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    Boating, fishing, Beach and building models. I've already built the Artesania Latina Bounty and many WWII aircraft models. My next undertaking is going to be the Caldercraft Victory. I should be getting the funds and written consent from the commander after Her list is finished!

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  1. I bought mine from age of sail. I have found through past experiences that most on line stores are ligament. Read the reviews and then use a pay pal or equivalent to purchase your model. This way you buy with confidence and your protected.
  2. The Caldercraft Victory is very large and time consuming. I've been at it for over a year and I'm enjoying ever minute! I've added 3V candle lights
  3. Hi everyone my name is Gig and I'm attempting to build the Caldercraft hms victory. There's a lot of logs and builds that I'm looking forward to reading and tips to implement! Thanks to you all!