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  1. Brilliant result for a beautiful model!
  2. That looks just incredible, Chuck! Re: your planking tutorial, I think you gave me PTSD. The thinnest planks on my terror model were 1/16, and some at the wales were over 8 scale inches (close to 11/32)! Never again.
  3. Barry, thank you so much. I'm happy to know someone with your interests will be building the kit. More to come here soon; my model is on display, but I have some backlog of work to post, and some new fittings I'll be working on over the coming year.
  4. Erebus and Terror

    1:65 HMS Terror - OcCre

    Thanks for the wonderful review. While I wasn’t involved with the design of the kit, it is based on my original research and plans from my ongoing Terror build: Those interested in the ship may want to check it out. Also, Ages of Sail has a pretty fantastic starter package on sale now with the kit, which includes a complete set of tools, including a plank bender, for less than $300, if I recall. Thanks for again for the review!
  5. Wonderful review! Thank you! Hope you like the build!
  6. Thank you, herask, and everyone, for the very kind words!
  7. Thanks for the explanation Chuck. It's a great idea for a kit; planking is so daunting and mysterious for newcomers. Can't wait to watch this develop.
  8. Love those spreaders! Brilliant work as always.
  9. Wow excellent! I’m looking forward to seeing how you create the pre-spiled planks! I’ve seen them in some Chinese and Russian kits and I can’t wait to see the method used to create them. You are a kit/part building machine, Chuck. And with all your other work and leadership for the hobby too numerous to list...you are an inspiration, indeed!
  10. Thanks for the comment! There may be be a second season (it hasn’t been announced yet), but this was always meant to be an anthology series. So, if they get a second season it won’t be about the Franklin Expedition, unfortunately. It will be a completely different story.
  11. Ooooh. I'm pulling up a chair for this. I'll be needing nine boats for my Terror build, so I hope to learn lots from you! Great start so far. I see the Death Star is still "fully operational"!
  12. Thank you Micahel, I really appreciate the kind words.
  13. P.S. I like how many bulkheads you use on your kits! IMO, most kit manufacturers use far too few, and I think it makes planking a chore.
  14. Great hint there chuck. That did occur to me, but I thought it was too much trouble for the result. Now that I know it does work, I will definitely try it! Now if I can only get the kerf worked out on the machine at the library. It seems to be different every single time I use it (likely due to misaligned optics, I'm guessing).
  15. Wonderful! I'm so pleased to see you start afresh - your logs are always such an education in design and craftsmanship. Can I ask, Chuck, how do you find the laser cut parts fit in comparison to those cut the traditional way? I used laser cut parts a lot on my Terror model, but not for the stem/Keel/stern as the "v" shape of the laser cut created gaps when I assembled the pieces. Perhaps it isn't as apparent at the scale you are working with? Wonderful work as always!

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