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  1. So she should be. That is one fine looking hull. Much better than my first attempt!😄. Well done Daria! Nick
  2. Have a vacuum cleaner spare in the garage where my workbench is so will rig that up when needed. Will take my time to learn how to handle this beast. I like having my fingers connected to my hands!🙂
  3. Thanks for the advice all. Much appreciated
  4. Yes going to be very careful with it. Thinking of taping a safety checklist to the front just to make sure. Then I have no excuse! Nick
  5. Thanks for the tip. Getting the saw tomorrow so I'll take a look then. Cheers, Nick
  6. fnick

    James H made me remember these LEGO cars

    Sorry Michael but this one: https://gizmodo.com/marvel-at-this-drivable-bugatti-chiron-built-from-a-mil-1828680513 beats the two above! 😎 Nick
  7. Sold! One KS 230 saw and HSS fine blade on its way! 😁. I'll let you know how I get on... Cheers Nick
  8. Thanks for the feedback Russ. Basic but working is perfect for me. I'm just after being able to do some cuts a bit quicker. It will be interesting to see how much I use it and if its limitations hinder me which I doubt at least at the start. Nick
  9. Hi all I am toying with the idea of potentially getting a table saw maybe...😃. I am trying to cut a 5mm by 2mm strip into 5mm squares, for the handrails on my Le Mirage. Cutting them by hand is taking a long time! I'm quite happy to sand them down correct size if measurements are slightly out. I know it's not the best saw in the world but since it's going to be my first one I want to start at the lower end of the scale to see how I get on. At around ÂŖ100-ÂŖ120 pounds its reasonable. Plus having something small that I can use then put away fairly quickly is a plus due to not having a massive workspace. So the question I have is essentially: Is it good enough as a starting saw or should I look at something else? Cheers Nick
  10. Hi Ulises You're going to have to circle the areas where the damage was because I can't find them!! Your RL is going to be something special when it's finished! Nick
  11. Morning all Thanks for the "reactions"...😋. First lot of handrail supports installed. Cut by hand. This is where I wish I had a table saw! 😀 Nick
  12. Thanks Sjors! Kids are growing up. On holiday now so doing their very best to keep my wife busy!
  13. Hi all quick update. Deck planking finished. Treenails simulated by pressing pencil into deck. Unfortunately in a few places planking was flush on supporting deck so pencil went through ☚ī¸... Havee no planking timber left (and I was being careful with wastage!) So will check to see if the couple of holes can be covered up by deck furniture. Dark patches are where I used same type of timber sanded down and mixed with water and PVA to fill holes. Color did not match... Does not look as bad in real life but not sure what to do about that for now. First level of handrails glued down. Here are some pictures. thanks for looking. Nick
  14. Hi Ulises. Think we all feel your pain... You've definitely done the right think by taking time out before deciding. And I also think you're doing the right thing by fixing the damage. Quicker than starting from scratch plus more satisfying. Youll be laughing about this in years to come...😀 Well that's my two pennies worth! Good luck with the repairs. Nick
  15. Ok I suppose... Oh and WOW! Nick

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