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  1. finished15.jpg

    Excellent weathering job.
  2. I've had one for a while and am using it for my Confederacy build. There are a number of different configurations and applications only limited by the users imagination. It is very stable. I like it a lot. The picture shows a base board only. Cheers, Harley
  3. Lee Valley Tools LTD. has a sanding/shaping aid titled Contour Sanding Grips. They are made of a rubber like material and are (IMHO) a great aide in sanding different contours. I am using them on my Confederacy and find them very helpful. About $16.00 for a complete set or you can select a particular shape. Check Lee Valley's catalogue. I have no financial interest in Lee Valley other than I tend to make an occasional contribution to them. Happy New Year mates, Regards, Harley
  4. If the model is Royal Navy, at least during a particular time period, the decks were stoned nearly white once or twice a day depending on the Captain's whims.
  5. Model Shipway Ratline tool

    What Gregory says, the Loom-A-Line promised an easy method for what some folks dread but did't deliver.
  6. Model is ME Confederacy. As construction continues I discovered that the cannon will sitting to low. Somehow I managed to get the deck level a fraction low. After a lot of measuring and bouncing ideas around, I am considering laying a 2mm sub deck on top of the original sub deck. That apparently will provide a proper final deck level. Any ideas/opinions you can offer to rectify this problem will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Harley
  7. Prayers Chuck, hope she recovers quickly. Regards, Harley
  8. Administrators: I know this isn't a builders log but I wasn't sure where I could post it, sorry. I finished getting the stain to the tone I wanted my Confederacy and just removed the masking tape from the black planking. I'll put some WOP over it. The lower counter and beakhead bulkhead are the same finish. I did a version of trenells only at plank ends and around the sheave fittings just to give it a touch of realism. Next will be the 1/16 trim pieces. I found some 1/16 doublebead trim on a model railroad site. It should work fine. Cheers, Harley
  9. Perfect Captain, thanks. I see you are right down the road from, Coconut Creek. HJM
  10. Thanks gentlemen, you've given me a start in the right direction. HJM
  11. I am working on the Confederacy and am contemplating having some of the cannon run out and some in behind closed ports. I would also like to show a number of cannon rigged for heavy weather or storage. I haven't found any good information or drawings as yet. Any guidance that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Harley
  12. Welcome aboard Simon. The Syren and Confederacy by ModelExpo have great instruction manuals designed by Chuck Passaro. I find the manuals would help you no matter what ship you happen to be building. The kits are generally very good but quality and customer service seems to vary. Most of the time very good but I have run into times when their CS was less than acceptable. I have finished the Syren (four years) and am one year into the Confederacy.
  13. Confederacy Problem

    First, Administrators, if this is the wrong forum, sorry. I am building the ME Confederacy. The main wales are painted and I am getting ready to paint the area above the channel wales. The gun ports appear to be reasonably shaped and positioned when viewed from the outside. Now comes my problem. I remembered testing the stern chasers on the Syren to make sure they would be positioned in the ports correctly. I tried the same technique on the Confederacy and with the decking laid down the guns will not sufficiently clear the port sills. I built a kit gun carriage using the after market brass cannon and that has even less clearance. Short of blowing the project up (I won't do that anyway) I seem to have a choice of lowering the sills or laying a second false deck to raise the final deck level. I don't know if that would throw the quarterdeck and focsle off. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions that you can offer. Thanks, Harley
  14. New member from South Florida

    Welcome aboard Art. I'm right around the corner in Coconut Creek. Enjoy the challenge, Harley
  15. I am working on the ME Confederacy. All the info I have been able to acquire regarding the deck detail on a great cabin deck describes the checkboard as being done by painting a stretched piece of canvas and securing it to the deck. My information relates to this detail on Royal Navy ships. Did the fledgling American Navy detail the deck as Chuck describes it in the instruction manual or is this a method to simulate the painted canvas? Thanks, Harley