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  1. At work they are always on you to fix the machines and get production running no mater what. So when the boss asked if I have fixed the problem, I just say "We don't fix things here we just postpone the problem till a later date"
  2. put the filters on the suction side of the fan and draw the air through them. That is what I do when sanding and seems to work pretty good. I just use a cheap window box fan.
  3. Pat I use the subway theme also. Just changed the settings and left the sight. Came back on they had reverted to the default. Same as yours is doing. I use Chrome and Window 10
  4. Pandora's Box
  5. Student
  6. Family Feud
  7. trailer
  8. First Grade
  9. Absolute
  10. Still Working and working and working and working. Seems there is no time for my build. I will just keep following along with the little time I have and someday will get back to my Triton
  11. My Condolences to his family.
  12. Did not get it today but last week, new toolchest for work, was running out of room in the old one
  13. The hose I had was just a little small for the one in the thickness sander, I just wrapped some electrical tape around the hose for a snug fit. Works great and is alway easily removed or put baclk on.
  14. Me to my boss one day "Your'e pay me enough to get my body here, if you want my brain to come with it, it will cost you extra."
  15. Worked again, and working this weekend, oh and drank some good burbon.