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  1. do what I do then........bookmark that site, and look in from time to time. I've built so many that I use it to reminisce I've bought a few too......the Santa Maria 1:87 scale, which was dated back in the 60's.........nice old kit. the train kits are pretty neat too. a friend gave me an old Ambroid kit of the B&M snow plow........that was a few years ago........I'm still not finished with it. I'm turning it into a diorama.....one day I'll get back to it anyway.......if your looking for a bit of nostalgia..it can be a finger stroke away I've built many Revell, Monogram, MPC, AMT, cars, boats, and planes.....it's like being a youngster again. I don't do e-Bay all that much, although, if I didn't pull the trigger that one time, I wouldn't have gotten my second build of the United States 1:96 scale.
  2. if your looking for older wooden ships....go here: http://www.oldmodelkits.com/ you'd be surprised at the number of manufacturers out there at the time.
  3. the truck doesn't say 'Kenworth' does it?!?! think of all the fine tools you'll need to move congratz on finally pull'in the trigger....you said you were one day......I hope it goes smoothly for you two.....don't over do it........
  4. I'm looking for wasa builders in the archives........I found these for you so far.
  5. the best window frame maker I know is Dirk {dubz} his window tutorial start around page 10.........but I think you'll enjoy the entire log
  6. hey there.....Happy Birthday!  hope you have the greatest of days! :) 



  7. wolf spiders have somewhat thicker legs and are more hairy. if you haven't seen a web associated with it, then it most likely a dark fishing spider {Dolomedes Tenebrosis}
  8. glad to hear you got the all clear Mark
  9. that was before I looked in on it. I looked in a his profile mid may. if he's here.......he's quiet as a mouse
  10. how many ships are there.........I see only one
  11. a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting at my desk thumbing through the site, when it came to me that I hadn't seen Frank {riverboat}. looking around, I saw that his last post was the beginning of March. I sent an e-mail to Frank, since I have a new computer now and I haven't set up my SKYPE yet. I haven't gotten a reply, so now I'm getting a bit concerned. has anyone heard from him lately?
  12. Happy birthday my friend!  hope you have a great day......

    Denis >Popeye<

  13. I agree with Pavol......the angle of the cannons....the cut of the transom......gives it the look of someone's beautiful imagination. the crests could be clues......find out what they mean, and how to recreate them....the flags as well. restore her to her former glory she made somebody happy........maybe you too!
  14. great looking model Mike....you did a very fine job of it
  15. happy Birthday my friend!  I hope your day was good and spent the way you wanted to ;)