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  1. For some reason I couldn't edit my previous post to add.. I would use 0000 grade steel wool instead of 1500 grit paper to prep non flat items such cannons
  2. Greetings all, I messed about with the preparation and application of B.C. Brass Black for a while on one of my builds and finally found a way to get good results with it.
  3. I have had one for a few years now and find it works well for modeling purposes. You can also use it as a stand to hold the Dremel when using the flex shaft attachment. I use the 4486 keyless chuck with mine.
  4. Hi to all, Decided to join the 'Wagoneers' over here on shore leave after seeing Dan's and the other wagon builds in progress. I needed a break from the Unicorn for a while and wanted to try my hand at something different. I chose the Chuck Wagon partly because I live on a cattle ranch and partly for nostalgia from old films. I really like the Kit,instructions,and the plans. All the parts with exception the ply sheet used for the wheel rims are first class. The ply is kind of rough with splintering and gouges on top and bottom surfaces,which I don't think can be rescued with filler. I will send an email to John at Model expo to see if replacements can be sent.
  5. Hello to all, I have decided to paint the wales on my Unicorn build matt black They look odd being natural walnut as is the rest of the hull,with black upper works. I have given the hull a coat of WOP (non acrylic) about a year ago to seal it (painfully slow build progress). I never have much luck brushing on acrylics,so I bought some Billings Boats enamel paint and thinners. I have lightly sanded the wales with #400 and would appreciate any hints about painting over WOP. Will enamel adhere to this finish ok in the long term? I plan to thin the enamel and multi coat. Any suggestions paint to thinners ratio? I will be using Tamiya masking tape to mask the wales. Is there is a better tape to use to prevent bleeding under the tape even with burnishing? A lot questions I know,but I have been staring at this for a while and can't seem to get on with it for fear of making a mess.....Thanks for any tips.