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  1. Norden, Billing Boats

    did the prop come with your kit?
  2. Norden, Billing Boats

    I'm building the Norden too .....trying to find some functionality for that winch nice job on the hull paint.
  3. Norden, Billing Boats (Home)

    really nice looking model John!
  4. Weather Report - post your significant weather - past or present

    total in my area was 10 1/2 inches. part of the driveway was still bare.......down by the street, it was about five inches with a plow mound over two feet! the cellar doghouse and in front of the garage had snow drifts that were over two feet......the wind sculpted the snow there used to be a cellar window here I had to yell at the person snow blowing the neighbor's drive way......throwing the snow in mine! 10:30 at night no less! the wind was terrible........poor Gibbs had a very limited area in which to do his business.......had to shovel the back steps off every time I took him out. not a good day out there for anyone! ...back in the icebox.......just in time for me to go back to work
  5. Withdrawal

    the big crash wasn't fun........admins and mods working like crazy to get it back up. I see your point Danny...got rid of quite a bit of inert material. lots of folks were checking their logs to see if they were intact.......many had to relog a lot of lost progress. I have three of them I didn't put back in...the Nordkap, the Cux 87, and the M&M Fun Ship. they were finished logs, so would have to have been done completely. I recently received another kit of the Nordkap......it will be like building her from square one again, without the reminder that a log exists. the minor hiccups are one thing.......but the big crash was far worse. I'm sure other completed logs didn't get put back up.
  6. Deno

    I'm sure there are many.....some may even be building a different model, that will be more than willing to lend a hand. you'll find that folks here are really nice. by looking in on similar projects, you'll get ideas on how to proceed. there are even tutorials that can break things down step by step...you can even find cool things on you tube. anyhow.....welcome to MSW. I hope you enjoy
  7. I've glued them in place when damp and had no residual effects with shrinkage. I use white or carpenter glue to cement them in place, getting them as tightly in place as possible. the glue is water based, so it doesn't affect the bonding capabilities at all......if anything, it makes it bond better. I tend to think that shrinkage is a byproduct of relative temperature......fluctuating humidity levels will cause wood to breathe. folks in a dry climate might see it more than others. I also use a home made plank bender, made from a flat pine board and plastic pegs. with this, I get them near the bend required, and when dry, shape them the rest of the way on the model
  8. The big guy in the red union suit cometh

    we played the Santa version of Monopoly......listening to his progress on tracker
  9. What have you received today?

    Santa was VERY good to me at the moment, I'm setting up the new work station. It took the evening to put the table together....with everything going on during the day. it's made of metal with wood top and shelf....two drawers, and a work light. it's not bright enough, so I will either replace the bulb, or change it over to something else. the main table is about 30 inches deep.....this one is 23 1/2 inches deep. without the other table there, it opens up the room quite a bit.....the admiral thinks I need small book shelf beside it for my odds and ends I got the A.L. King of the Mississippi, and the A.L. Marie Jeanne........I also got another kit of the Nordkap. I've always wanted to build another one.....but it wasn't what the admiral thought it was. where she got it, it said that it was an unopened kit and laser cut......the kit is older than the one I got from my friend at work. the first one {the one I got from Harold} wasn't laser cut, and the sheets were printed on basswood. this one wasn't laser cut either, and the sheets {and planking} are mahogany. it didn't come with the fitting kit either......so I'm on the lookout for the kit. the Irony of the first kit, is that Harold had the fitting kit, but couldn't find it. Meanwhile I had met Tom @ Billing Boat USA, and I got the equivalent of the kit from him. later, Harold found the kit and gave it to me.......I had two of them! I've used the extra kit up since then, so now I'm back to square one on it. I told Phyl not to worry.....I had just as much fun with the first one.......I'll have just as much fun with this one too! the bulkheads and keel parts have been cut out.......nicely done, but it disqualifies it as an unopened kit. my younger son Kevin and his fiance got me the Batwing and the Bat Boat......my Batman collection is growing I have the Michael Keaton Batmobile, and I'm currently building the Adam West Batmobile. I'm also a huge Black Sabbath fan......I have a good collection of books, and memorabilia about them.....not to mention all of their albums. I recently saw the documentary of their final concert in Birmingham, England......the admiral got me the music Cd and the concert video I also got season 7 of Game of Thrones....come with an extra CD......the history of the Seven Kingdoms. they messed up on this story, like they did with Star Wars......they should have gone back before the death of the Mad King as you can see, the main table has been moved into the spare bedroom.........I'll still have the best of both worlds.....wood area and plastic area once I get everything situated, I can get back to work I hope you all had a great day!
  10. all of the screens most of you have been seeing, are server time outs......not connected with the site. I got them as well. I'm sure the admins are checking to make sure that these incidents aren't affecting the site. I did notice though that there is a percentage of uploads for pictures that are failing...small percentage though. it may be the fault of the server.... I'm confident that our admins will keep our ship afloat
  11. USS united states instructions?

    I remember seeing the kit......I believe it was on oldmodelkits.com we used to have what I considered the best hobby shop in Manchester.........the 606 hobby shop. I moved to Fla. for five years.......came back and it was gone! I bought all my stuff there.......the first Connie.......numerous cars and planes. they used to have planes hanging from the rafters..... they had a large scale B52 that was so aWESOME! I bought the first Connie there....and it's where I saw all the others........at $89.99 a kit, I had to save! the admiral got me the Santa Maria the year before last for Christmas.......it's an old kit in 1:83 scale. they have a couple 1:16 scale funny cars I wouldn't mind getting. check out the site....see how many kit you've built. it's like walking down memory lane
  12. USS united states instructions?

    to my knowledge, Revell never reproduced a model of the President. there were several in the series, but there may have been one other.....the whaler Morgan. I have never seen the kit, but I've seen all the others. I've built all but three......almost bought the Thermopylae.....the Kearsarge and the Spanish Galleon
  13. I wonder if it has anything to do with the like button....every one I've seen today has likes associated with it. I've seen quite a few incidents today.....especially in Chuck's piracy thread, as well as Semore's thread. you'd know if it was a browser issue if it happens to any one person consistently
  14. hey there Frank.......saw it's your birthday!  whooohooo! :)   have a great day my friend and I hope you get lots of surprises!




    1. riverboat


      Hi Denis...Thanks for the salutations...... my biggest surprise  is I'm still alive another day!! :D:D

      liked the video...Thanks....



  15. USS united states instructions?

    I want to get the two of them on the table. if I'm correct, revell cloned the United States from the Connie. all they needed to do was make the mold for the extra parts.......I think only several pieces. I also want to find out why they deleted the galley parts from the United States...I'm sure there is room for them. they didn't have to alter anything to add in the poop deck. probably to balance the kit weight........ie...the price. does anyone know the going price on a coupla grams of plastic?