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  1. We will miss you Captain Bob.

  2. Heroine3sm

    Great job. Wish I could have seen the build log. What a fun build. Bob
  3. Bow Detail

    Fantastic work, something you should be proud of. Bob
  4. John Alden Sloop3

    John Alden designed nice boats and you've built one to be proud of. Bob
  5. Jolle Maj 08 014

    Very nice. Love the addition of the fish and jug. Bob
  6. friendship sloop 005

    Lovely little boat. Well done. Bob
  7. CIMG3520

    She's a beauty. Fine job. All the detail really makes it. Bob
  8. IMG 1059

    Beautifuly done and I love method of the mounting. Bob
  9. Gaff Rigged Yawl

    This yawl is loosely based on the Malabar Jr. At 1:48 scale it ended up being a fun build.
  10. P1010315

    I love this style of harbor tug and you've built is beautiful. Bob
  11. pulley details

    Nice blocks. Bob
  12. IMG 4931

    Very nice diorama. Lovely work. Bob
  13. IMG 06

    No, For some reason he did not have perls on the main boom, but he did have them on the gaff boom. That is probably why the boom came loose in the Straights of Magellon.
  14. Spray 1:48

    In 1895 Joshua Slocum rebuilt this derelict 39 foot fishing smack and became the first person to sail single handed around the world.