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  1. Pat I use the subway theme also. Just changed the settings and left the sight. Came back on they had reverted to the default. Same as yours is doing. I use Chrome and Window 10
  2. Pandora's Box
  3. Student
  4. Family Feud
  5. trailer
  6. First Grade
  7. Absolute
  8. So sorry to hear this about your family. Went through the same thing with my father a few years back. Take care of your loved ones and spend all the time you can with them for it is never enough. My prayers and good wishs for you and yours.
  9. Beautiful work on the cross section and a nice build log. A model to be proud of.
  10. Still Working and working and working and working. Seems there is no time for my build. I will just keep following along with the little time I have and someday will get back to my Triton
  11. My Condolences to his family.
  12. Glad I could be of some little help, your build log is coming along great, looking forward to more.
  13. Bookmark this page, really nice tutorial on how to. Will be real nice to reference back to this if I ever get to this point on my build. Great job. Thanks so much for all the information and how to in your build log.
  14. Decking looks great, is that Holly you used?
  15. Did not get it today but last week, new toolchest for work, was running out of room in the old one