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  1. For what it's worth, here is an image of my Bluenose bowsprit with the jib stops rigged. The knots that keep them in place can be seen in this photo. Hope this helps Bob
  2. Maybe so - I did my painting a few years ago and haven't gone looking for any since then. Who knows what happened to Model Masters since then. I'll keep my bottles sealed as tight as I can - I'd hate to have to match colors at this stage of the build! Bob
  3. Model Masters makes a primer in white... that's what I used. Bob
  4. Rest up and get better, Michael... sailing season is coming up soon Bob
  5. Thanks for the reminder, Chris. My rule of thumb is that if the title isn't clear, I just ignore the topic. I may lose out on some useful information that way, but I feel my time is too important to me to allow someone to play games with it. I would suggest if the Mods are having to spend time chasing these things down, the offending topics should be deleted, rather than renamed. It may be a more effective way of getting the point across. Bob
  6. Thanks, Jim. I never had set up for email notifications and didn't want them, so I was surprised when they started to show up. I don't know what changed to make them start showing up Tuesday, if it is AOL allowing the mail after a long blacklist period, then that is good for those who want email notification. In any case, Jack pointed out where I needed to look to remove the behavior, so it looks like everybody is happy Bob
  7. Thanks, Jack, and for the PM reply. You were right on, email was turned on for a couple of the items listed. To the Mods and Admins, it looks like my immediate issue is resolved. I don't recall looking at my profile Monday or yesterday, so I'm not sure how they got switched, but Jack set me straight. I have no more issue. Bob
  8. Starting yesterday, I started receiving email notifications for topics I am following. The only thing I am aware that changed between yesterday and the day before is that when I logged on yesterday morning, my browser prompted me to choose whether or not I wanted to allow browser notifications. As I do for all sites, I disabled browser notifications. After starting to see the emails, I went into my profile notifications and changed the setting for "method to use for content I follow automatically" from "A notification when new content is posted" to "Do not send me notifications" and saved the change. Even after making that change I am still receiving email notifications. If I need to stop following content to stop this I will, but I would much rather keep the topics followed and just be able to click on the globe icon when I log in, a process I have been using since the site resurrected in February 2013. I find it interesting that this happened around the same time as the isse Pat (Banyan) reported yesterday. Was there a site tweak that has impacted us both in some way? I do not see the tie between setting browser permissions and changes in the way the site behaves WRT email. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, bob
  9. Pat If it was a browser notification you clicked on, the answer for you is probably in Chrome. A brute force attempt to resolve may be to clear your cookies in Chrome. When I logged in this morning my browser (Firefox) gave me a pop-up asking whether I wanted to allow MSW to send notifications to me. Default option was to allow all notifications. I chose the option to block all notifications. My understanding of this option is that it allows MSW to notify my browser when it has updated content for me, I am not at all sure how that would generate email to you, so I am probably just way off base here. I'm sure someone who knows what is going on here will be along soon to help you out. Bob
  10. Thanks for the demonstration, Eric. Now there is yet another possibility to consider. I like the construction method that follows actual practice this closely. Bob
  11. Details, please, Phil. You are just teasing us with this one For instance, what is the sail being printed on? What kind of cloth is being used?, What is the scale of the build? Anything else we all need to know? And of course, photos of the result, and if possible, the process. Just hungry for detail on a fascinating (to me) topic. Thanks, Bob
  12. I found that the Bluenose practicum was a good starting point for me starting out on my first wooden model. I used it to get through the initial skeleton assembly , and planking the hull and deck. I started the deck furniture using it but quickly discovered that it did not follow the plan very well, not did it match the color scheme from the plan. From that point on I referenced it, but did not rely on it in any way. For rigging, it is not very thoughtful or true to the actual ship, but more of a Hunt "cookbook" of generic rigging instructions. In short, it was good for a lone modeler (this was before I discovered MSW) to get started, but it was by no means a faithful or detailed guide to building the model from start to finish. Bob
  13. My thoughts and prayers go out to Davids family. His enthusiasm and helpfulness around here will be missed. His was a bright spirit. Bob
  14. Derek Thanks for bringing this out again. People who are not familiar with the shenanigans at LSS should have a chance to hear about them. Based on your post, it sounds like things have continued to degenerate there over the years. I purchased Bluenose in 2007 (a year before discovering MSW 1.0). When I would ask a question the response was invariably that the practicum had been written some time ago and that the author couldn't remember why something had been done a certain way. Not a useful response, but not rude. Having watched several meltdowns, apologies, and reboots from Mr. Hunt, I feel sorry for him and hope he is able to find some happiness and move forward. I totally feel and empathize with your anger and the need to vent. It is a sad commentary on his business acumen and style. Bob
  15. Chuck (and the other Administrators too) Thanks for researching the possibilities on this subject and for presenting the options clearly. I like the option to restore the delete function and appreciate the safety net put in place to protect us from destroying our logs inadvertently. Hopefully the trial period will go well and this will be able to be maintained. Bob PS: thanks for pointing out where the preview function moved to. I never thought to look anywhere other than where the button used to be. What can I say, it is hard to shake off old training