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  1. Thanasis

    Do you have animals to 'help' you build?

    This Summer ended for me, with two losses.. Some broken blood vessels, cost me the loss of about 30 percent of my left eyesight. But more important is that because of cancer, I have lost my beloved modeling partner... For the moment, I'm not in the right mood to start ship modeling. I wish health to you and your pets. Thanks
  2. Hi Nails. I would be ungrateful if I stayed still silent... I didn't dare to make any comment until now, thinking that it would be like if I was judging you on every step of you built. And I don't have the right since I'm not even close to your level. So, you have built a beautiful model that has been created through an inspiring modeling school for all of us. Congratulations Thx
  3. Thanasis

    Tserniki vessel of Mytilene Island

    Even with delay I much appreciate you comments. Thank you both. Thanasis
  4. Thanasis


    Many thanks John for your comment John. Thanasis
  5. Thank you all for your likes and comments.! Kostas nice to see you still here.. Friendly to all. Thx
  6. Thanasis


    Thanks for you comment Nils. White waves was the general idea.... Thx
  7. Thanasis


    Many thanks for your comment ragove. Thanasis
  8. Thanasis


    Many thanks for your comment Peter. Thanasis
  9. Hello all. You might have noticed my absence but I’m still here… Well, it’s been a long time since a previous presentation work of mine but I’m not notorious for accurate build logs anyway. So I have come to prove myself again … I started the model one year before accepting the challenge to build a model with open hull. I didn't work on it regularly, so that's why the lack of many photos, not that I have in my mind to take photos in other case… I chose to represent a vessel from my place of origin, the Island of Mytilene (Lesbos). It was a small double ended vessel (Tserniki type) which was used for coastal trading. It was usually rigged with a half lateen sail or a sacoleva sail (sprit sail). ...... I observed many photos of that vessel from the archives of 3w.naftotopos.gr and I modified an old plan of that hull type. I built the model following the method plank on bulkheads removing a number of them afterwards from the middle of the hull. I prepared the false frames by soaking proper pieced of wood, bending them and drying them on the surface of the removed bulkheads. ...... I had to paint the inner of the hull before I plank the deck and keep it covered for the rest of the construction. ...... The grapnel anchor was made by using fishing hooks that were set and glued inside a hole in a plastic rod, while the cleats on the mast were made by modifying some fishing swivels… The Shackles were made as is shown there The Belaying pins were made as is shown there The Sails were made as is shown there The cargo was made by chopping some twig pencils. It took me much time to decide about the colors on the model…Painting is always the only stage of my builds that stresses me. Wanting to give a local-origin character in my models, I'm always anxious whether I have chosen the right colors or I have turned it to a clown. ...... Finally the stand was made by a piece of plywood and some wooden rings which were cut in half. I hope my wife won’t notice the missing curtain hoops... See the finished model in gallery. Many thanks
  10. It's a scratch built model at 1:24 scale, of a small double ended vessel (Tserniki type) which used to be built in Lesbos Island. It was used for coastal trading, often rigged with a sacoleva sail (sprit sail).
  11. Thanks Gd, I had already understood that (la police de la mer ... les pirates...piece de canon...) . I was interested only for the rigging of the boat and it seems that in Gr. naval history, two or more different boats used to be called Belou(s)... Thx
  12. Many thanks Gt. So in brief it describes a three masted boat with lug sails. Be well. Thx
  13. I would much appreciate if someone make me a favor and translate the below text. I would like to have an accurate translation since every word counts... Many thanks
  14. I have also used a similar to Chuck's tip. I opened up the rope and passed through only one of the three strands. After applying some ca glue, I cut the two other strands and made some turns around the rope with the first one, covering so the cuts and simulating the seizing. Tserniki vessel of Mykonos Thx

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