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  1. I've thought of gluing everything to the table. However, I'm scared that the table might disappear!
  2. Seems odd to me. Is there anything inboard that the sheets would foul with when the rest of the running rigging is in place? When actually sailing I don't think it would be an issue - the windward line would be slacked and the lee would most likely be off the shrouds, at least I think I have that correct. But it does look off on a bare pole model. I've seen some schooners at the docks with the sheets coiled and stowed near or beside the windlass - might be an option if you are sure of the run and you don't like the look.
  3. Don't know why it wouldn't. It's my understanding that European privateers were often converted merchant ships or small retired navy ships. Not sure about American privateers, but I can't believe that it wouldn't have some decoration.
  4. Dear Administrators, I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and long hours! I can't tell you how much the site means to me nor how much it has helped me, not only in building my model, but spiritually. It is quite a community that you support and nurture. I try to give back with sharing my build and comments as well as with my yearly donation. But it will never match what you give to us. Chuck and Jim, thank you for getting this off the ground and then making sure of its continuation. I can never thank you enough, Marc
  5. I didn't receive these today, but they've been in storage since I got them. A Byrnes Disk Sander and Thickness Sander Also a proxxon Drill These were actually Christmas and Birthday presents, but other then firing them up, they've been sitting in boxes since I didn't have anywhere to put them - my garage was full of furniture, which has now moved to my house in Florida and opened up my garage. I'm building a workbench just for these wonderful tools. Marc
  6. thanks Frankie. I thought that there might be a rule. It doesn't seem like there is. I spent more time looking through period photos and painting with the same observations that you made. It does appear that the majority have the furled yards raked like those yards with their sails set. Thanks again!! Marc
  7. Hi, I'm rigging my clipper with the royals and sky sails furled, but the topsails set. I want to rig it close hauled. do the furled sails brace slightly corkscrewed with the topsail yards or are they braced perpendicular to the keel? Thanks Marc
  8. They are excellent at replacing bad parts and respond quickly. Really a great company!!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm not sure what period or type of ship that Mark is working on, however, there is a burton pendant that leads down to fish tackle on clipper ships. It is located on the topmast crosstree. The burton pendant and fish tackle are for helping to cat and get the anchors on board. The end of the pendant has an eye or shackle that running end of the line runs through making a loop. This pendant is looped is located over and around the finished forward topmast crosstree. An example is the Cutty Sark. The pendant and tackle could be easily removed for stowage once the ship was out at sea. As to the fore stays, if this ship is a clipper, the burton pendant and fish tackle run between the stays when the stowed, with the hook of the fish tackle blook attached to the pin rail before the bowsprit or to an eye attached to the bowsprit itself. The Cutty Sark has a dedicated eye on the bowsprit just above the deck. When the rig is being used it was led over the fore stays to the side of the ship it was being using. If you look on youtube there is an educational video of the Star of India raising the anchor using the burton pendant and fish tackle. Maybe this helps. Thanks Marc
  10. Chief, I'm so sorry to hear about your son. I pray that he can get the donation and have a total recovery. All the best, Marc
  11. Jesse, I am sorry to hear of your set backs. You are in my prayers. marc
  12. As long as you are having fun it doesn't matter. Otherwise it isn't a hobby. If that is the case your collectors or clients will dictate the amount of detail either by desire or costs. If it is your hobby, put in whatever detail you like and exclude those that you don't like working on. In the end if it wasn't fun, then why did you spend your time on it?
  13. Nice Robin! I really like mine. Did you actually get the dust masks or just forgot about them when you saw the saw? If it had happened to me, I'd being using the saw and thinking, "I need to get dust mask for using this saw"! and come home with another tool and still no dust masks!