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  1. Still get all those glass net floats or is something else used by the Japanese today? jud
  2. Not many of those around in 65 but a few were. We sold to two different ones a few times when it worked out. We had no refrigeration and used chipped ice, think it was 3 or 4 tons, a load of fuel, groceries and bait we were good for about a week. Couple of times we gill netted herring using a short net suspended from a trolling pole, kept about 50 pounds of rock salt to salt the fillet strips which were used on the hooks. The buyer boats did not sell fuel, groceries or ice but they did allow us to stay out a few more days. One buyer always had a treat, get off loaded and he would hand over several pounds of Smoked White King, good stuff. He had a smoker and kept it going and filled with the white meat, no red, he also sold some on the docks when he made a turn. Occasionally we would get some fresh shrimp and crab direct from the processors while unloading or getting ice. We only ate salmon when a shark would leave the front half on the gear. Caught a lot of Lingcod while jigging, ugly, lots of teeth and spines and big blue eyes that would follow you around the boat in spite of being well clubbed. Good eating in spite of their appearance or upchucking as you brought them up. Bringing pleasant memory's back David, Thanks.
  3. The Lanus Looks like a Troller I could step aboard and get right to work. Have been aboard Double Enders rigged like she is, the rest, I would need to look them over closely. The photo is of me aboard the Cape Race a Salmon Troller in 1965, Salmon fishing bad we jigged for Halibut. The Cape Race was out of Bellingman and had been built for Gill Netting originally and was used for that until this trip North, the boats first trip to Southeast Alaska, the Skipper's first and my first experience in a Commercial boat, fun summer, brought the Cape Race up from Bellingham and back that Fall. The Reel Well was decked over leaving a trolling pit in the stern, no fighting rubber so I shot lots of Kings in the head using my 6 shooter, had to shoot this Halibut to slow him down so we could get him aboard, he still gave the boat a good beating. Looking forward to seeing some models of the fleet.
  4. If not moving far I prefer using my baby pickup and make lots of baby trips, I last longer and in the end, heal up quicker. You might think about borrowing a stock or horse tailor, can step up into them, lots of room and sides to stack against. Good luck with your move, just be careful with the doing, at our age slowing down, taking a break or even a day or two off is the hardest part of these projects. Last time I was offered help to load a bunch of stock panels I had loaned to a friend, the offer was a sincere offer from a young man in good shape, told him no thank you, not because I would not appreciate the help but he was young and strong and I would attempt to keep up with him and end up down. That by me doing it my old man way, the job would get done, take longer but I would come out of it better. He came back with a helper and took over, I thanked him well and profusely. Good luck, looking forward to your checking back in. jud
  5. about 31 inches at the pivot point you are using for your vertical measurement, not really that far.
  6. Display her afloat with sails bellowed out hard and healed over about 30 °. a wider base with the healing over would shorten the needed height and allow for deck features to be prominent. Now 61.5 inches, if leaned over 30° she would be 53.26 inches high, making her 8.24" shorter if the lower pivot point was held, something to think about and add some action to the display. Healed away from the viewer would clear the view of the deck and be low enough to see detail. Be watching to see how you choose to display. The simulated water could be opaque and allow the keel to be seen and if it were an opaque solid, the center of gravity would be low enough with enough mass for the cat to climb the rigging without an upset. jud
  7. Even secured in a solid mount, lowering the center of gravity is always a good plan, never know when that might save Her from being tipped over and falling to the floor. jud
  8. Better ways to control bugs, than keeping spiders, wife will catch some and evict them, I just kill them, let the mess dry up and clean. One morning at Camp Elliott, ' ACB- 1', used it for a week of required 3 week annual military training per year, a new class every month. Used the rifle range and set up a camp out in the brush from which a defensive perimeter was set up, patrols were also part of the training. Was a squad leader when it was my turn, the first nite I didn't have much time for my fox hole, after getting the perimeter positioned as I wanted it, so found my hole was just a little short. Next morning after being in and out of that thing a dozen times, had time to lengthen it. First scrape at the foot of my hole and out rolled a Tarantula, glad I waited until daylight to do that, I wouldn't have been able to see him at night. Don't have any wish to spend any time with any eight legged critter, some keep them as pets but they are usually confined. My Tarantula was displayed around camp riding on an entrenching tool and eventually turned loose outside the camp.
  9. Why There
  10. David, Was in Sitka the summer of 65 aboard the Troller, "Cape Race", fishing for Kings and Halibut. Should have chased that neighbor girl by the docks, someone might have offered you a job as a Boat Puller on a boat. jud
  11. "This is the area that many wanted, and perhaps didn't even know it. If your topic is nothing to do with the world of ships or ship modelling, then here is the place to post it. General chat, Birthday announces, non-ship models, etc. " Also, if you missed it, I did insert my first,' Naval Gun', thought some might enjoy seeing I was a gun nut, even as a kid. You can just skip over Shore Leave if it bothers you, that is it's reason for being here and expected of those who find it offensive. jud
  12. Me too
  13. You might look in a place that sells feed with some tack, feed stores are much cheaper than a dedicated horse tack outlet. Twisted cotton rope is often used for halter rope, looks nice and is a twisted thread and strand product like standard twisted rope. It can be washed and when done, sprayed or soaked in a thin dilution of white glue or as I did on the larger stuff, sprayed with scotch guard to keep them easy to clean. Cotton is used for lead rope because it is harder to get rope burns from, can still get them you work just harder for them. I used a glass marble inside of a monkey fist for drape pull ends, 'hard woven nylon', about 1/8", 4 turns and painted them with diluted white glue, works well. Just rope pulls using your hemp would look good, for a single pull, like would be needed on a door pair opening from the center, would be to just make one of the crown knot configurations to dangle, several choices, if you lead the surplus rope out the center, then separate and trim for the threads to be accented, again scotch guard would make living with them easier. Nice thing about using rope, you can easily change to a new piece with a different hitch or knot. Boxes with treasures come and they go, kind of like socks except they usually show up again for a time. jud
  14. Sister gave me some photos I did not know existed, they are dated the summer of 1956 when I was 13. Anyone else have some early photos, like to see them and the story that goes with them. 1. Me pulling the combine from a John Deer Model "R". 2. Me on the tractor, we stopped to unload because Mom was driving the truck. 3. Me and my Cayuse Mare, 'Sandy'. 4. First Cannon, made it from an old hitch found in the iron pile, a pillow block from the same source, Arranged so a roll of caps could be placed in the pillow block inside the barrel, and a carriage bolt let in thru the holes I drilled so it could rest on the caps, a hammer blow would get a good bang and some smoke.