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  1. I agree Greg. I frequently give my boats away, which upsets the wife, but the enjoyment is in the building not the having. Bob
  2. I tried breaking a bottle over the bow but I hound out, real fast, that doesn't work. -- -- -- on to the next boat. Bob
  3. That's one beautiful machine, Michael. Bob
  4. Thanks to all of you. The curved portion is frequently referred to as an eyebrow. But under the eyebrow there is some sort of carving. That's what I'm looking for. Bob
  5. Most of us would stop with the outsides done as you have it now. Well done. Bob
  6. Another Dragon. When I lived aboard, there were two Dragons docked nearby. There was nothing sweeter than to see them slide out of their slip and head out to have fun in the Pacific. When I started model building, a 12" long Dragon was one of the first boats I built. My brother came to visit and I gave it to him. After he left my wife, "she who must be obeyed", said, "That was my favorite boat." So I had no choice but to build another. My brother's was built as a racing boat, my wife's was built as an early pleasure cursing boat with a cabin. It will be fun watching another Dragon going together. Bob
  7. Hi all, I finally got a little more done. The deck is planked, the front and rear walls to the main cabin are up and I finished the little deck house, which was the smoking lounge, it was removed when that deck was enclosed. Bob
  8. I use poplar wood for RC boats. It is not too hard and easy to use. But whatever wood you use, as it gets wet and dries, or gets hot and cold the wood will swell and shrink leaving gaps between the planks for water to get in. I always painted both inside and outside with fiberglass epoxy. (It also strengthens the wood.) I put the fiberglass inside where it would not show and on the outside I would paint it with just the epoxy resin mixed two parts resin with one part alcohol to thin it out like paint. The alcohol evaporates and leaves a hard waterproof finish. Bob
  9. Great detailing. Watching builders like you helps us all. Bob
  10. No, don't go out of your way or break in to the boat yard. Considering where the details are mounted, I can add them after the rest of the boat is finished. Bob
  11. Glad to see you're back. You have a fine boat build going. Bob
  12. Welcome aboard, Eric. I hope you get what you are looking for. Bob
  13. Thanks Mike, but don't make an extra trip just to take the picture. I have a lot of work before I get that far but it will be nice to have the information in hand to think about how to make the parts. Bob