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  1. Not jealous in the slightest. Honest! Nick P. S. No really...
  2. Hi Danny I'm sure I'll be the first of many to welcome you back! Good to know you're still with us! Definitely taking a front row seat for this one. Nick
  3. Hi all This has been a very useful thread. Considering how much I enjoy looking through this forum, a contribution to its running costs is the least I can do, have just done and definitely haven't done enough in the past! I think a monthly donation system would be a great way forward (I did have a look if something similar to a standing order could be setup on paypal but it appears not) as it hopefully would mean a steady(ish) revenue stream. Here's something for everyone (including me) to ponder 3500 active regular posters (see Chuck's post earlier) / $3300 year running costs = $1 per active user per year to keep the site running. On a montly donation basis that's 10 cents... Nick PS: And finally something that costs absolutely nothing : A big thank you to all the staff and moderators who keep this site running! the ship modelling hobby would not be the same without MSW
  4. Very sorry to hear about your loss. Nick
  5. Now that Wefalck is a very nice study/library/workshop. I'm not at all jealous... no really... Nick
  6. My only completed model (Billings Bluenose) in our lounge. Right behind the kids' artwork! I know my place... Nick
  7. Hi Bill I never finished my first ship. Reasons? far too ambitious, knew nothing about ship modelling (this was pre MSW! ), started it and gave up when some of my hull planking started popping off! Next build was the Billings Bluenose. I knew nothing about it so didnt really pick it for interest. I thought I'd use it as a training ship before doing something I really wanted to do. Since it's been finished it's taken center(ish) stage in the lounge. I'm so pleased I finished it and really proud of how it looks even though I can still see lots of little niggly things that I would do differently (yes you've guessed it) second time round! So my two pennies worth, cut your teeth on the easier one then you'll know you'll do an even better job on Syren. No matter what you choose, start a build log, best way to get feedback. Nick
  8. Hi all Stumbled across an article regarding Frances Glessner Lee whom I had never heard of before completely by accident. Quite apart from an unusual and fascinating use of a diorama, I thought the modelling aspect of it (I'm sure the level of detail present in her dioramas will appeal to quite a few people here on MSW! ) would be of interest. http://www.deathindiorama.com/ Hope you find it interesting. Nick
  9. Thanks Mark! All the items on the table to the left were recovered from the Mary Rose. Very surreal holding them! Nick
  10. Hi everyone Here's a few pictures from a recent visit with the family to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. It was nice to see Victory in her new colours which to be quite honest are not as bad as you would think! (It's not pink ) As they say in film reviews: SPOILER ALERT!!!! I've got a few pictures of the Mary Rose further down. If you are going to see it soon then if it were me I wouldn't look at the pictures. It was breathtaking seeing her for the first time. First of all Victory HMS Warrior Sligthly more modern warships! Here ... comes ... the ... Mary ... Rose ... (can't say you havent' been warned! ) and finally my four year old son holding an actual piece of the Mary Rose anchor cable. How cool is that! Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. When I get round to it I'll post the rest in the gallery and add a link in this topic. Nick
  11. ant eater
  12. http://modelshipworld.com/uploads/monthly_03_2016/post-76-0-66274500-1459135445.jpg but does anyone know what happened to him after that??? Nick
  13. Afternoon all Some pictures taken whilst on holiday in Sharm El Sheik in 2006 . The first two are of a russian cargo ship in the straights of Tiran. It ran aground on a reef due to (so we were told by our boat skipper) the captain not having enough blood in his alcohol stream... Thought people might like to see this rusty winch And finally one of the main reasons for being there was for scuba diving. So for once here's a picture of what is underneath the sea! (hopefully that last one doesn't stray too much off topic...) Cheers Nick
  14. Hi Marc I'm thinking of furled sails on my Le Mirage build (when I get round to the masts...) so this is interesting to me. I would say option 1 without any hesitation. I can't comment on historical accuracy but purely visually it just looks neater than option 2. My two pennies worth anyway! Nick
  15. Groan...