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    Stockholm (the original one)
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    Programming. Model buildning (obviously). Painting (oil, water colour ... you name it). Applying fire to various foodstuffs.

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  1. happy Birthday my friend!   hope you had a great day :) 

    1. Farbror Fartyg

      Farbror Fartyg

      Thanks mate! 


      Had a great one!

  2. F15

    Sometimes you just love a picture. And you just gotta say it. One of those pics, this. Love it.
  3. DSC02145

    Yeah, if there's one thing endless gaming hours have taught me it's that the flow is probably the most important thing for the enjoyability of any game. Realism is all well and good but in the end a game is just an abstraction of "real" events. It's all about making the players of the game buy your level of abstraction. Things should be complicated enough to be interesting and challenging, but also so simple that a good game flow can be maintained.
  4. Gaming Model by Farbror Fartyg

    This is the first piece I've finished for a naval battle table top battle game I'm creating. I guess a pretty accurate description of the model would be "17th century East India Man". The flags are removable, so you don't have to play as Holland if you don't want to ... Two of the sails are also removable. That way you can swap the whole ones for tattered ones, should you sustain serious damage to the rig. The model is made out of balsa wood, paper and spare gubbins such as aluminium mesh and sewing pins.