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  1. Piracy? Well this page of plans http://www.bestshipmodels.com/index.php?main_page=popup_image&pID=44&zenid=rjfpfog0ehb0l9olubki5m7ds7 is a photocopy of page 113 of the AOS Caroline book. Case closed.
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    Callie, my Golden, in her golden years.
  3. I came across these photos I purchased from the Science museum after my visit in the 1970's. At that time, you could purchase black and white photos of many models in the museums collection. I was of the opinion then, and still am, that Longridge's Victory model is one of the finest models ever made. Sadly, about a decade ago, I heard it was sorely neglected and the hull was in need of serious restoration. I've no idea if the model is even still on display. At any rate, perhaps these photos will be of use to some current dayVictory modeler.
  4. As so much of our workshops are hands on instruction we just provide a rough outline to our participants, Jason. It would be very labor intensive for David to provide step by step instructions for our two day courses and he just tapers his instruction to fit the pace of each class. We once discussed digital courses to be provided through our website but logistically it was too difficult.
  5. Just to be clear, this workshop is not part of the NRG meeting. We dovetailed it onto the end because we thought it might be convenient for those already attending the NRG meeting. Registration is separate and must go through Admiralty Models (dvm27@comcast.net).
  6. For our workshop directly following the NRG Tampa Bay meeting we are providing the materials depicted in the photo below. You will build the miniature mockup of the ships head prior to the workshop and we will learn to loft all the various rails from the sheer plan. After constructing our version we can then compare it to the laser cut "proved" version. Should be lots of fun and we can accommodate a couple more participants. If you are interested please e-mail me at dvm27@comcast.net.
  7. You could demonstrate your techniques step by step and very few of us would achieve results remotely close to your work Alexander. Either you have this gift or you don't!
  8. This is a beautifully executed carving Korablik (what is your name?)!
  9. Admiralty Models has been working with a very talented 3D computer modeler who is building us a Swan class ship model (Pegasus). Besides the exceptional quality of his work, I can see the enormous benefit of a 3D model in showing how all the various pieces fit together. As the model's construction closely follows the actual vessel, it's build may be viewed in sequential layers. Our builder is precisely following the four volume Fully Framed Ship Model series of books, bringing David Antscherl's seminal work to life. In the near future, we will be offering the fully framed and fitted out computer model to those in the process of building a Swan class model or are contemplating building one. Between the Swan books and computer images I believe we will have the most comprehensive instructions and photos available for building a fully framed ship model. Stay tuned!
  10. P1010870.JPG

    That's a beautifully Swan class model, Cal. The display really adds to the presentation and I love the deployment of the fish davit in a sort of mini diorama.
  11. IMG_1089.JPG

    Exquisite model, Kevin!
  12. IMG_3515.JPG

    Great job on this very realistic looking model. The World Series poster made me smile!
  13. Admiralty Models will be offering a brand new workshop directly following the Nautical Research Guild annual meeting in October, 2017, Tampa Bay, Florida. It will take place in the same hotel venue, October 29 -30, and we will be able to offer the same room rates. A brief description follows: Have you been put off modeling an 18th century ship by the complexity of the headwork? Then this workshop is for you! Learn the hows and whys of expansion drawing parts such as the main rail. Actually assemble a mock-up of headwork and make patterns for the head timbers. Two days of theoretical and practical work with David Antscherl and Greg Herbert of Admiralty Models Required tools will be minimal. We will be supplying a laser cut knee of the head and headrails. Participants will have a simple homework assignment to do prior to the workshop but this shouldn’t take more than an hour or so. We will be incorporating multimedia to better appreciate the demonstrations presented. Oh, and we will be working in 1:36 scale to make it easier for the 99% of us who can no longer work without magnification. Cost of the two day workshop will be $275. If interested please let me know so I can reserve a space for you. Please do not send a deposit at this time! Many details still need to be worked out. If you would like to attend please send an e-mail directly to me at dvm27@comcast.net.
  14. DSCF3402

    Love these photos and your book Ivan. If only you could do a travelling exhibition of your ship models to the US!
  15. Scratch built 18' cutter. Holly ribs and planking with boxwood elsewhere.