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  1. hi Thomas I do not know if you already have these drawings, the first on is the rudder of the Mars 1760 the Second on is the rudder of the Slesvig 1767 And the last on is the capstans for the PRINDSESSE SOPHIA MAGDALENA 1765 Regards Michael
  2. I was there myself a few years ago, and I was told that the sails was made of Ivory to,The rigging and the guns ar made by silver. Michael
  3. She was built by the Danish naval architect F.C.H. Hohlenberg and was launched in 1803 she saw no active sevice under the Danish flag and was Captured by the British on Sep. 7th 1807 along with the rest of the Danish fleet the first image is a model made by F.C.H. Hohlenberg in 1801 Michael
  4. the drawing that is in my last post is the Danish 90 gun ship of the line Christian den Syvende that I in the progres of building in 1/36 Michael
  5. Hi All ther ar The Danish State Archives which is in the process of scanning 10,000 ship's drawings to ther website and they can all be downloaded as a PDF file for free Most of the drawings are in SCAE 1/48 the only problem is that it can be difficult to search in english but if you go to the Royal Danish Naval Museum website ( then you can see many of the drawings you can download. if somone nedd any help let me know best reagards Michael
  6. Hi Mark Just had a look at the plan for the 18-PDR Frigate LA VENUS scale 1/72 and ther the keel of the longboat rests 3.5 mm above the deck when sitting in the chocks. Michael
  7. Alan the longest time I been forced to wait is 3 days,normally I take contact to Emma Lefley she is always quick to respond. as for the Price of the shipplans then there is a difference whether it is on paper or is a high resolution images, the paperplans is £25 and the high resolution images is £40 Michael