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  1. that's a sweet looking cabin Bob.........so good in place on the deck
  2. my Half Moon was like that........although it was sent to me for parts rather than to build. when Tom closed down his store, the kit was used to settle customer service complaints.......the kit was not complete. I scratch built the missing parts and brought it almost to the point of rigging. poor thing is sitting on top of the main table.......I was meaning to bring her back out, but went off on another tangent {yea.......that's what us unstable folks call it}. I just went through another Q&A about my projects ..........I better go make supper {I need comfort food}.
  3. popeye the sailor

    Bismarck by Channell - Trumpeter 1/200

    WOW! you got that hull look'in especially nice
  4. Carl said: I'll wat for Wednesday .. but keep in mind you do not start to look like popeye, and try to keep several builds in the air at one time guilty as charged............I'm pleading insanity though don't worry Chris........the admiral has been badgering me about the TD. I'll not hear the end of it until I do. just caught up with your progress, and I gotta say.......she look'in quite stunning! really nice work! I think it's kinda funny that they'd mess up the spelling, but if they can mess up subtle detail, they can mess up anything com'in along splendidly! Happy belated birthday................is that the Mayflower on the lower shelf?
  5. as long as you can get'em in the ballpark, they'll do the trick perseverance pays off!
  6. you get a big thumbs up from me as well OC.............she's look'in great! the outdoor pictures are especially nice.
  7. look'in good Carl I've got three of the life color kits........haven't tried them yet since I work with enamels. a good head's up
  8. WELL I'm very glad you didn't get a saw! I'm so preoccupied with it........makes me angry that it's become so disruptive. I know what I need to do, but it's hard.....like the work but can't stand the company. long story. kinda like when I get an idea for something.......with all the projects I have going........you can see how I got there in the first place...just can't seem to keep it in the back of my mind. it's gotta come out I'll work on it . in the meantime.......drill away from you, or on some hard surface.....not the fleshy part of your hand no blood letting allowed! 🚫
  9. looks like your off to a great start! glad I haven't missed much
  10. looks really good........if you made the display stand 'thick' enough, you might be able to stow the batteries and switch in the base. shows up really good through the door. the direction you want to go with it is a good one too airbrush can be good.......practice with it. just grab something to practice on [junk, of course.....don't want to get blamed for you painting on the walls } or.......go an buy a cheap model kit {not a bad idea if it ends up looking good......you can keep it}. "follow your heart......that's what Pedro would do." *Napoleon Dynamite*
  11. I really need to get her back onto the table........better when comparing notes I have the masts already assembled...I just need to add the detail that Hume put into his. I was looking at a couple of the bracket diagrams yesterday, as I took down the rigging diagrams for the Nordzee.......feeling the urge to experiment. I feel so 'beat down', thinking about my job............it really kills my mood
  12. popeye the sailor

    New member, still deciding ........

    hello Dave, it's good to meet folks who are interested in what we do. folks in the past, have asked me why I model ships { I've modeled everything else in the medium}.......I simply tell them..."it's hobby." >shrug< books are great.......but you need to have the desire and the creativity to dive into this endeavor. I started building wooden ships with no books at all.....I got most of my knowledge here. I'm still learning, but what I do know now, is that it's fun, and presents a challenge that keeps me locked in....wishing I had started a lot sooner. whatever aspect of the hobby you prefer......whether it be the early sailing ships, clippers, steam, or pleasure, delving into their history, and construction can be quite fascinating. of course, you might not be able to fit everything into the model........but arriving as close a replica as achievable, is very rewarding. a lot of the techniques that go into this medium, doesn't come from books.........it comes from you. mom wasn't a good cook because she could read a cookbook.......she just was I'm not down on books......don't get me wrong, but I find them to be a great source of conjecture and arguments. I own a few books now......rigging, masting, and planking are some of the subjects I collect. I prefer to build in my own style...it's what the hobby is all about. your asking......is this for you........I think your the only one who can answer that. there are kits out there that don't cost a lot......buy one and try it out for yourself. browse the site and choose a style that fits you {some like paint.......some don't}........and start a log {we all like that}. start your own journey...there are many that will follow along and help you when asked.
  13. another model?!?!?! you truly have been bitten .........just don't get as bad as me absolutely.......there is a wealth of info here......and most of the techniques are universal. there are other ideas to glean in the scratch build forum as well. Cornwall's a good place......your able to view fittings by other manufacturers as well. browsing through them, you may find something that will work better for you. I'll look forward in seeing what you come up with
  14. looks like a neat set of pliers.........something to look into so true about the coppering......with a cross section, your spared the pains of having to taper. I've not coppered a hull either........it will be interesting when I have the chance to

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