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  1. thanks for the advice guys. I don't have a sanding belt Augie. might be the next tool I buy but no budget at the moment so I ll have to do it by hand
  2. WEEK 37 - 41 all the parts for 12 undercarriages for the cannons on the middle deck and also some of the cannons themselves I am trying to decide if I am going to paint the undercarriages or not. from what I can tell from images they weren't in the movie however I really like the look of the 'endeavour' cannon which is painted bright red , but I don't think it would fit in I might have to watch one of the movies to have a better look at them
  3. WEEK 35 - 36 First layer of planks. this has taken me a fair bit of work and with all the manipulations some of the barrels and crates from the first deck came loose. after I have finished sanding and filling the hull I will try to place them back. I haven't taken any pictures yet after I finished just a few in progress pictures that shows the wiring in the lower part off the hull I stained some of the planks on the inside as they will be visible from the other side
  4. WEEK 32 - 34 all the parts for the gratings on the lower deck. I have them all assembled which wasn't easy. the edges are laser cut in mdf and when removing the burn stains I broke several of them. luckily I got them all back together without it showing. I haven't glued them on yet.
  5. little or no progress and I have a dilemma the picture shows the instructions for the little structure where the doors need to be fixed above the green border however in real this would mean the doors will go all the way to the top which would be impossible in real so I can either shorten the doors (they are metal so wont be easy) or I cut slots in the green border so they sit lower haven't decided yet
  6. if I can get decent with spray painting, I might invest in a spray boot.
  7. thanks Carl and Augie when I am spray painting I am wearing eye nose and mouth protection, already have enough problems with allergies
  8. about a month ago I received my display cabinet this will be home for the KOM, the Virginia , my current and some of my future builds
  9. Finally I am back to building on the GF while I am slowly working on finishing the hull I have prepared a whole lot of the deck fittings I have stored them in containers with the manual numbering on them so I can easily retrieve when needed this weekend I spend mostly painting
  10. wow snoepert you are going great and at a fast pace
  11. hello Greg good to see someone else building this model about the replacement they l send it with the next instalment. also be ware that although I didn't apply for it I got send the extra binder ($14.99) and had to send it back and keep emailing them and still waiting on rectifying that error
  12. thanks Mobbsie. I don't think I ll have any issues repairing but we ll wait and see thanks John. I ll give it a go recording and see where I get