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  1. I received a beautifully crafted set of miniature carving tools from Mihail Kirsanov on Friday. There are graduated small bevel-edged chisels in seven sizes, left and right skews in two sizes, U-gouges in ten sizes, a V-gouge and a large(r) skew. The are in a fitted box that includes honing blocks and fine-grit paper. I had the opportunity to give these tools a test-run and they perform beautifully. I can highly recommend these tools for advanced carvers. They are not inexpensive at USD290, but as these are hand-made to order only, this is not excessive. Be aware that Mr. Kirsanov can only communicate in Russian.
  2. Beautifully executed, Michael. Using dial indicators is a spot of genius!
  3. Prob'ly, Mark!
  4. And you'd probably lose count of the turns! Lovely result, Gaetan.
  5. I don't believe that I've ever seen parcelling carried out on a model before. Groundbreaking stuff, Ed!
  6. Thanks for the explanation, Gaetan.
  7. See my illustration of a fixed block. I only found this out from the extract of the draught shown a couple of years ago. It makes sense for repair when necessary. Fixed block rev.psd
  8. A good solution, providing that you do not get cumulative error along the deadwood.
  9. In the photos, the pattern of nails appears to be as they would have done this c1800. It's pretty unobtrusive: the rougher the surface, the more drag and turbulence it would create. At scale size, the pattern would almost disappear.
  10. Good to see the hull growing, Ben, even if it is slowly. Don't forget to add the 'ears' on the fixed block later.
  11. Several pictures would be worth more, but the stern identifies the model as Flying Cloud, registered in New York. Built by Donald McKay, she held the record for the fastest passage from New York to San Francisco in the 1850's. If you can also post the hull length measurement of the model we can help give you more information.
  12. Oh my, Karl! Carefully does it on this model.
  13. Even in extreme close-up your work looks impeccable, Amalio.
  14. I've used Titebond without issues. Remember to to make a balanced 'sandwich' with grain alternating directions at the gluing face. The glue does re-activate with heat, but I'd be concerned about how deep into the layers heat would penetrate. Heat is great for simple veneering, though. (See John's posting, above.) I apply Titebond generously and clamp the assembly well with waxed paper or cling-wrap to contain squeeze-out.
  15. Neat work, but the nailing would be less obtrusive at scale.Try flattening the dimpled plates again, and see how that looks.
  16. And I always thought 'Air conditioner' was 'Egg-nishner'! But we digress....
  17. I was thinking if the guides were quite close on either side of the bit, Gaetan.
  18. New from The National Archives, U.K.: British Royal Navy Allotment Declarations 1795-1852 (ADM 27) A naval act of 1795 allowed petty officers, seamen, non-commissioned officers, and marines to remit part of their wages for the maintenance of their mothers, wives, or families. In order to achieve an allotment, the individual needed to complete an allotment declaration, and then their payments were entered into a register of allotments. These records from our collection are now available to search and download through our partners at Findmypast.co.uk.