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  1. Very nice finish, she is beautiful Bob. Save me a seat for your Halifax build. - Tim
  2. One of the problems is this is a discontinued kit for Expo, not sure you would be able to get a replacement. Or more importantly, if you did -- if it would garner a different result. - Tim
  3. I would avoid using the gun port strips. Rather, I would take the port locations off the plan and frame them in with square 1/8" stock. You will get a much better result. My gunport strips were very stiff, and did not flex well to the hull as I moved aft. Since the PdN was on of the first ships I ever started, in my inexperience I forced and CA glued them into place leading to a variable result. That is why my PdN still is not finished, because I use is a reminder to the mistakes I made from either inexperienced or rushing. I putter on the ship now and I will finish it, but the many ships I have built since I started the PdN have taught me that planning, process and execution must always be approached in a thoughtful, methodical manner. I also am following Philip Reed. You will find if you use the gunport strip, your Gunades trucks will fit. If you decide to create sleds and turn them into Carronades sleds you will need to lower the sill height in relation to the sheer. I hope that helps. Tim
  4. Pulling up a seat. The deckplate and the gunport strips will cause problems. If I had that part of the build to do over again, I would not use them. - TIgoe
  5. Marsalv, Exquisite work as always. It is a pleasure to follow your build log. TIgoe
  6. Bob, I know I am late to the party on your Granado build, but I am really enjoying catching up. Your rigging looks great! - Tim
  7. An exciting milestone to be stepping masts. Looking forward to seeing your fighting tops on your model! TIgoe
  8. Good luck on your USSC build. I am looking forward to following your log. - TIgoe
  9. I have this book in my library and categorically recommend it. It was invaluable when I did my U.S.S. New Ironsides project. - TIgoe
  10. I am really enjoying following your log. I am not an expert at weathering by any stretch, but your step by step examples are very helpful. Thank you, TIgoe
  11. I apologize if this question has been asked before, but what source are you using for the gun deck cabin detail? Thank you, TIgoe
  12. Bob, Just getting caught up. Your Granado is coming along nicely! - Tim
  13. Thank you all for the likes. After finishing the modification / fabrication shown in my build log last night - I decided to keep working. I glued up the stem, keel and sternpost to the former. View of the stem, keel and sternpost attached to the former. Starting the process of gluing in the bulkheads. Bulkheads all glued in. Now on to adding balsa between the bulkhead spaces to create a false deck and to add some rigidity to the hull. I am also in the process of building a jig so I can plank the hull upside down from the garboard strake. This is necessary because of me trimming the bulkheads to remove the deck beams for the spar deck to return the ship to the as launched sheer. Thank you for your continued interest. - TIgoe
  14. After doing the final fitting work and working on the scarf joint (still working on this - I don't have it perfected yet), the keel piece is glued to the stem. I opted to not assemble the keel and former in pieces, mostly because they will be covered in copper and painted. In order to finish the stem, I needed to cut off some material for the false keel to be added. Step one: Marked off the area in pencil. Step two: Cut the section with a razor saw so the surplus material could be removed with a sharp chisel. Step three: Cleaned up the area with diamond files. Step four: Dry fit the false keel from a strip of boxwood (had to sand a little more post this picture to get a clean joint). Once I was satisfied with the keel and the stem, I moved on to the final modifications needed to the former and the affected bulkheads. The purpose for this modification is to allow for me to put open gangways to the berth deck in some areas. The former marked off for the areas that will be removed (in red). The affected bulkheads marked off for the areas that will be removed (in red). The final pieces post modification and fabrication, ready for assembly. Thank you for your continued interest. TIgoe