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  1. I've always seen it on the right side of the post header, where your name is. shows up as three dots until you run your cursor over the post field.
  2. We are Moving

    great looking set of tables Michael hope your making some headway with the workshop. I imagine that the other property hasn't been sold yet.
  3. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    you've made some really nice progress since I last looked in I noticed that P.B. struck again.......haven't used them in quite some time. got fed up and began storing all my pictures on memory stick. I size my pictures down by 30% so I can post them......for my blog logs I don't have to..they have auto sizing. glad to see youfound another way to post them......really enjoy see'in your progress not sure if I'd have the patience for such a complicated model.
  4. Sopwith F.1 Camel Build Log

    you've made quite a bit of progress since I last looked in super looking build John!
  5. Ahoy Dan....Happy Birthday!   hope you had a great day :) 

    1. Dan Vad

      Dan Vad

      Thanks Popeye, I spent about 11 hours working on Bismarck. I call that a great day :D.


      :cheers:  Danny

  6. Pets

    I can relate Per.......we are American Eskimo people. our first one, Happy, has been gone since 2009...12 years old. we had him cremated....a friend of mine made him a special box. with it, we have his last collar, and a 'water' ball {kind of a nerf thing}, that was his favorite toy. I finally set up the spare flat screen TV in the alcove, where his box was.......it had to be moved to another room {hasn't been moved since we moved here}. just bringing it the short distance I did, brought me a tremendous sense of grief......found a spot before I teared any more than I did. it didn't take long before Gibbs came into the picture either. both of them were puppies when we got them.......I have this thing about the pitter patter of little feet....never had a bit of trouble training them either. here is a picture of Happy.....the admiral has the better ones here is Gibbs......he is a bit smaller than the normal Eskimo. I think he was the runt of the litter
  7. Billings Boats Dutch Schouw

    I did an older production kit of the Nordkap. like yours, everything was printed and not die or laser cut. I was able to use 99% of the supplied wood, although some of the smaller parts were the dickens to cut out.
  8. happy Birthday my friend!   hope you had a great day :) 

    1. Farbror Fartyg

      Farbror Fartyg

      Thanks mate! 


      Had a great one!

  9. Solar Eclipse

    up here in the north east, we got a 60 % look at it. what we got was the moon passing over the lower 2/3 rds of the sun, leaving a crescent over the top, at it's totality. I was at work....I was a bad boy....Hee...Hee I tried a pair of goggles, a friend had given me {they used them working on the side of the ships at the ship yard where he worked}....they weren't enough. my welding helmet had the auto darkening lens, but I think the battery has long died in mine......so I tried one of the shop helmets. this was good! other workers saw me playing with the helmet and stopped to look too......even my manager. I thought I'd be in deep doo-doo over it.........but no, walked off and never said a word...COOL! it was pretty cool to see it, even though it was a partial eclipse for us folks. nice pictures...I though the track went over your state.
  10. My new model shipyard

    you can never say to your self that your bored.......that's for sure. got some nice complex kits there I sometimes wish I could have a work shop off in another room, but the admiral is afraid that if I did, she'd never see me. may your efforts serve you well Our first American Eskimo 'happy' was like that....stuck to me like glue. when I would do an all nighter {a thing of the past now}, he would not go to bed until I did.........he'd lay near the table where I worked.
  11. What have you received today?

    very true Richard........I think the admiral would be beside herself if I compound my roster.......to figure that just the hulls on these kits are about 25 inches long! I can imagine the tongue lashing I'd get if I added the United States to the mix {of course, she would have to come out of mothballs for this project}. best I keep my sanity on both fronts thanks frank! I won't start it at this time, good that I can compile some history and perhaps a color chart in the meantime. I still need to finish the Jolly Rogers project {I expanded it in light of the kits I have ...hopefully, to put the close on it soon}. it's never good to accumulate kits faster than they can be built what you get is a closet that keeps calling your name! thanks for the likes gents!
  12. What have you received today?

    I was out sick from work yesterday......nothing serious I assure you. that afternoon, my son and his girlfriend came over to drop off their laundry, and filled us in on their visits to a few yard sales during the day. he presented me with this little morsel...... the box looks old, but the kit was likely produced after 2010.......there are no production dates on the box or instructions, and no date stamps on the parts. there is a raised logo 'Heller' on the inside of one of the hull halfs. the parts were still in the bag...sealed....insuring that it is a complete kit. I've been watching a few builds here that feature battle ships and carriers......I had been wishing I could join in the fray, but the admiral insists that I have enough projects going on at the moment. he paid $8 for it.........he made my jaw drop when he told me that the gentleman had a Revell Constitution {H399 _ 1:96} and extra hulls! the guy wanted $40.00 for the kit and kaboodle....it took everything I had, to hold back asking him to go get it
  13. I get the same thing......if no one has posted a like, mine will not show. if I leave the thread, the like will disappear, as if I had never done it. the only time my like will show, is when others have initiated the like in the first place. I've had to re-like a few of the builds I watch. I tried the double click......Chuck is correct, it does not work.
  14. Where do you come from

    my grand parents on my father's side came from Germany to escape the war.......my grandparents on my mother's side came from Canada...so I'm a mix of both. I think there's also a touch of Irish in there somewhere, but don't know how it fits in {both sides are pretty stubborn}. we grew up on the west side of Manchester N.H. back then, it was pretty fluent with German and French Canadian.......the German folks were into the textile and shoe industry of the city, while the French Canadian folk were more focused into building......homes, roads.....you name it....their backs were strong. as time went on, {as it seems for the rest of the country}, the mills closed......and Manchester lost the edge for production, so much that defined 'the melting pot' simmered to the point that it died down. I remember as a child, lending a helping hand to my Memere' {mother's mother}, by handing her parts for the shoes she was making....they used to let her do piece work at home. her apartment was paid for by the company, which was the way of the early workhouses.......she'd go to the mill by day and finish the assemblies that she made over night and into their week ends......she'd afford herself a day off whenever it was prudent. one of my relatives {on my mother's side} died at the end of a shovel, working for the city works crews. my dad was a mechanic in his younger days....then he drove truck {among other odd jobs}. My mother worked for a time at the mills, then stopped to bear children........when we became self sufficient {our merry band of eight}, she later became a nurse's aide. I started working at the age of 12..a part time job that my dad cooked up for me. when that petered out, I'd go to school.......during the summers, I'd either ride with my father, or with my uncle Bill, delivering news papers for the New Hampshire Union Leader. after I graduated in 1974, I moved to Florida for about five years.......moving back to N.H. because I missed the seasons {first and foremost stupid reasons}. I've been up here ever since. one claim to fame that my family has, is that my father started the first trash pick up business in the town of Weare.
  15. 1/32 Fokker Dr.I, August Raben

    such a fine looking plane James! interesting you modeled one of Rabin's ravens......so did I, in 1:28 scale. I bought the Revell kit from old model kits.com. it had a few imperfections, but I built it anyway, just the way it was. I was thinking of changing it, to do one of Berthold's boys planes, but wasn't sure I could get decals for it in this scale. I currently have a Guillow's Dr1 in 1:14 scale that I'm working on.....I have enough white tissue, that I may try and dec 'er out in Raben's insignia. what monthly issue is it in? I'll keep a eye out for it......love to see more on her.