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  1. New member from South Florida

    Welcome aboard Art. I'm right around the corner in Coconut Creek. Enjoy the challenge, Harley
  2. I am working on the ME Confederacy. All the info I have been able to acquire regarding the deck detail on a great cabin deck describes the checkboard as being done by painting a stretched piece of canvas and securing it to the deck. My information relates to this detail on Royal Navy ships. Did the fledgling American Navy detail the deck as Chuck describes it in the instruction manual or is this a method to simulate the painted canvas? Thanks, Harley
  3. I can't answer this question but going along with this discussion I just have to unload something that bugs me a bit about this great and very helpful forum. It's nice that we wish others Happy Birthday, feel better, nice job, etc. But you can go through page after page with no help on a project weather it's a "how to" or "I did it this way" etc. Is it possible to have a "person to person" ( for lack of a better title) forum so we could share the personal things that add character to this site and have the actual build subjects separate. I know I would read both. There, I feel better now, I'll go watch IRMA blow through the yard or sand on my Confederacy. Regards, Harley
  4. Syren vs Irma

    My brig Syren is looking for safe haven from the coming storm, hiding behind Dolphin poncho. Confederacy stands fast in the shipyard (den).
  5. Jud, thanks for all the good information. Although I didn't serve in the Navy I, for some reason, have always been fascinated by the Bofors 40mm, particularly the quad mount. May I ask if the mount was being controlled by the director, did the director have control of all functions. Were the trainer and aimer just along for the ride? I could never remember which those two did what. Regards, Harley
  6. A Lesson Learned, Bass vs Box

    I'm afraid Chuck S. is correct about the dark side. I just ordered lime for the Confederacy decking. Now tell me how I get enough will power to blacken the beautiful brass cannon that I just received. Cheers, Harley
  7. I am working on the Confederacy and was short of 1/16 x 5/32 strips for the wales. I was experiencing difficulty obtaining the basswood replacements (another story). I have always wondered what was so special about using other than kit supplied lumber. I was going to stick to the kit lumber and do my best. I happened to purchase some boxwood and pear from Crown just to experiment. Well brother and sister low experience shipwrights it only took one strip of planking with boxwood to understand why many of the more experienced builders use other than basswood. The boxwood was harder, kept sharp corners and was just a pleasure to work with. Looks good as it came from the vendor. I don't know how much of more expensive lumber I will use on Confederacy but I learned a valuable lesson. Regards, Harley
  8. PA100059

    altalena18, I like your stand, very unique. I have been searching for ideas to display my US Brig Syren. Nice work on the rest of the project also. Regards, Harley
  9. tigerdvr

    Test post of Confederacy under construction 1100 x 975 pixels