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  1. JT If you have a Paypal account you can send the money under send to friends and family in the US (no fee at either end). Once it is in my account I will wrap the box as well as I can and take it down to the post office and send it to your snail mail address, My paypal account is under If you don't have a Paypal account I guess I will take a check or money order.
  2. JT, a friend got it down and we took a good look thru the box. Other than a couple of busted bulkheads (both parts are there) and the missing plans booklet the kit appears complete with all the fittings sealed in their containers. But the damned thing is really heavy and I have no idea how it will cost to ship. So to save any hassles I'll send it to you for a fixed $40.00 which will cover the shipping with probably a little left over for me to spend. If you want, I can take photos of the contents. Otherwise I will probably put it on ebay. and get what I can for it.
  3. JT I will look through the box and give you my best estimate of what percentage of the kit is still there. I seem to recall that a bag of green shingles (copper plates) had busted open. Might take a few days as it is up on a shelf I can't reach.
  4. As it turns out I have an incomplete Mamoli Constitution kit. A few weeks ago I sold the plans set on ebay thinking the kit had vanished. Well now it has turned up and I really have no use for it. If you want it and will cover the cost of shipping or if you are planning a trip to central Florida any time soon you can come by and pick it up.
  5. I have tried the loom a line that came with one of my heller ships and all I can say is the result looked as good as or better than the vinyl ratlines that used to come with Revell ship models. The smaller the ship the better they look. So I would say they have their place.
  6. All three are great choices. Just don't go overboard and pick the HMS Victory or any model along those lines.
  7. Look at the Model Shipways New York pilot boat. It is solid hull and at 1/96th scale not too big or small. And Chuck Passaro has an excellent practicum with a lot of pictures to guide you along the way. It's also not too expensive.
  8. I built this model a very long time ago, like the mid 1960s, maybe even earlier. I saw it on ebay and even though I really don;t need another kit I ordered it. I looked up C-3 freighters in google images and I didn't realise there were so many different configurations from the basic Victory ship of WWII. Somebody could have a field day bashing this model into something unusual. I think mine will depict a rust bucket not too long before it would head to the breakers in SE Asia. Box says it is 1/380 scale so it might look good alongside my liberty ship when I get around to doing it.
  9. One thing that might help too is pulling the thread through a block of beeswax. That helps to seal out moisture. Also I read somewhere that before installing a line for the standing rigging pull it tight between your arms a couple of times. That is supposed to set the tension in the line.
  10. I'm sorry that I sort of misdirected my comment. My email was to Billing Boats home office in Denmark. So maybe Ageofsail can forward my dissatisfaction with their reply to my original inquiry about the Meta which they carefully avoided mentioning by name.
  11. Somebody nearby did come by and I gave it to him. A fellow modeler who also happens to mow my lawn. He saw it sitting on my couch and asked about it. I told him there were no fittings but he said he wanted it anyway.
  12. How about responding with a real answer concerning the Meta, kit no. 484 instead of the stock answer I got.
  13. When I went back and checked it appears that they have two versions of the kit I ordered. The first a bare bones version without wood masts and a fittings set and the second a complete kit. Unfortunately I think I ordered the basic kit. So now I will have to come up with the rest of the stuff needed for a complete model.