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  1. I could tell you Wayne...but then I'd have to kill you! Seriously, our renderings are being done by a very talented individual in Europe. I have no idea what software or computer he uses and wouldn't understand even if he told me. But I honestly can't tell whether the photo below is his rendering or my model.
  2. I know what you mean, Danny. Remember that wicked sternpost and aft rabbet transition? David's illustrations were awesome but how helpful would these photos have been!
  3. Admiralty Models has been working with a very talented 3D computer modeler who is building us a Swan class ship model (Pegasus). Besides the exceptional quality of his work, I can see the enormous benefit of a 3D model in showing how all the various pieces fit together. As the model's construction closely follows the actual vessel, it's build may be viewed in sequential layers. Our builder is precisely following the four volume Fully Framed Ship Model series of books, bringing David Antscherl's seminal work to life. In the near future, we will be offering the fully framed and fitted out computer model to those in the process of building a Swan class model or are contemplating building one. Between the Swan books and computer images I believe we will have the most comprehensive instructions and photos available for building a fully framed ship model. Stay tuned!
  4. Gary's suggestion above The Wooden World is a very good one for your needs. For example, Chapter VII, Officers contains the following topics: A career at sea, Patronage and Promotion, Authority and Duty.
  5. Outstanding craftsmanship, Al! I'll bet she sounds terrific.
  6. That's a beautifully Swan class model, Cal. The display really adds to the presentation and I love the deployment of the fish davit in a sort of mini diorama.
  7. Check out Kevin Kenny's Thorn (Swan class) build. He has documented the whole framing process.
  8. Exquisite model, Kevin!
  9. Definitely one of my favorite books, with all color magnificent photographs of one of the most beautiful Navy Board models. If only every one of these priceless antiques could undergo similar restorations!
  10. I have had my set for a couple of months and I can honestly say they are the best set of chisels I have ever purchased. They are honed to perfection and come in just about every shape or size one might need. I have made great use of them and my model looks all the better because of them. Well worth the investment!
  11. Thanks for posting these Mike. I am so impressed by the joinery of these huge timbers, such as hanging knees to ceiling planks and clamps. Perfect fits, all of them!
  12. Excellent topic, Gaetan. We are in the process of having our Swan class builds rendered as 3D illustrations, a step by step building log to be used in conjuction with our Swan class books. This should make the construction of one of these models significantly easier. Stay tuned...
  13. Lovely work, Al. I recently took a tour of the Martin guitar factory in PA and was surprised to see that all their higher end guitars all still hand made for the most part. Very much enjoyed watching one of them doing incredibly fancy inlay.
  14. Probably my most useful purchase in recent years. These chisels are well honed and cut to perfection. Some of the tips are so small I can only see them with my Optivisor.
  15. I use my OSS pretty much every day. The tilting table is a nice feature but not essential. My ten year old one has been discontinued and I'm about ready for a new one. Looking at the Jet - great reviews.