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  1. Revell B-17 G

    smooth looking silver paint job......nice.
  2. Revell B-17 G

    I love a good armor story........tell it..........tell it!
  3. We are Moving

    but I thought that home improvement was ONE of your hobbies? I'm confused
  4. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    what you want to determine is the pitch of the prop......the twist. the leading edge of the prop is thicker than the trailing edge......just like a wing. as L.H. said the root of the prop is thicker that the tip.
  5. hello Don.......Happy Birthday!   we're the same age....but I'm a couple of months older than you  HA.....Ha   hope you have a great day today.....hope you have the day off  ;) 



    1. donrobinson


      Thanks so much, I am retired so I had the whole day off to celebrate. Do I need to call you "sir" being that I am younger?;)

  6. What have you received today?

    Christmas is coming Patrick .......the weird thing is though.......it's a plastic ship
  7. Terrified

    welcome to the forum! anyone who dons a Popeye shirt, can't be all bad I's got 2 er 3 of'em! AK-K-K-k-k-k! plenty 'o folks here to help if'en you git stuck! build away!
  8. Got lost for awhile

    welcome back
  9. What have you received today?

    the admiral was browsing 'round some of the local yard sales on her phone today, and she saw that someone was offering a Revell 1:96 Constitution for $15.00. I asked if they were crazy, so she showed it to me. I {of course} flipped! she contacted the person and asked about it........after finding out that .....yes, this ain't no typo.........she was told that they had a couple of other models for $5.00 each. making the deal of the century, we met the lady at a local bowling alley. I have wanted a Revell Connie to accompany the United States, once I got back to working on her........I want to scratch built the galley parts for the United States, since the part are omitted. now I have the parts to get the proper measurements so....I got the Connie, and two plane kits I haven't had the chance to look for the mold date on the Connie yet.......from what the lady told me, it sounds like the second production. I'll be tickled to find that the date is 1959........second production was 1975. the plane kits are from the mid to late 90's.
  10. Revell B-17 G

    I am so very sorry I tuned in late! I love bombers! nice looking B 24 too! super paint too you've done a great job! I'm freak'in jealous!
  11. How many model ships working on at the same time?

    very sorry to hear....I wish you the best and hope you folks get back up to speed soon
  12. hello Bill,

    haven't seen you post in a while......hope all is well with you and yours.   just here to wish you the happiest of birthdays,  and I hope your day is all you could wish for.   hope to see you back with another fine build.......take it from me......it does get better.

  13. cathead_lobsterboat_3.jpg

    very nice looking boat! looks alot like the Midwest kit,,,,very well done
  14. just what is a "scratch built model"?

    nice models G&S.........love the PT boat very well done!
  15. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    she's look'in pretty sweet!