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  1. Hello from land locked Oklahoma

    Welcome from your northern neighbor in Kansas.
  2. Good plank on bulkhead option

    Eric, I chose the Syren as my first POB ship and I'm lucky I did. The kit and instruction book is set up for a first time build. I think you will do well if you choose it. Richard
  3. Hi Mike, thanks for the heads up on 2 hammocks per crew member, I hadn't read about that yet. My Syren had a crew of 120. I wonder who's crew were short. The two ships are comparable in size and armament. From what I've researched, its my understanding that the hammocks would help in defense when under attack. Either way, I'll be following your lead and adding the hammocks as well.
  4. Hi Jim, considering I've been thru it, your answer is too many. I divided it up and cut roughly 100 per side and applied them then started the process over. It may not be the best way of doing it but it took some of the monotony out of it. Richard
  5. Very nice work Mike!!. She looks great and no damage! Did you make enough hammocks for the full compliment of crew? Richard
  6. Also from Colorado

    Welcome aboard, enjoy the site. Years ago I built the Ertl Chebec, it was an enjoyable build. I'll be interested to see your Chebec. Richard
  7. All I can sy is be very careful drilling your pilot holes. It sounds like it will be a 2 man job if you hve your masting and rigging done. I used the same set of pedestals for my Syren so you shouldn't have trouble with splitting. Richard