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  1. Stunning work Doris. You're going to have to replace the like button. I think it's worn out! Nick
  2. Very jealous of you Mike. Stunning location. Even the wooden parquet floor looks impressive! πŸ˜„ Also very interesting observations made. Thanks for sharing them
  3. Thought I should post on this thread. Have invested in white blackout blind as a backdrop. Works reasonably well. Anyhoo here's Le Mirage all oiled up! Cheers, Nick
  4. Hi Ulises Good choice painting the masts. Ties it all together. She's looking quite majestic! Nick
  5. hi David A pe enhanced Titanic is definitely, well hopefully! πŸ˜€ on the bucket build list so following this one closely. Looking good. Nick
  6. completely forgotten I'd taken this one too. Quite like the contrast.
  7. Afternoon all I've started applying a coat of Danish oil. Here's a before on one side and after on the other! 😁. Bit of a difference as you can see! I'm sure I'll get used to it. Before... and after... Both pictures were taken in the same lighting conditions. Maybe a tad darker than I was expecting but still very pleased as to how it's slowly coming together. Thanks for looking Nick
  8. Hi all Thank you for the likes and comments. I've updated the post about the saw with my initial thoughts (link kindly provided by Russ. Thanks saved me a job!) Yes the saw is scary but I can see it is easy to become complacent or forget. That's why I've put a list of dos and donts on the saw itself in red so I've got no excuse! πŸ˜‰ (think you can just about make the words out in the photo above). All common sense stuff but doesnt hurt to make sure! Nick
  9. Hi all At first impressions I'm very pleased with this saw. The cut is clean with only a very small amount of fluff for lack of a better word on the edge of the cut. Nothing that cant be cleaned up with a swipe of a file. This is not a criticism just an observation. I'm not sure how accurate you can get the cut width with just the fence ruler so I made a initial cut, measured it with digital calipers and adjusted the fence as necessary. The saw is small and easily portable. I've screwed it to a bit of wood that I can clamp to my workbench so setup and removal is quick. I've only done small cuts with this so should not been seen as a proper review! for example I've not done a long cut to see if the fence is truly parallel to the blade. But all in all so far so good. Nick
  10. Morning all I now have a table saw! πŸ˜€πŸ˜ Wow the difference. Would have taken me 30min to cut 3 or 4 handrail supports,file them.all 50 odd I needed done in 10min with a far superior finish. ,Β£120 very well spent! So handrails are nearly all installed as shown below. And chamfered Remaining handrails are made with golden columns. All I need to do is get rid of a few remaining superglue spots and it's time for a coat of Danish oil. I won't do the deck yet. Thanks for looking. Nick
  11. So she should be. That is one fine looking hull. Much better than my first attempt!πŸ˜„. Well done Daria! Nick
  12. Have a vacuum cleaner spare in the garage where my workbench is so will rig that up when needed. Will take my time to learn how to handle this beast. I like having my fingers connected to my hands!πŸ™‚
  13. Thanks for the advice all. Much appreciated

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