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      Hello fellow modellers   02/04/2018

      We would like to present on our Facebook page more regularly pictures of your work. If you would like to participate, and we would appreciate that as we wanna promote the forum this way, please visit https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/17711-your-images-for-our-facebook-page/

    • kurtvd19

      An Incentive to Start A Build Log - New Plan Set from the NRG   03/17/2018

      An Incentive for Starting a Build Log

      The NRG’s Generic East Coast Oyster Sharpie plan sets have been selling out – we had to reorder prints 2X already.

      BUT nobody has started a build log yet.  As an incentive we have decided to reward the first three (3) MSW / NRG members who purchase the plans and start and continue* actual build logs** from the plans. 

      The build logs should be started in the scratch built forum and labeled with Generic Sharpie – by “your ID”.  When we have six or more build logs up and running we will set up a group build area for the Generic Sharpie build logs.

      The winners will be able to pick any one of the prizes listed below:

      Free registration for one day at 2018 or 2019 NRG Conference                  ($145 value)

      Shop Notes 1 and 2 set                                                                         ($60 value)

      Nautical Research Journal – all content set                                              ($145 value)

      4 CD's or 1 flash drive         

      Continental Galley Washington Plan set                                                    ($65 value)

      1 year NRG membership or extension                                                      ($50 - $62 value)



      *“Continue” means that multiple posts containing build log content must be made for a minimum of 30 days after the initial post.  Logs will be tracked by starting date and the first 3 that have continued for 30 days following their initial post will be declared the winners.

      **Note the words “actual build logs” – no fair showing a few pieces of wood and going no further just to win. 


      The NRG has a new set of plans available for purchase with a free 200+ page full-color monograph .  Check the NAUTICAL RESEARCH GUILD NEWS forum below for details.  This plan set is developed for the first time scratch builder with limited tools and experience.  All materials are standard strip stock available from hobby wood suppliers.  However, it is also a great project for the more experienced builder looking for a smaller project to take a break from the bigger builds.  Remember MSW Members who provide us their real name are considered members for the discounted price.  An email or call to the office before you order with your real name and MSW user name before you order is needed for the discount code.

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  1. two of the main characters were in Game of Thrones...the fellow shown was the wildling chief ...can't think of his name. I'll have to watch it from the beginning...I've missed a few parts
  2. when I build mine ....that's what I meant. I saw your new project......a very original project indeed.
  3. Fokker Dr 1 by Mike Dowling

    splendid job Mike! I would have voted for the half covered too.......sorry I lost track of the log I did something different in regards to the covering too. I built the Guillow's Spitfire MK1 a while back. I knew that the smell of dope would send the admiral into a tizzie, so I used a less oderfull approach. a must is a good atomizer bottle. after tussuing the model {I do it apart} I spray it with a watery mix of white glue.....a couple of times, allowing it to dry each time. it will shrink up just as well, as good as dope does. with a real soft wide brush, paint on another coat of thicker diluted white glue. when that's dry......airbrush the paint.....I use flat enamels. for the prep work on the frames and wings, I use lacquer.....doesn't matter what sheen, it's gonna soak into the wood anyway. the finish comes out just as good. I haven't flown it yet.......my track record for rounded fuselages is not that good. the best flight I ever got was from a Fokker D VIII seriously nice work on your Fokker though.....really like the markings don't think I'd have the patience for one like yours. congratz on a beautiful model
  4. good.......so I have a log to follow he's not answering Jack....guess he ran out to get the kit
  5. a Danish Coaster, kit bashed with extra detail.
  6. kind of a tough question........do you have a kit preference? I'm a confirmed Billing's fan......I think the kit itself would be very nice, as I've found all their kits....but the instruction are a bit vague. having built so many of their kits, I've gotten used to deciphering them. the wood is usually pretty good, and likely comes with a roll of cloth to make the sails. not having bought the kit, I really can't give a good description of the contents. I have the A.L. kit of the Marie Jeanne.....one big plus I saw right away, is that the sails are pre-assembled. the instructions are colorful....they have a booklet, a written text set of instructions, and a large diagram sheet {or sheets}. I haven't taken them out of their sleeve yet {usually, I already have looked at them.} here is a small look see the finished model measures {in inches}: 22" long, 19 1/2" tall, and 6 1/4" wide. the instruction bundle. how it is packed......plastic sealed with a cardboard backing, in an effort to prevent warpage. the fittings.....not keen on the metal boat, but I'll cross that road when I get to it. the sails are pre-made......not sure if they are prepped in other ways......color and such, but they are set up with bolt ropes, pleated and sewn along the edges. the wood parts.....I haven't read the particulars, but it looks like basswood and plywood framing. the wood strips may be Sapeli, Lime, walnut, and perhaps Beech. I wish I had the Billing's kit as well.......seems bias to only show one kit. Billing would likely offer the same in regards to the framing, but for the wood strip, they may offer Obechi, Basswood, Annegre, and mahogany. this doesn't knock down the quality.......pre-staining is a good option here, and if you like to paint, exotic woods might not be a good choice {I know I wouldn't paint over these woods}. as with most kits, the use of plastic and metal parts is common in these kits. folks will sometimes replace these parts with similar parts that fit the model better. the ship's boat is a good example......there are plenty of places where a wooden replacement can be purchased. having taken a quick look at the fittings... there are a few thing I will be replacing. if this was the Billing's kit, I would likely see some things in it to replace as well. I'm willing to say that these are both nice kits...I'm sure that each will present their own challenges. whichever you decide to pull the trigger on, I hope you'll do a build log.......I would find it interesting to see....especially if you chose the Billing's kit. one kit may include detail that the other kit does not.......it makes a model more interesting when combining different aspects hope this helps you out......it's a tough decision
  7. Fokker Dr 1 by Mike Dowling

    holy cow Mike.....your moving right along! the rigging looks super...stabilizer and rudder looks sweet! your making me want to bring my Fokker out again.it's in the closet at the moment.......lot of sanding and shaping the leading and trailing surfaces of the wings, as well as the fuselage. it's nothing like what your doing though.......really nice work there!
  8. New film about Nelson and Trafalgar

    it will be interesting to see how this develops
  9. Musicians and Modelers

    ...an interesting thread this is?!?!?! though not having practiced in a while, I dabble in bass. I had bought an old bass from a friend...I had no concept of scales or arrangement. finally I got sick of sounding terrible and took lessons. set up in the cellar, I would play to CD's, adjusted so I could hear what I was doing. the admiral introduced me to a patron of the store she worked at, and I found myself playing with actual people....that was pure magic! I'm not an expert....still have much to learn....but I have a good sense of timing, and I enjoy classic rock, blues, and some country music. I own three basses.......an Epiphone 'Les Paul' model: got it as a Birthday present from my oldest son and the admiral. the reason why I bought it.....kinda neat when I noticed it. I tried several guitars, but kept going back to this one. I found out later that the serial number has my initials in it. this is a very unstable bass......the shape of the body, makes it prone to unhooking from the strap in inopportune times. one night at practice, it did just that! it fell in mid song...but I saved it. the claw marks from my nails are still in the fretboard! the second is a Fender/squire bass.....I had my heart set on a true Fender, but couldn't afford the price tag. it won my heart though at first try. the music store where I bought it had cymbals lining the walls around the display. I tried it out by playing a 12 bar blues progression. as I was playing, the cymbals started to rattle to the progression....it sounded so neat, I got more involved. I was sold! the third bass is a real mystery....I have no idea who makes it. the admiral doesn't remember much about it either.....she saw it, liked it's looks and bought it. I had started to take lessons when she got it for me...I was using the ratty bass at the time, warped fretboard and all. it's not a full size bass either....so I tend to think that it's more of a student bass, than anything else. I put a set of flatwound strings on it, and it really made a difference in how it sounds. I use flatwounds on all my basses. there are no markings on the bass, other than the head stock. I put the musical note on...it's just a sticker. I also have one guitar.......an old Harmony flying V......I bought it and a small amp from a Western Auto store back in the 70's, when I lived in Florida. I can't believe I've had it this long....I want to get another amp.......the old one had a Tommy Chong moment
  10. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    you showed the sopwith hanging in your Fokker log......made me realize that I had totally lost track of this project. while it appears that I didn't miss much, I see that the finish produced a fine looking model. the half fabrication looks great....the truss cables can be a trial....you pulled them off very well. definitely set you up for your tackle of the Fokker kit super looking model!
  11. Fokker Dr 1 by Mike Dowling

    very tedious work to keep all the pivots movable....then all the fastenings that go along with it. my hat's off to all who can achieve this......an act of the purest insanity I have trouble even with plastic kits......one ill drop of glue, and I've failed the kit has me fooled........clearly can see what looks like mold lines on the frame parts kinda interesting
  12. R.I.P. Michael Zemmel (ca.shipwright)

    sad to hear another modeler has left the table condolences to his wife and family. his knowledge and expertise will be greatly missed.
  13. Fokker Dr 1 by Mike Dowling

    WOW! you've done a lot so far! looks very good Is the frame plastic?.........I see mold lines on the parts. this might even answer some of the dilemma between A.L. and Model airways {model expo's brand of kit}. to weigh in on the bending question, think that the bending line cuts into the thickness of the PE. bending into the line will give you a smooth corner or edge, and evens the thickness of the part being created, on the inside of the bend. you won't have any telltale marks on the outside of the bend either. as most know, this is a one time shot.......no way to correct anything once bent to shape. I've not done too much with PE, but to me, logically, I think this is the process for bending the parts. I did have a bending tool for PE, but I traded it along with a bunch of other stuff, for a Billing's Bluenose model that was partially built. I will soon have a chance to experience some PE......the river boat has some. I feel cheated a bit, 'cuz there is no bending involved your doing a super job on this build.......the sub assemblies look very well done as well
  14. Fokker Dr 1 by Mike Dowling

    awesome.....I'm in 1:16.........a very nice scale indeed. I built the Revell 1:28 scale Fokker D VII.......this is also a very nice scale to work with I should post my Guillow's Fokker Dr 1 build........I have all the frames together....just gotta do a lot of sanding to get the leading edges in shape, to tissue it. I have some white tissue left over, so I may do it in the same paint scheme as the D VII. the squadron was Jasta 18, Rabin's Ravens. I look forward in seeing more on this fine project
  15. Nordkap 476

    as mentioned earlier, the kit is very old...........how old is it?........well, it's so old, that most of the parts sheets are printed on mahogany. even the planking is mahogany......I never could understand the thinking, in using that type of wood. right away, I started thinking along the lines of saving this planking. it's too bad I don't have any parts panels of a large sailing ship. if I did, I could see planking the hull with it, and giving it only a clear sealer coat, for a finish. I don't though, so I'll have to wait till I get a project that deserves it. I likely won't save the sheets......as seen in other past builds using aged mahogany sheets, it can be a trial. in the meantime, I'll take stock and order some lesser grade planking for the Nordkap. that has happened today.........the order came in. I ordered five bundles of 1.8 x 7 x 880 mm Obechi planking. they come in a bundle of ten, so I have 50 strips. after planking the Tumbl'in Dice bottom, I have 43 mahogany strips left.....I also have three 1.8 x 10 x 880 mahogany strips that were mixed in with the rest of the planking {hard to say how I will use them}. now I will get some more plywood, just to be sure that I have enough....I may clone more than one other hull from "the master"

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