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  1. Just wondering what diameter of round brass stock I'll need to turn the cannons for the Syren kit. Also, how long is each one?
  2. Thanks! A familiar face right off the bat! How are you Wayne?
  3. Ahoy there! This is the beginning of my build log of the Model Shipways Benjamin Latham POB kit. DISCLAIMER: This is my first POB kit, so this is not the place to come to learn best practices, but maybe I can offer a little insight between my stumbling through like a blindfolded elephant in a china shop! It's been a while since I have been active on this forum, but now I have my degree, have a job, have an extra bedroom to set up my workshop, and have a little extra time to do some modelling. Many many big life events ago, I had a build log for the Model Shipways Pilot Boat Phantom, which you can find in my signature, but about 5 moves later, she is in rough shape and I would like to start with something fresh and get back to her sometime in the future. Anyway, I have had the Banjamin Latham kit since I started my Phantom all those years ago and have always been drawn to her lines. I finally mustered up the courage to crack open that kit and try to tackle my first plank on bulkhead kit. This first post will just be a quick catch up to show the little progress I made before starting this log. I am looking forward to this build and excited to be an active member of MSW again, please feel free to pull up a chair and get comfortable, because I am sure I will need your help along the way and it is sure to be a long endeavor. Here are the obligatory photos of the box and its contents: <Placeholder> I broke out my trusty Stanley no. 12-101 and Veritas chisel to carve the simulated rabbet in the marked up false keel. Here is a picture showing the false keel and a few shavings. Oh, did I mention that this was take two? I accidentally carved the wrong taper in the first keel/stem assembly and Model Shipways was kind enough to send me replacements, as always. I love the support they offer for their kits! You can see the old false keel in the bottom right of this photo. Next, I completed the construction of the keel/stem assembly which consists of two pairs of two parts all glued together, carved the tapers near the bow, and glued her to the false keel. All in all, it came out okay, but I can definitely tell that I am a little rusty. As you can see in the second photo below, the glue joint for the keel/stem assembly is a bit off, but I made sure to make it as flush as possible on both sides, so hopefully it will not be noticed once the hull is painted. I think the rabbet came out pretty well! If I can find the old photo, I will post it, but I used tracing paper to transfer the profile of each bulkhead to some manila folder material to use as a template for shaping them and making sure that they are symmetrical. In the meantime, here is a photo of all the bulkheads shaped and ready for fitting to the false keel. I drew the WL-6 line on both sides of each bulkhead as well as the appropriate letter designations. Following the lead of others, I decided to trim off the bulkhead stanchions from each bulkhead so that they can all be installed at once later in the build and this should make them all match better since they will all have the same fabrication and installation method. Well, that is it for now, just wanted to get this build log started and quickly up to date so that I can post progress as I go. I remember getting a lot of helpful tips, insight, and knowledge from everyone who stopped by my Phantom log, so I would like to say thank you in advance to everyone for the great ideas and encouragement along the way. I am very much looking forward to taking this journey with you all. Cheers, Max
  4. The Thompson collection was a lot bigger than I expected, very neat exhibit! I thought it was interesting to see some of the design choices the builder made, he didn't seem to care about scale when it came to planking, for example. It was surprising to see so much bone and ivory being used as well. In definitely glad I went.
  5. Awesome! And thanks for the info. I think I'm going to wash up when I get off of work in an hour and head on over.
  6. Is this collection still on display? I am in Toronto for work for a few days. Also, any other notable maritime exhibits or ships in the area?
  7. Clever idea! Thanks for sharing, I will certainly make use of this tip in the future.
  8. FlounderFillet5

    Small size end mills group buy interest

    They are sold on ebay, just search for the seller roguesystemsinc.
  9. FlounderFillet5

    Small size end mills group buy interest

    I'm unlikely to purchase all of the listed bits, any discussion on which ones you would be most interested in would be welcome.
  10. FlounderFillet5

    Small size end mills group buy interest

    Here is what I currently see offered: 1/8” (0.125”) 4-flute square end 1/8” (0.125”) 2-flute ball end 1/8” (0.125”) 2-flute 90 degree point end 3/32” (0.09375”) 4-flute square end long (1/2”) length of cut 3/32” (0.09375”) 4-flute ball end 1/16” (0.062”) 2-flute square end 1/16” (0.062”) 4-flute square end 1/16” (0.062”) 2-flute ball end 1/16” (0.062”) 4-flute ball end 3/64” (0.046875”) 4-flute square end 0.040” 2-flute square end 0.040” 2-flute ball end 1/32” (0.03125”) 2-flute square end 1/32” (0.03125”) 4-flute square end 1/32” (0.03125”) 2-flute ball end 1/32” (0.03125”) 4-flute ball end 0.024” 2-flute square end 0.010” 2-flute square end 1/8” 2-flute 90 degree chamfer #000 (0.020”) Center Drill #00 (0.025”) Center Drill
  11. FlounderFillet5

    Common blocks & the like for 1:64 scale ships

    Chuck, thanks for the input. That makes complete sense, I hadn't realized that. Per, I agree with you about Chuck's products. I bought some blocks and line from chuck for my Phantom, although I haven't gotten to too much of the rigging, only rigging the deadeyes and a few blocks, but they were very high quality from what I could tell. I just figured that I could save a little cash and get a bit of a modelling fix by making my own since I have the tools to make them now. I will compare them to Chuck's blocks to see if the quality of my home made ones is acceptable.
  12. Hey all, I found a good deal on some small size end mills with two and four flute varieties as well as square and ball end varieties in 5-10 packs and was wondering if anyone would be interested in a set of one - two of various types and sizes for a bundle price. They work out to be around $5 each, much cheaper than the $10-$20 dollars on most sites. They are carbide cutters made in the U.S.A. and I am very interested in purchasing some, but don't need so many of each size and variety. If there is some interest here, we can talk about what you ask want included and I can purchase the mills and make sets to put up for sale here. Just gauging if there is interest in something like this, if there is, I'll go ahead and make some purchases. I hope you all are having a wonderful day.
  13. Hey guys, thank you for your responses! These are about the prices I have been seeing, I might just have to bite the bullet and buy a handful at about $13 each. Good call on the dental burrs, I hadn't thought of that. I will also check out your Proxxon catalog to see what is available.
  14. FlounderFillet5

    Common blocks & the like for 1:64 scale ships

    Thanks for the responses! I know how to convert scale, but guess I don't really know where to find sizing of the original rigging components to scale down. @Chuck: would you say that most model expo kits show accurate sizing of blocks in the materials lists? Or should I only trust the ones you have worked on? Thanks again!

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