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    My goal is to scratch build the HMS Victory by John McKay's plans, I finaly got in contact with John McKay and got a price for he's plans WOOOOT.

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  1. Hey howya goin Bug mate, thanks.
  2. Hey howya goin Thomas mate, I would also buy the book if it's in English. One thing Thomas you can't stop piracy no matter what you do, no matter how hard or how easy it is for them they will do it anyway, they have the money, time and the resource to do it, the amount of different stuff they counterfit is mind blowing. All they have to do is buy 1 copy of your book and bang it all over china's web.
  3. Hey howya goin Paul mate, great find mate. Looking at the yellow and the proper colour now I do like the proper colour better, before the yellow just looked to yellow to be the real colour for that time period. I was going to leave mine all natural wood, but now I might paint her, I'll have to think about this some more.
  4. Hey howya goin Pat mate, nice jig mate thanks for tell us how you do it.
  5. Hey howya goin all, anyone know if there has been a catamaran built on these forums, I would like to follow that build.
  6. Hey howya goin Clare mate, it looks like fun I'll be following along with this one take lots of pics as you build.
  7. Hey howya goin John mate, great to have you along for the ride I'll be following along mate. Great tutorial mate thanks. Soon there will be enough of us to change the name from Model ship World to Model Stage Coach World mwahahaha.
  8. Hey howya goin Daasness mate, one of the admins will fix it for you soon mate you see they are very old like 150 years old each I heard one of them is nearly 200 years old. We often make wood sacrifice to them and give them gifts of brass fittings and brass cannons to appease their anger.
  9. Hey howya goin Danny mate, looking good mate looking good, I may have to try this kit at sometime, I like the handles. I couldn't get the sanding sealer from bunnings there are all sold out, Did you use sanding sealer before you painted the cabin?
  10. Hey howya goin all, today I got my Bluenose plans from Model Ship Builder.com and will be following along Gene Bodnar practicum to build her,the Bluenose is 1:48 scale she's alot bigger then I thought, I have 4 of my 5 scratch build model ship plans, the HMS Victory plans I dont have yet but I've spoken to John McKay to get a price for them will have them within a month or two.
  11. Hey howya goin Danny mate, you mean people who ride in your stagecoach have to sit on the hard wood and not soft cushion seats
  12. Hey howya goin all, heres the inside of the cabin lined, later today I'll get some Sanding Sealer from Bunnings and seal them.
  13. Mike I didn't realise you where from the Scotland, was the shop this one Cornwall Model Boats <-- Click here they have them to.
  14. Hey howya goin Aviaamator mate, here is my spray booth the first pic you can see I made a cover to go over the front of it when I'm not useing it and you can see the pipe going from it to out the window and the second pic is it set up just loosen the four nobs two on each side and it comes straight off, I got it from the UK here is a link to the shop I got it from Air-craft.net. It cost cheaper to get it from the UK then get it here in Aussie Land.