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  1. Astrophotography

    I have dreamed of getting this one imaged since I was a kid. I had a shot at it during an observational course in college, but the field of view was so small on the schoools scope, that all I got was the Trapezium. Orion popped up last week at the end of my session with M33, so i swung the scope over and fired off some 120, 15, 5, and 2 second subs, then layered them all together to get this image. One more off the bucket list. The Great Nebula in Orion. And the Running Man lower left, just because. Bob
  2. Hmmm... I'm thinking she is/was an orb weaver. Was the web you saw the typical round spider web we all associate with them? If so, I'd go with that identification. Ours is living just outside the back door where we can watch her catch flies, beetles, and something larger the other day that took her three days to eat. Wolf spiders are hunters and do not spin web. Orb weavers are not poisonous or aggressive. Of course you probably don't want 10,000 of them living in your house Bob
  3. R.I.P. Captain Bob

    I recall sharing comments with Bob about his retirement in Prescott, AZ a few years ago. His was a kind and gentle spirit. May you rest in peace, Capt! Bob
  4. G Persephone Waterline 6

    This is super, Wes - well done indeed! I love all the detail you have put into this and the separating sections really expands the possibilities. Bob