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  1. I sanded the interior of my long boat for my USS Syren for the 3rd day in a row.
  2. Hi Allan, sorry you went thru the trouble. I should have added USS to my initial post. Its the USS Syren kit sold by Model Shipways that I am working on. I'm using The yawl as a pattern for ships boat that will hang from the stern davits. I was looking into using a jolly boat but I found more information for the yawl so I went with that. Richard
  3. I have a "throw off" table I use. Its big enough to hold the plans and keep them flat.
  4. Hi Joshua. I have made several posts in the various forums and haven't had much success with it.
  5. Eric, I know how you feel. I would like to comment more on current builds other than the "looks nice" comments. I understand what you mean about being too critical in comments. I guess my frustration comes from the asking for criticism (help) and just getting a "like". This is my first build and though I've been researching to learn, sometimes I'm too green to know where to search. BTW, where in Missouri do you live? I'm right across the border in Kansas near Kansas City. Hi Steve, its ok, we are all shipaholics. lol. Thanks for the comment and yes you do have good taste. That's why we are here. I try to reach out to those who have the knowledge and experience so I can continue to get better at my work.
  6. Welcome to model ship world. Which ever ship you decide to start on is ok. Just two things to remember.. 1 make sure you really like the ship and she will carry you thru. 2. we are here to help. I'm currently working on my first wooden ship and I'm enjoying it. Yes there will be frustrations, mainly from meanings of terms used in construction. i've learned there is a bit of learning involved (buying and reading books on the subject) but its well worth it. I've done a couple of Comet planes so I see where you're coming from. I think you will find this to be very rewarding (if not frustrating, lol) Again, welcome Richard
  7. I like and understand the "like" button added to the posts. My only discouragement is that I get likes but no feedback on progress, whether it be about my skills or my historical knowledge. I enjoy all the responses I receive from the betters in the craft but I do get frustrated sometimes about my accuracy to the craft. Is it just me or do others feel the same? Likes are nice and give me a boost, but healthy "criticisms/critics" would be appreciated so I can increase my skills and techniques.
  8. Welcome back Mark I hope your recovery goes well
  9. Thanks for the information. I've been collecting a few books myself. So I'm correct in my assumption that a jollyboat was hung from the stern davits? The Syren is circa 1802 so it fits within the timeline you mentioned. Richard
  10. Thank you all for your comments, They are most helpful. Mark - Thank you, You have introduced me into a new concept of rowing. If I were to add the wash strakes to my boat then it would be typical for the era and to size boat I am building? druxey - I believe that this boat would have been "double banked" Alan - You sound like a fountain of information. May I pick your brain? I'm currently building the MS USS Syren and I feel there should be a ships boat hanging from the aft davits. Am I correct in this line if thinking? If so, what type of boat would be there?
  11. I've been working on a aft ships boat for my Syren and I'm using the 18' yawl shown in the "Anatomy of the Ship - Essex". When looking at the plans for the 18" yawl and the 22' Cutter, it looks to me that the oarlocks were offset from port and aft. Am I correct? If so does anyone have information about it? Thanks to all Richard
  12. I was able to get that kit from the local hobby shop. It was in their store for a couple of years and got it at a discount. It is a Amati/Modelshipways collaborated kit. Mainly Amati.
  13. I formed a single plank to the bulkheads then I cut them into sections and glued them to the bulkheads. The scale lengths were about 30'-35'. Richard
  14. I third the recommendation. I'm a true believer in Blacken-it. I use it instead of paint. Richard