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  1. Happy Birthday Bob, quite a milestone! I hope that I can still be as actice and creative when I reach your age.



  2. I use Draft Sight. I believe it is an old version of Auto Cad. A free copy is available at Solid Works Puts it out to interest people in drafting. At least that is what I've been told. Bob
  3. That drill press is beautiful, plus it works. Well done. Bob
  4. I agree Greg. I frequently give my boats away, which upsets the wife, but the enjoyment is in the building not the having. Bob
  5. I tried breaking a bottle over the bow but I hound out, real fast, that doesn't work. -- -- -- on to the next boat. Bob
  6. That's one beautiful machine, Michael. Bob
  7. I use poplar wood for RC boats. It is not too hard and easy to use. But whatever wood you use, as it gets wet and dries, or gets hot and cold the wood will swell and shrink leaving gaps between the planks for water to get in. I always painted both inside and outside with fiberglass epoxy. (It also strengthens the wood.) I put the fiberglass inside where it would not show and on the outside I would paint it with just the epoxy resin mixed two parts resin with one part alcohol to thin it out like paint. The alcohol evaporates and leaves a hard waterproof finish. Bob
  8. Be careful not to press too hard on the wood to sand faster. It is easy to get the dust too hot and it will look a darker color than the original. Bob
  9. Each boat is a learning experience. And each boat I build is better than the ones before. If not I'm not learning or improving. But those looking at my boats, who are not modelers, never see the mistakes. So finish every boat you start and learn from it to do better. Bob
  10. In Marietta, OH. On the Ohio river, there is an origination called "The Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen". They have quite a museum. You might check with them. Bob
  11. Sa far as the metric question. Buy what you are used to using. My machine is in metric but I don't think in metric, so it's always b problem to change my thinking for the job and a lot of the time I make mistakes in the conversions. Bob
  12. Whatever you did corrected the problem without me having to retype the title. Thanks. Bob
  13. I started a new log. The ships name is SS Mariefred. What the title area changed it to was Ss mariefred. Is there any way to correct the capitalizations that were changed by the software? Bob
  14. For years, even in MSW I, I have signed in as cap'n'bob although I had to change my login to captainbob. Now apparently all my entries, since the start of MSW II, are lost. Can you find it for me so I can continue as a member? Also I find white letters on black hard on the eyes. Can I change the "look" to black on white?
  15. Put an old nylon stocking over the end of the hose. No need to open the tank. Bob