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  1. I appreciate the information.. I have had the lathe and other tools for years and have never used them. Now that I am slowing down I am turning to ship models and in that, looking at the tools again. A rabbit warren of distractions.
  2. Thanks! I will investigate my options some more.
  3. I was excited to find this thread figuring that these items would be very useful. Then I did an uncharacteristic thing. I measured the chuck jaws opened to what I am setting as the maximum and these blocks are too big. Do these gizmos come in a smaller form?
  4. Agreed on the Bard Parker but I found the spine a problem in some cases when cutting mould rubber.
  5. Thanks. I used to lay it on egg crate foam. That kept it from stabbing my thigh or foot when it rolled off the desk.
  6. I used scalpels for years to cut moulds and had a variety of handles. I found the best fit of the snap on handles was in using the Swan Morton blue handle. I also used a "screw on" handle but can't remember the name. It held the blade the best but was round and tended to roll on the table. If I can find it I will take a picture.
  7. Probably not he best or most detailed but I enjoyed David Howarth's "Trafalgar-The Nelson Touch". I think I will try to find it for a re-read.
  8. Thanks. I missed the screws completely. So basically the dremel fits in a hole that is clamped via screw pressure. I assume that squareness checks are required at each use or at least after removal and replacement.
  9. I am missing something. What is holding the dremel in position and keeping it square?
  10. I confuse easily but I think the drill press is shown in Post 9 in the first link posted by mtaylor.
  11. JohnLea

    HMCS Haida

    I don't know if this is true or not but I heard a story about when she was at Ontario Place. I was told that Arthur Feidler was a guest conductor for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra when they held a concert at Ontario Place and they used the guns of the Haida during their performance of 1812 Overture. I lived in the area at the time but didn't hear the story until a few years later when I lived in Calgary. If true, I regret missing it.
  12. Again, thank you gentlemen. Bob, good advice. I will take it. Mtaylor, you are correct. Much better when printed. Now I am embarrassed that I gave up on it years ago.
  13. Thank you gentlemen. Richard, that is exactly what I tried to describe. So the trick is to ignore it on the screen or does better hardware solve the problem? I find it a bit distracting but it is not like there is nowhere else in the hobby where I can learn things.

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