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  1. I made the correction to my post. If you remember from the tour, the only casualty was a mule tied to the bow section.
  2. Hi cathead, I will be following your log with great interest. I live in the Kansas City area and I've been to the museum. I'm fascinated by the Arabia. Are you going to include the mule on the bow?
  3. I was able to get that kit from the local hobby shop. It was in their store for a couple of years and got it at a discount. It is a Amati/Modelshipways collaborated kit. Mainly Amati.
  4. JerseyCity Frankie, thanks for the information you found. I'll have to check in to finding those books. I especially thank you for the informing me that the griping spar war anchored to the davits. I've been trying to think of how they would secure it between boat & ship. i agree that the raised section of the griping spar was probably rope or canvas. If anything it would make sense. Richard
  5. I love chocolate puddin too but I don't have the wife to do the gripping with. Thank you all for the advice and I'll look for the info suggested - (Christmas present maybe??) wq3296 - Your first explanation comes closest to the what needs to be rigged on my Syren. Tadeusz43 - I wasn't sure if gripes were made from canvas or leather, thanks for clearing that up. Richard
  6. Ok people, here's one for you. I've been working on My Syren and I'm adding the boat to the stern davit. From what I've read it should be a cutter, but anyway on to my topic. I've been trying to find a good schematic or drawings that show how the boat was hung i.e. block types (I believe they are double blocks) and how the boat was secured when at sea. I've found representative drawings and brief explanations in several books ( AOTS USS Constitution, The Ship model Builders assistant, Historic ship models) I have a general Idea of how it works, but what I don't have is how the components are fastened, what material the gripes are made from or how the bumper is assembled and materials used (it looks like its simply a wooden pole with rope wrapped around it and secured). Any information I can gain would be much appreciated. I know I'm probably going a little OCD on this but since I'm taking the time to build the boat I might as well secure it properly Richard
  7. I formed a single plank to the bulkheads then I cut them into sections and glued them to the bulkheads. The scale lengths were about 30'-35'. Richard
  8. I third the recommendation. I'm a true believer in Blacken-it. I use it instead of paint. Richard
  9. Since you've been gone - Rainbow
  10. I haven't received any. I would suggest checking your internet settings.
  11. There are a couple of build logs for the Scotland so you could gain some knowledge from those builds. There are also tutorials that will help get you started. They are located in the shop notes, ship modeling tip, techniques and research section. I working on my first one as well so I understand how daunting it may seem, but once you begin and start learning then it will get easier. Richard
  12. Ulises - yes he does, but unfortunately they require the use of his thumbs on a game controller. Richard
  13. Lets get it on - Marvin Gaye
  14. I agree. I've been an avid modeler since I was a kid. I have a 16 ear old son and I've tried to get him interested in modeling and so far its been a failure. He started working on a plastic sailboat - its now sitting in a closet. Then I tried a model railroad structure - its unbuilt and sitting on the shelf. I try to get him interested in ship building by showing him my current builds and he watched me work on them but when I ask him if he's interested in working on one of his own he just shrugs his shoulders and says no. We visited the Maritime Museum of San Diego and looked at all the beautiful models the museum has and he had no reaction to them at all. Richard
  15. Get Closer - Seals and Croft