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  1. Hi Pat. I did mine as in option 3. I put my trust in AOTS. Now I am holding my breath.
  2. Beautiful modelling. The animation of the figures are brilliant.
  3. 144

    stunning model
  4. wow. This is an incredible model. Every rivet! amazing
  5. What a fantastic model. absolutely brilliant.
  6. Happy new year. How are you progressing? got any update pics?
  7. That is a great model and well built too. Fantastic. What are you building now? I will follow with interest. cheers Mike
  8. a magnificent model, worthy of any museum. Mike
  9. Nice model. I am building the eaglemoss part work. I am sure the parts are the same as your kit.
  10. Beautiful job, worthy of displaying in a museum
  11. Thank you for all the kind comments. I appreciate them very much. The yellow I used was humbrol 74 matt. This is as specified by the airfix victory kit. And I have found that this is the correct colour (in scale) it just looks correct. I have found that the true colour doesn't look right in scale it just looks too dark for the scale. Cheers mike
  12. Hope you like her