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    My goal is to scratch build the HMS Victory by John McKay's plans, I finaly got in contact with John McKay and got a price for he's plans WOOOOT.

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  1. Show us you stash, what have you got hidden in the cupboard ? From the Misses or the Hubby or someone else. Models that is.
  2. Hey howya goin all, this is my first non ship build log. I've always wanted to build this long ago but forgot the company that made it then I forgot about it all together till not long ago I saw a pic of this in someone ship build log so I bought this the next day. Here is what is in the Kit. Size: Lenght 410mm = 16-1/14" Height 290mm = 11-13/32" Breath 160mm = 6-310" Scale 1:10 6/5"=1 Ft Stagecoaches in the United States’ from 1716 onwards, used to cover the route from Boston to Rhode Island, although the design was not developed until the mid-18th century. The stagecoach as we know it today was developed much later. In 1820, its oval-shaped box, with a round roof, a door on each side and a seat outside for the coachman. Suspension was also added, reinforced by a triple spring. Some ten years later, an employer of “Concord Coaches”, namely J.S. Abbott and the company “Troy Coaches”, came up with almost identical modifications at the same time. They were virtually the only means of transport in existence for most of the populace when it coming to travelling across the country. But it was during the growth of the West when they really came into their own, long before the arrival of the railroad. Most of the stagecoaches in the West were under contract with the Government of the United States to carry the Mail and news of the new laws, but passengers would travel in other stagecoaches. The company “Wells Fargo” used many of these stagecoaches to carry not only passages, but also money, gold and silver. This type of stagecoach was to be produced and used in the United States up to 1910, and in the more outback regions, it was still being manufactured 10 years later.
  3. Hey howya goin mate, great looking ship