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  1. They were actually out of line on 2 axes - these fit better, I think. Now on the the lodge knees and partners - tiny pieces (10mm on a side) for which I haven't quite mastered the forstner bit/scroll saw techniques yet. May need more scrap wood to practice on
  2. Some progress today - if you call 1 step forward 1 1/2 steps back progress. Finished cutting out the 8 thrust knees I needed. Notched them so they would sit at a 30 degree angle and fit over the ledged to support the deck beams. Then attached them to the hull - look good, but realized I had them pointing the wrong way - aft of the main hatch the "dagger" points forward, so I took them off and attached them to the other side of the hull. They looked good, until I dry fit one of the deck beams and realized the wide part of the knee was not parallel to the deck beam and would meet the beam only in one small spot. So off they will come again, but not tonight.
  3. Thanks Scott - it's my first wooden model, sometimes I think I'm biting off more than I can chew, but I am becoming fond of cross-sections.
  4. Now you're jumping the gun into the next round of changes to the kit. Stock for 3 ladders was provided. The first one was supposed to lay on a hatch from the berth deck to the hold - only in the real ship there does not appear to be any such hatch at this location, so that one is being scratched, and the ladder used as you see. The other two ladders are intended for the hatch from the spar deck to the gun deck; these are oriented across the ship - port to starboard - and are placed with the ladders facing each other and with the feet of the ladders almost touching. Creates a bit of a bottleneck if you ask me. I have seen drawings with ladders at the aft end of the main hatch, running fore and aft and that is what I plan on doing.
  5. Thanks Jon -- you caught me: the ladder actually came with the kit. I modified it slightly and I suppose I could have turned it so the notches were in front, but for some reason this way looked better.
  6. Thanks EJ. It is fun watching these pieces come together. Speaking of which, platform is complete and some barrels of rum stowed away. Now to try more knees (on my second batch of 4, only 1 or 2 are really usable - first one beginner's luck?)
  7. First attempt at knees (berth deck thrust knees in this case) with new wood and new scroll saw. Not the impossible task I expected - time consuming, with much laying out and sanding, but not impossible. (Original with kit on the right, home made on the left)
  8. New wood finally arrived - now I have no excuse not to go full steam ahead! I am thinking I will finish the side I started with the kit wood, then fill, sand and paint it, but the other side I might "paint" with the new wood I bought and depending on how that wood looks, put some satin poly on it. We'll see. Now off to finish the deck frame plans/templates and start cutting lumber.
  9. A bit more progress while I figure out better wood and tools. Stained the platform and some home-made planks, but those plank were very uneven, so I am going to make some more. I also took some of the ladder that came with the kit, and is supposed to just sit on a closed hatch and cut it down, started sanding it down so it is thinner (looks out of scale as it) and will attach it to the platform once the new planks are in.
  10. Thanks Russ - I did buy a little 4" table saw, and our black walnuts have dropped a number of branches - maybe I'll play with those, but probably also get a scroll saw and some tougher wood too.
  11. Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments and likes. How does maple stack up vs. boxwood, aside from being cheaper??
  12. Took a bit of a break for the holidays, and to set up my new winter quarters in the basement - much darker and dingier than the garage, but a heck of a lot warmer. Platform frame is done, all the legs in place (although they still need to be sanded/chamfered - if that is even a word). Note the cleat holding up the back of the platform. I am also starting to make the knees I will need. The brownish one is the original, the lighter ones are the ones I am making in various stages of fabrication. Almost impossible to contemplate doing dozens of these without power tools (I've been cutting these out with exacto knives, tiny chisels and a jeweler's saw), so I am going to mount a jig saw under a board to use as a scroll/band saw of sorts. I am using 3/32" basswood, but have had a problem with it splitting across the "tail" of the knees while sanding. I think I might need to use a different wood - any suggestions?
  13. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday; now back to work. I didn't like the way the platform looked - too big taking up too much of the hold, so I cut it down a bit, leaving more room for ballast, casks and whatever else I can stuff in there. Now on to planking the rest of the exterior and fabricating the knees so I can start putting together the berth deck framing.
  14. Now I know that in the grand scheme of experienced wood-workmanship a few 3mm sticks with lap joints is no big deal, but as a first attempt to scratch build something I'm quite proud of this. Not perfect, but not bad.
  15. Thanks for the kind words and for the tip Cap' - I've got some 400 & some 600 grit sandpaper that should do the trick.