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  1. Thanks Gd, I had already understood that (la police de la mer ... les pirates...piece de canon...) . I was interested only for the rigging of the boat and it seems that in Gr. naval history, two or more different boats used to be called Belou(s)... Thx
  2. Many thanks Gt. So in brief it describes a three masted boat with lug sails. Be well. Thx
  3. I would much appreciate if someone make me a favor and translate the below text. I would like to have an accurate translation since every word counts... Many thanks
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  8. The model represents a Gr. traditional vessel known as "Tserniki of Mykonos Isl.” rigged with a "Half-lateen sail". It's was a version of standard "Tserniki" vessel but with a raised stern post. The "half-lateen sail” rigging for some ones was considered also as "Sakoleva” rigging, although there are differences. It was a small merchant and fishing vessel at early of 19 century and can be seen in old photos of Cyclades Islands. Scale: 1:24 - Length: 60cm - Width:13 cm - Height: 55 cm
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