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  1. When heavy guns are free to move with the roll of the ship, both in-haul and out-haul tackles are needed to maintain control of the gun. If your guns are ran out and secured, the in-haul tackles could be stored out of the way, but the deck rings should be in place for them. jud
  2. What do the plans call for, suspect a tiller only was used. Rigging for a Ships Wheel would probably be exposed on the main deck creating a hazard and be attached to a tiller anyway. Probably no room for a below decks tiller or quadrant. Just my opinion, nothing to back it up, so follow the plans. jud
  3. South China Sea

    . A thousand of these throw away ships were built in WW 2, they turned out to be keepers and have served many different ways down through the years. Their crews loved them, the crews were small and informal and found themselves doing things beyond the norm. I was lucky to have served aboard 3 of them and proud of it even after serving aboard a Fletcher Can and a Heavy Cruiser, liked the T's best. LST 821, USS Harnett County, is still serving, I was aboard, 67-68, her when she was a River Patrol Support Ship in Viet Nam Task Force 116, Task Unit 76.8.3. She was turned over to the Philippine Navy after transporting many refuges out of RVN, Renamed the Sierra Madre and later ran aground to serve as an outpost in the South China Sea. Here is a link to some of her story. https://www.navalhistory.org/2015/11/19/measure-of-the-sierra-madre
  4. Will make even better pencil sharpens. Nice idea, but I advise acquiring some existing plans and stock materials. Start from scratch and end up with a proven rope walk. jud
  5. Pets

    Bob; Penny does looks a lot like Badger. Brother rode a horse named Penny when we were kids, she was out the my Cayuse Mare Sandy.
  6. I have used nail polish for lock tite, works good.
  7. Happy B'day many more to follow:cheers:

    1. jud


      Thanks John


  8. R.I.P. Captain Bob

    Rest In Piece Captain Bob. jud
  9. tagerdvr; Never was around a quad 40, singles and twins. The Bofors, both single and twins I was around were manually fired by the right foot of the Pointer on the gun, he was often the gun captain because it saved one man for something else and a well trained gun crew worked that with no trouble other than preventing the gun Captain from moving around. On the LSTs I was aboard we had MK 51 directors which were gyro lead computing sights with a station for a man to manually crank in the range which he received from the sound powered phone system, not firing key on the director, the gun followed the director and the firing was by voice command. One reason I loved that Bofors was other than for training we left the covers on the directors and the pointer and trainer controlled the gun. Other ships, other guns, my experience with 3" 50s and 8"55s had all the options and director choices and controls running through barrel switches. Need to do some rethinking about the Power drives and firing circuits on the Bofors, we didn't use them in RVN, but they were set up for director control against aircraft and surface targets. More details will probably come trickling in overnight and I can make some corrections and additions.
  10. Pets

    Jim; Mother; purebred Dry Mouth New Foundland. Father; Mastiff, Doberman, Boxer, Australian Shepherd and blue Heeler. Guess you could call him a mutt, but has some good stuff in him and is a quick study. jud
  11. Pets

    Badger, one week short of 8 months. Notice he is just standing up, he can reach the ceiling if he wants to. Control training is a must, we got him and quickly untrained the lap dog back out of him, dummies that can't think ahead. Cause and effect is no longer taught, requires pain or thoughtfulness. jud
  12. Lifes experiences

    Nothing beats the smell of fresh Gun Smoke in the morning. 67 or 68 RVN.
  13. Still get all those glass net floats or is something else used by the Japanese today? jud
  14. Not many of those around in 65 but a few were. We sold to two different ones a few times when it worked out. We had no refrigeration and used chipped ice, think it was 3 or 4 tons, a load of fuel, groceries and bait we were good for about a week. Couple of times we gill netted herring using a short net suspended from a trolling pole, kept about 50 pounds of rock salt to salt the fillet strips which were used on the hooks. The buyer boats did not sell fuel, groceries or ice but they did allow us to stay out a few more days. One buyer always had a treat, get off loaded and he would hand over several pounds of Smoked White King, good stuff. He had a smoker and kept it going and filled with the white meat, no red, he also sold some on the docks when he made a turn. Occasionally we would get some fresh shrimp and crab direct from the processors while unloading or getting ice. We only ate salmon when a shark would leave the front half on the gear. Caught a lot of Lingcod while jigging, ugly, lots of teeth and spines and big blue eyes that would follow you around the boat in spite of being well clubbed. Good eating in spite of their appearance or upchucking as you brought them up. Bringing pleasant memory's back David, Thanks.
  15. The Lanus Looks like a Troller I could step aboard and get right to work. Have been aboard Double Enders rigged like she is, the rest, I would need to look them over closely. The photo is of me aboard the Cape Race a Salmon Troller in 1965, Salmon fishing bad we jigged for Halibut. The Cape Race was out of Bellingman and had been built for Gill Netting originally and was used for that until this trip North, the boats first trip to Southeast Alaska, the Skipper's first and my first experience in a Commercial boat, fun summer, brought the Cape Race up from Bellingham and back that Fall. The Reel Well was decked over leaving a trolling pit in the stern, no fighting rubber so I shot lots of Kings in the head using my 6 shooter, had to shoot this Halibut to slow him down so we could get him aboard, he still gave the boat a good beating. Looking forward to seeing some models of the fleet.