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  1. hi Steve, your metal work is absolutely brilliant. you have inspired me to give it go too.
  2. I have been out of the shipyard for so long! But I have been on holiday and you guys have inspired me. I am taking the time to start working on the yard arms etc. i hit a flat spot, but I am now enjoying the build again. Her are some pics of where I am at. I don't have any fancy tools so I create the masts and spars by hand sanding them to shape. Firstly I mark the centre part of the spar accordingto plan, and mark the octagonal centre section, and use files to create that section. I then will hand taper the spar ends, while watching TV. It is tedious work, but you get there in the end. Have worked on the Gaff first. I am painting all the spars black, so I can use fillers etc easily to fix any imperfections. Here are pics at early stage of construction showing use of filler...
  3. Hi Pat, sorry I have been offline for months now. Congratulations on a magnifecent build, she looks amazing! I haven't been able to work on my boat for months, but you have inspired me again. What is your next project going to be?
  4. Hi guys, been slowly working away on the ratting. My model was on display at model shop _this is what she loks like at present point in time. I have been also working on the bowsprite netting. I will post more detailed shots soon.
  5. It has been a while. I felt I needed a break, but i am back with a vengance. Completing all the "ratting" nearly there... post pics soon
  6. She is looking fantastic. Amazing progress. I am still struggling to find time to get back into the ship yard. I will get there soon.
  7. Fantastic work, I have been off for awhile. Getting back into it soon. You guys are inspiring me back to the ship yard.
  8. Amazing progress. I have just caught up with what you have been doing. I have been out of the ship yard for several months. back into it soon.
  9. Looking very good. I agree with everyone else. I reckon you made the right decision re splicing the the ends. I too am guilty of obsessing over detail, sometimes too much.
  10. Those guns are looking fantastic. You have captured the look of them really well.
  11. love the detail! I would be happy with this too. You are doing a fantastic job. i am thoroughly enjoying the build.
  12. Great work Pat. That sounds bad about the chain plate. Hopefully it is an easy fix? I am checking mine now. Incase I need to strengthen.

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