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  1. Excellent topic, Gaetan. We are in the process of having our Swan class builds rendered as 3D illustrations, a step by step building log to be used in conjuction with our Swan class books. This should make the construction of one of these models significantly easier. Stay tuned...
  2. Lovely work, Al. I recently took a tour of the Martin guitar factory in PA and was surprised to see that all their higher end guitars all still hand made for the most part. Very much enjoyed watching one of them doing incredibly fancy inlay.
  3. Probably my most useful purchase in recent years. These chisels are well honed and cut to perfection. Some of the tips are so small I can only see them with my Optivisor.
  4. I use my OSS pretty much every day. The tilting table is a nice feature but not essential. My ten year old one has been discontinued and I'm about ready for a new one. Looking at the Jet - great reviews.
  5. Looking at your model jogged ancient memories of a model of coaches and horses I had in my youth. It was the 20 mule team by Borax, a television sponsor in the 1960's. All of my friend and I purchased and built the display and I believe I had it until college. These kits must have been pretty common because you can still find then on eBay for $20. Below is an example.
  6. Beautiful model, Bug. Looking forward to your Pegasus build!
  7. Back issues of Model Shipwright are usually available through ABE (http://www.abe.com). When I am too old and feeble to model and have sold all my tools and books I shall have just the complete run of Model Shipwright on my nightstand to relive my glory days.
  8. Thanks, all, especially RichardG. Just ordered ten. Is MSW a great site or what!!! And yes, Kurt. I grew up watching Norm Abrams and Bob Veeeeeela and the current crew. You can certainly never have enough clamps for sure. Funny thing is, I've spend thousands of hours watching this show and feel like I could handle any home related project - but never do!
  9. I find these spring clamps to be very handy but the two I have are worn down. Anyone know of a source for thes @ 4" length spring clamps?
  10. I use carbide end mills, preferable 3/4" length. If you've never used MSC direct it's a great resource. Next day delivery and millions of choices. For example https://www.mscdirect.com/browse/tn/Milling/End-Mills/Square-End-Mills?navid=12106240
  11. Are you still modelling, Pete? We miss updates on your exquisite models!
  12. Stockwin wrote a very nice piece of life aboard a naval vessel in the late 1700's. It's a nice primer for his books. http://www.mcbooks.com/pdf/KYDDsWORLD.pdf
  13. Great job on this very realistic looking model. The World Series poster made me smile!
  14. Get well soon, my friend! We all look forward to your updates.
  15. My grandkids (seven year old twins) have been fascinated by Miniature Wonderland http://www.miniatur-wunderland.de/ in Germany. Their videos are amazing and I promised I would take them there one day (some times Grandpa's lie). but it looks like I'm off the hook. Gulliver's Gate https://gulliversgate.com/ is opening this week in New York. It's like your local christmas train display on steroids! 50,000 square feet o miniature display. I'll be surprising them with a road trip there this summer. As an interesting aside, this massively expensive undertaking hinged on finding someone who would take a gamble on leasing a space for such a unique project. Trump's son-in-law Kushner is the one who leased the space to them.