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  1. Hey howya goin Chris, a fine job there mate a fine job. Love the way you did the stand.
  2. Hey howya goin Chris, wow thats coming along great mate.
  3. Hey howya goin Chasseur, thats not a bad idea.
  4. Hey howya goin Slog, so how hard is this card building looks great so far
  5. Hey howya goin Kat, Welcome back I'll be following along with your build looks great.
  6. Hey howya goin all, just remember if you buy from https://ancre.fr/en/ not all there books are available in English.
  7. Hey howya goin Kat mate, start from where you left off and maybe someone can help you fix where you went wrong. The fleet must be built ready for NRG's MSW World Domanition.
  8. Hey howya goin mate welcome.
  9. Hey howya goin mate welcome.
  10. Hey howya goin mate welcome.
  11. Hey howya goin mate welcome.