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  1. This week I was given a kit of the Gjoa that had been started. When I opened the box I found a copy of this booklet. I bought it years ago and I probably still have it in a drawer somewhere. Well I started browsing through the pages and found that it has a lot of helpful material, especially for an inexperienced modeller or one that hasn't built a model in a while. Lots of well drawn diagrams as well as explanations of nautical terms as they relate to elements of a typical sailing ship. I think I will keep it handy as some of my projects progress.
  2. It seems to me that back when I was still working in civil engineering and we scanned old drawings into autocad there was a routine that would remove unwanted discontinuous line segments from the scanned file. But sometimes it removed too much and some lines had to be restored manually.
  3. I just bought Bob Hunt's practicum on building the "Pride of Baltimore II" and I must say it is very complete. One item I read almost immediately was his advice regarding the different sizes of lumber provided in this kit. The advice was to paint the ends of each size of lumber with a different color paint and then record the plank dimensions along with their color before beginning construction. Then after unbundling the planks it will be easier to identify a piece of the appropriate size. I had already run into that problem on another kit. The advice seems so simple I am surprised I had never seen it anywhere.
  4. best kits

    If you would like to get a fairly simple kit that is plank on bulkhead to get more practice before tackling a monster kit like the HMS Victory the latest version of the Artesania Latina Swift comes with an 89 page pdf file that is tantamount to being a build practicum. It is under $100 and available online. It is still challenging enough to help improve your skills but small enough that it can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.
  5. We have another storm coming up hurricane alley, "Maria" so far it is in the same path that Irma followed
  6. I have no idea of how to add my current build logs to my signature and what I have read so far is most confusing.
  7. Artesania Latina Swift pilot boat 1805 1:50

    I now have two of the three versions of this kit and have downloaded the pdf file of the instructions for the latest version. I think I got lucky finding a new old stock kit of the second version. There are some significant differences. First I noticed that the second version has no deck guns, nor does the third version. The first and second version have a step down at the stern and the third has a continuous deck right to the transom. The second version has sail materials and the rigging plan is shown with sails. The third version has sails and a simplified rigging plan ( as in sheets tied to rings in the deck instead of cleats or belaying pins). However the third version shows the lower deadeyes flush with the top of the channels. The second version is the only one with the lower deck and cargo holds. But if the deck houses are attached there is no way to see this detailing. I have checked out a couple of the build logs but knowing which is more correct (I hesitate to speculate on saying right) is a guessing game. The Swift is mentioned in Chapelle's "The History of American Sailing Ships" with a profile drawing of the hull but no real details. For someone who hasn't built this model yet but wants to, I recommend getting the second issue of this kit.
  8. Artesania Latina Swift pilot boat 1805 1:50

    I have noticed that the position of the deadeyes relative to the channels seems all wrong and it looks like I will have to make the channels deeper so the lanyards won't rub on the caprail.
  9. Artesania Latina Swift pilot boat 1805 1:50

    The replacement kit has arrived. The box is dated 1996. Everything is still sealed in the wrappers. As well as the written instructions there is a series of numbered images showing the steps of construction. It is also a version that has a lower cargo deck that the newest kit has omitted and the older one I originally purchased didn't have.
  10. Greetings!  I am a contributor to MSW who builds both wood and plastic ship models from kits.  I wanted to reach out to you in order to assure you that there are many of us who do so and greatly appreciate well-made and painted plastic kits.  In fact, there is a section on the forums dedicated to plastic ship kits.  Please, feel free to contact me to discuss ships we have built!  I would welcome such a conversation with you.


    Bill Morrison

  11. Patrick, I looked at your log a few weeks ago. It is amazing to me that you are able to stuff all that detail in such a small model. It would be impossible for me to achieve what you have done even on the 1:80 Amati model.
  12. I just added this book to my reference library and I hope it will increase my knowledge of the types of vessels I'm building models of. It's a thick book and will take weeks to read through.
  13. Wow, what a shipyard. I'd have it so cluttered within a week that you wouldn't recognise it
  14. Sorry, It's easy to make this mistake as none of the photos of the completed model appear on the home page. I didn't know one could post the build history along with images of the complete model.