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  1. Dave, That is the way I set my frames on cross section build, using spacers and a right angle frame. Works out great....Good Luck
  2. put the filters on the suction side of the fan and draw the air through them. That is what I do when sanding and seems to work pretty good. I just use a cheap window box fan.
  3. After thinking about at work last night, you could make a template from some stiff paper(card) and get the desired taper by sanding and fitting, much the same way some people do on a solid hull...just a thought
  4. Love the way you done the base. Very well done on the build, and your log will come in so handy for future builders....and myself....on the triton.
  5. As far as getting the taper, no trick that I know of just checking while sanding by eye. The futtock...treenail or simulated bolts? Comes down to how you want to do it yourself. Either way would look good and with yours being such a big scale the simulated bolts would look really nice, be much easier at this scale, but your choice.
  6. If those frames are still in the rough with no fairing (sanding) have done an excellent job. From the looks there will be minimal sanding required. Great Job
  7. Pat I use the subway theme also. Just changed the settings and left the sight. Came back on they had reverted to the default. Same as yours is doing. I use Chrome and Window 10
  8. Pandora's Box
  9. Student
  10. Family Feud
  11. trailer
  12. First Grade
  13. Absolute
  14. Beautiful work on the cross section and a nice build log. A model to be proud of.
  15. Still Working and working and working and working. Seems there is no time for my build. I will just keep following along with the little time I have and someday will get back to my Triton