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  1. U.S.S. Arizona

    Not sure about any camo Ken........I haven't read anything that suggests that she had any. I read an article about that Roger http://archives.starbulletin.com/2006/12/07/news/story04.html I found additional info here http://www.navsource.org/archives/01/39a.htm I'll look into it more as I go along. I'm old school......the traditional grays and such. I even read a forum discussion about the different paint numbers. when I get to building her, it's gonna be very interesting thanks for the links......I'll look into those too.
  2. What have you received today?

    I think it's a good idea James has........I'm sure that if anyone had {or has} a kit that they'd like to write a review on, I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing the spotlight I used to have a hold n fold........kick'in my butt I got rid of it
  3. What have you received today?

    ,CDW: do you have any pictures of the Byron kits? love to see them Jack: so........your taking the plunge too eh.......you'll have fun you might run into a problem looking for PE, for the tanker......but surely there are sets that can be purchased to compensate. I'll look for a log on either one......save me a seat Lou: I have two tables to work from.........the admiral thought it better than me setting up shop just anywhere. I already found out that the kitchen counters are off limits I sometimes wish we still rented that house with the long den.....imagine how many tables I could set up in there!
  4. What have you received today?

    I bought this kit a couple of weeks ago. looking at the box in the store, I first thought it to be a new offering by Revell. but once I got it home and started to do research on it, I found out that it was a kit made from the old Revell / Monogram molds. looking into it further, I am amazed that for such an old kit, there are not a lot of upgrades for it. for what the kit is, it should prove to be an interesting project
  5. U.S.S. Arizona

    gotta talk to the budget director again.........I should have looked in gold medal. they have the PE with the railings...pretty much the complete set for $30.00 {minus shipping}. I just got the catapults and cranes from Tom's.....she's gonna flip! to keep damage control to a minimum, I can simply order a sheet of railings {close to the scale, if I can't find 1:426}. I have been hunting for the forum where I saw the unique way the decks were painted, but I can't seen to nail it down. I have an idea of what the gentleman did, so I'm considering trying it for myself. I can't believe that for a kit this old, no one has marketed a wooden deck kit for it.......1:350......1:200....no problem....but for 1:426....a big goose egg! also........the more I read about this sea blue thing......I'm getting the nagging feeling that the info is not totally correct. I have a few of the lighter colored blues in my paint inventory.......and I have serious doubts that they painted the ship in this color. I may experiment with tinting sea blue with a medium gray, and see what I get. from the different colors I've been seeing, I'm more inclined to think that there is a grayish quality to it.
  6. ADLIB-1, a SHIP of a different kind.

    the use of tin foil should dampen the light filtering through......then again, I would think that painting the interior black would serve the same purpose. the interior could be then painted over with another color to hide the black interesting project.......the parts seem to be fitting together without much fuss.
  7. U.S.S. Arizona

    are you think of too many things at once? bashing ........or coming up with the ideas for the direction you want to go can vary. it's that way for me.......some, I can get a clear direction.......others take a bit of time. I'll work on another project until an idea comes to mind, and then I go to apply it. I usually hope that more ideas come to mind, so I can continue and keep it on the table for a while. once you get a clear direction, you'll have a foundation to work from. I got the first PE installment today from Tom's Modelworks..........that was fast delivery!
  8. I think it reflects on how the site is run Chuck.......congratz to all behind the scenes
  9. U.S.S. Arizona

    yea......I noticed that........even for the Academy kit and the minicraft. let me know when you start the log on her. hopefully, it will spark me to bring mine back out. I can confirm what was mentioned about this kit coming from the old Revell / Monogram molds. I was sizing down some pictures of the hull after I had assembled it. as I mentioned, the kit is produced in China, and they didn't even have the G.D. common courtesy to put their logo where it won't be seen on the ship { Revell had that nasty habit too on their older models {another hint}. I didn't pay much mind then......but I got a good look at it tonight........1959!
  10. U.S.S. Arizona

    went looking through E-bay again......only seeing the gun barrels.......things were look'in bleak. then I saw a PE set from Tom's Model Works.......has the catapults and the crane.......and a bunch of other stuff. I couldn't tell what scale it was......wouldn't let me zoom in on the item. I saw a 1:400 set, and I sort of bounced between the two. instead of going any further, I looked up the website. what I had found was definitely 1:426! I was happy........kinda low on the price though, I hope it has everything. I also need the railings. I pulled the trigger on it........signing in on the website, and leaving a question about wooden decks. I'll see what I get the scavenger hunt has begun!
  11. U.S.S. Arizona

    the Seahawks were the replacement for the Kingfishers. the Arizona had Kingfishers by 1941, but as Bob pointed out, they were not on board when Pearl Harbor was attacked. there was another plane in between all this.......the Seamew, but these planes were unreliable and were not used for very long. did you get any upgrade part for your model Bob? where did you find them? all I've found so far are the gun barrels.....I wasn't planning to replace them, since they don't look much different than the plastic ones. I was looking at Scaledecks.com but it seems that you can't order from their site....they rely on selling through E-Bay and the like. so, I've been looking through there. did you do any form of upgrades Ron? you can post pictures here if you want.......love to see her looking at the hull again........I noticed that it was very warped, after cleaning up the mating edges. the molds that were used are very old.......the edges were rough and not defined as would be expected. I decided to assemble the hull, cementing in three stages..........the bow {clamp}........the stern, capturing the rudder at the same time {clamp}........and then squeezing the mid ship together and taping it closed, making adjustments until it was fully joined together. then I ran a bead of cement down the seam, using pieces of sprue as cross pieces. when I start the log, I'll show what I did. it's been drying all night.....I'll look at it later.
  12. T. Kane from Boston, are you here??

    did he say that he's a member?
  13. U.S.S. Arizona

    I'm aware of that Lou........since the kit supplies the seagulls, I'll go with the pre 1935 look. I was looking through the link that Kurt gave me {us}, and in a few of the galleries I looked in, the Kingfisher was shown, as well as the seahawk. hello Chris.....patience my friend.........I'll be back on the Tumbl'in Dice soon. got a lot of windows to make, as well as the stairs, so it will be a slow start
  14. U.S.S. Arizona

    thanks for the replies gents.......I didn't get to finish my initial post before I got ushered out the door. admirals are an impatient lot thanks Kurt...I'll look into the link. that is what I realized Russ, after reading a couple of forum threads on other sites. it is from the old Revell / Monogram molds...all they did is revise the instructions {2011}, and update the box art. I did a parts check today for when I start a log, and I was a bit disappointed with how 'simplified' the kit is. the hull measures 16 inches long........I do recall building a smaller version of this kit. then again, what did I expect, the kit only cost $22.99. I should have thought of that Chris.......back in the day, these odd scales were quite common. I have a kit of the Santa Maria by Revell that was produced back in the 60's........there is no scale listed, but I estimate it to be around 1:89 scale. oldmodelkits.com is a great place to find these old kits.......I use the place to walk down memory lane they get into the history of the kit too, which I find very interesting. I though the same thing about the planes.......one thing about looking at images online......not every picture pertains to the ship your looking for.....so I click on the questionable picture to confirm this. the Pennsylvania class battleships were built a little too early for single fixed wing aircraft.......they weren't even amphibious. the Nieuport was used in 1920. these are a couple of pictures from http://www.navsource.org/archives/01/39a.htm note the launch bar attached to the landing gear. the Seagull replaced the Nieuport around 1935.......the single fixed wing aircraft came into use around 1941. thanks for correcting me on the plane.......likely the first thing I read and I went with it another thing I noticed was the lack of decals for the planes......I will have to find some or make 'em. while skimming through forum sites, I read about the color scheme. I've always been under the assumption that the hull was gray.......battleship gray....or gunship gray. the forum went into detail about the color indicating that a Mediterranean Blue was used......this was later corrected to a light sea blue. the decks were a wood tan or brown, and the tripod masts and fire directional towers were a light gray {I've seen them in flat white}. the tops of the #1, #2 & #4 turrets were painted flat red.......the #4 turret denoted the division the ship was in. the division color list runs like this Div #1 - red Div #2 - white Div #3 - blue Div #4 - black Div #5 - yellow I also read an interesting article that shows how to do striated two tone decks.......if I can find it, I will post the link. it looks like a pain to do, but the finished product looks super. thanks for your input Bob........thanks you all I hope we can add to this thread, since there is no information here on the Arizona. if anyone else want to build this vessel, they will have something to go on. not sure when I'll start the log on her Bob......I'll be more than happy to take the blame, I caused you to bring 'er back to the table
  15. U.S.S. Arizona

    recently I bought the Revell kit of the U.S.S. Arizona, 1:426 scale. I thought it an odd scale, but the box is rather large, and that it would build to a large model. getting it home, I noticed that there really isn't a lot of parts to the model, only about 133. hey.....what the heck, the dating on the outside of the box.....2017......could be a new offering by Revell {a model of this vessel I built in the past was smaller than this one......but that was a long time ago}. I've been doing some searching around for addons.....all I've found so far is PE from Gold Medal...but it's at 1:429 scale....a typo maybe. the worst is yet to come.......molded railings...what a let down! I see modifications in my future. another aspect that is strange are the planes. other models I've seen, had single fixed wing aircraft {Vought OS2U Kingfisher's}......but the model supplies bi planes....Nieuport 28C-1's. intrigued me at first that they were not amphibious at first.....I'm sure that after the modifications in 1929, seaplanes came into use. looking on the site, I find that there are no logs on this vessel. i wonder if it's because of her sad history. any ideas?

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