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  1. finally I got to catch up on your log! I tried to do it yesterday, but the darn revolving door kicked in, and we were in and out for the rest of the afternoon. wonderful progress on the coach......love the interior really nice! yours looks good to Mike!
  2. well.......hello birthday boy!   just chimed in to see your name on the list!  hope you have a great day :)   



  3. sorry to hear of the setback.........today's medicine will have you right as rain in no time. thank goodness it's as easy as they say. I keep my fingers crossed for you.......when I model, I'll cross my toes hope to see you back up and running soon. what's the name of your book.......I'll have my admiral keep an eye out for it
  4. I'm not into stamp collecting, but they are pretty cool. when did the first one come out?
  5. anything flat.......lacquer is good.......poly urethane is good too. both of these will give you a nice hard finish......resistant to bumps and dings {you might get some, but not many}. you can even go with a semi gloss......most of the sheen will die down after the paint fully cures. varnish is alright, but I feel it is too soft and there might be a problem with finger prints. I don't think it fairs too well in high humidity either gloss is only good for model cars .......unless your building a show boat. do you have a log started for it yet?
  6. I see you made some great progress since I last looked in Danny the frame is look'in really nice.........nice work on the sides too. working door latches sound like a cool idea.
  7. certainly, a sea faring man like yourself knows that a pulley assembly can lift quite a bit of weight, with just a fraction of effort by the person operating it set up a few of those in the house, and you should be able to go about a daily routine congratz on your anniversary!
  8. no alcohol Ken.........they don't allow jello shots in the hospital good to hear from you Michael.....hope to see you prim and proper real soon!
  9. well done on the cushions Sean........you've made some very nice progress
  10. ohhhhh......dear! what a thing to come into! I pop in here to find this bit of bad news. sorry to hear that Michael is ill..........but barring any complications, this is a fairly common scourge of man. I wish him a speedy recovery, and hope to see him back up to speed in no time sorry I didn't put a like to the initial post Michael........but I don't really care for doctors. get well soon!
  11. exceptional work Danny........there'll be a place for you, if we ever have to go back to 'em {sure beats knuckle bust'in huh!} the nuts and bolts, do they come in the kit, or did you have to outsource them? looks really sweet!
  12. hello there good buddy.........I see it's your birthday,  and I want to wish you the very best.   haven't seen you on the site lately.........I hope all is well,  and your still dabbling in the hobby.


    Have a great day,

    Denis >Popeye<

  13. hey there!   Happy birthday.....hope your day was super!

  14. glad to hear your OK Kester.......you were another member I was wondering about. you'll have to let us know when your book comes out.........I remember the story you had started here a while back.....made for great reading hope to see you back at the table soon.
  15. WOW! the frame looks pretty sweet Bug! I don't envy you with the sapelli........it reminds me of the mahogany wood I get from Billings. terrible to work with, but when all is said and done, it looks really good. you doing a swell job!