what "canvas" sails were actually made of, and whether or not they were treated in any way to deal with the harsh ocean environment? Thanks, Mark
  12. Thanks for the information Patrick! Would newly built ships also be painted according to the wishes of the Captain?
  13. Hello, Being fairly new to this hobby I was wondering if there was any particular reason for the color schemes seen on 18th century warships? Everything on these vessels seem to be very functional in nature, and I was curious if the color schemes had a purpose and function as well. Thanks, Mark