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  1. Chuck, sorry if I missed it but would the long boat project be scratch or with a sort of basic kit? I'd like to participate but It's tough for me to pull away from my Confederacy. Thanks for all your efforts to keep this hobby what it an be. Regards, Harley
  2. 40mm/56 Twin Bofors by oneslim, Bob W

    Really great work, just got to love the 40mm Bofors .
  3. Beautiful, what is the scale? IMHO the crew gives it life. Cheers, Harley
  4. Some ships stored the bars vertically in a rack around the base of the main or foremast. Merchant ships could have racks along their bulwarks. Warships would to much armament related equipment and gear along the bulwarks.
  5. Amazing optivisor light

    Hi Kurt, I just received the little landing light. Looks good. It's all charged up, I'm waiting for the Velcro to set. Thanks for the heads up. Cheers, Harley
  6. Amazing optivisor light

    Kurt, knowing what you know about this light now, would you buy it again? Thanks, Harley
  7. rigid ratlines

    I believe that most sailors working in the tops were barefoot so would the rope ratlines be better for them? Wood ratlines on a warship where the shrouds might need repair under battle conditions would probably be more of a of a workload (PIA) then the conventional ratlines. JMHO Cheers, Harley
  8. PE Tool Suggestion

    Thanks very much for all the good ideas. Time to experiment.
  9. I'm getting into some PE projects to gain some positive experience. I'm building 40mm Bofors quads by Veterans Models. Even though I have a good selection of tweezers, I wonder if you folks with experience with the tiny stuff have anything special you find helps handling very small parts without going crazy. Thanks, Harley
  10. Ship paintings

    Greetings Vegaskip, I am one of those folks that have always looked at paintings like they should be a photograph, A pain in the butt detail nitpicker. Your skills and story telling approach have changed that. You, my friend, have a great talent IMHO, from subtle to dynamic and sometimes simultaneously. I'm looking forward to reviewing your posts, thank you for sharing. Regards, Harley
  11. Greetings,

    I am working away on the Confederacy. Your model is a real inspiration particularly because of the rigging. 

    I obtained rigging plans for a 40 gun frigate, circa 1790, by Harold Underhill. May I ask the scale of the rigging

    plans you used. Did you, by chance I hope, keep a log of the dimensions of the masts and spars on your model?

    I realize I'm asking a lot but any information you can share at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Regards, Harley


  12. Nice choice Osmosis. I have the building dock, very flexible. It can be used in a variety of configurations. Enjoy, Harley
  13. IMG_0246.JPG

    Maybe I missed it but what is the scale on the DE? You have done a great job and the crew placement, even a cook, shows much thought and planning went into this project. Campbell must be getting under way with crew taking down the jack but who snuck the curvy young lady on the bridge? Some of the best photography that I have seen in a long time. Enjoyed looking her over. Regards, Harley
  14. finished15.jpg

    Excellent weathering job.

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